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We exist to empower women in ministry and leadership. We are women from diverse ministries, unified and bonded by God’s call. Together let's love life and leadership.
No more walking with your head down! Learn from Ezra how to walk with your head held high! Rise up! You are not held back by your past mistakes or present hurts. Not pressed down by your current heartbreak or a stagnant life.

Make confidence your stance. Take courage! Chase your dreams and do your best to stay authentic, courageous, risky, and real. Fiercely overcome obstacles and disappointed dreams with your head held high. Choose to live in faith, not fear. Go do it! Embrace your calling. God chose and created you. He infused you with strength. You’re empowered to be who you are created to be.
Rise Up. Take Courage. Go Do It.
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Two days to pour into yourself and be encouraged. Two days to grow in your leadership and be confirmed in your calling. Charge up your life and leadership. We’ve been there. We get you!
October 20-21, 2020
Inside Out Workshop
Inside Out is a FREE six-session workshop about learning to lead your emotions before your emotions lead you. You’ll be diving into topics like the power of self talk, taming triggers, taking thoughts captive and identifying your core emotions.
Have you sat in a crowded auditorium and felt completely alone? Needed someone to talk to but have been isolated? No more! You don’t have to do life and leadership alone.
Empowered To Be
Empowered To Be