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FREE – 4 Sessions of My Name is Victorious video teaching.
Session 1: Trading Up For a New Name
Session 2: My Name is Valuable
Session 3: My Name is Whole-Hearted
Session 4: My Name is Victorious
Watch the My Name is Victorious Weekend Series at Central Church
Week 1: Qualified with Jud Wilhite
Week 2: Enough with Lori Wilhite
Week 3: Restored with Jud Wilhite
Week 4: Overflowing with Jud Wilhite
Week 5: Victorious with Shawn Williams

We all have names we carry around with us. Some of them are wonderful: Friend, Parent, Loved One. We wear those names with pride. Other names, not so much. We’ve embraced names like: Not Enough, Unqualified, Damaged, Depressed, and Overwhelmed.

We don’t have to identify with those names any longer. We can trade in the names that have haunted us, followed us, and held us back. This book and workbook will allow you to do a little heart excavation. Grab a spade and shovel and really dig into your emotions, old wounds, fears, insecurities, and walls you’ve built around your heart. You will dive into twenty days of thought-provoking, hard hitting, and practical content that will help you to ditch those old names.

So, consider inviting someone along on the journey with you. Grab a friend and chat over coffee and croissants once a week. Hop on FaceTime or Skype with another gal so you can share your heart and your activities.

Jump into a small group. Use this curriculum with the women at your church. Get knee to knee, eye to eye, and heart to heart. There are discussion questions tucked away throughout the book, and teaching videos are available at no cost.

It is time that we embrace the new names – the names we were created for all along. It is time to declare, “My name is Overcomer. My name is Conqueror. My name is Champion. My Name is Victorious!”

What people are saying:

“An interactive twist on delving into some of the deepest places in our hearts.” Laura

“Obsessed with this book! I know my name. I know my purpose for this season, and I’m ready to be Victorious once again.” Lindsay

“I can’t wait to go through this book with my friends to remind them how uniquely created they are!” Mardia

“This is a lace-up-your-warrior-boots kinda book, and I couldn’t love it more.” Emily

“A life giving book!” Ali

“My Name is Victorious is a game-changer for all of us struggling with identity and the labels we own. Find out how GOD describes you!” Kimberly

“All women need this book!” Divina

“Ready to lean in and open my ears and heart to His voice!” Ashley

“Love this book!” Deanna

“One of the best books out there.” Paul

“An amazing study!” Tiffany

“Our My Name is Victorious group is amazing. New friendships are being formed and bonds with existing ones are strengthening!” Kimberly

“Fabulous new study to begin my mornings! I am reminded each day of my new names! I love the Word and the message in this study that gives me the reminders of how God sees me and calls me.” Carol

“I have read this book three times cover to cover.” Bonnie

“This study is really opening my eyes, my past wounds and my heart to see who I need to be vs who I’ve been trying to be.” Je’Hnna

“Love reading and being reminded that I am God’s workmanship. That in His eyes I am enough, wanted, and loved. I am victorious!” Bridgette