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We exist to help women lead strong and thrive in ministry.
When you join the Leading and Loving It Together, you’ll have the opportunity to take a dip, dive in, dig deep, and dream big in your life and leadership.
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at Breakthru
Whether leading at church, the office or at home, a breakthrough is possible for you. At the Leading and Loving It conference, you'll pursue your purpose with a fresh breath and new sense of joy. You'll breakthrough so you can continue doing all God has called you to do. Join us in Las Vegas for our in-person experience or virtually through our online experience as we gather for powerful worship, life-changing teaching, authentic community, and loads of fun.
October 24-25, 2023
Unhindered Life Groups
You are invited to pursue an unhindered life —a life without the burdens, bad habits, and barriers that weigh you down, trip you up, or stand in your way of your next best step.
Enrich your purpose by digging deep into the call God has placed on your heart and on your life. Enrich your healing by no longer letting the hurt hold you back. Enrich your leadership by gaining practical tools and powerful insight for your church. Enrich your relationships—you no longer have to go through life and leadership alone.