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We exist to equip and encourage women leaders to love life in ministry.
No more walking with your head down! Learn from Ezra how to walk with your head held high! Rise up! You are not held back by your past mistakes or present hurts. Not pressed down by your current heartbreak or a stagnant life.

Make confidence your stance. Take courage! Chase your dreams and do your best to stay authentic, courageous, risky, and real. Fiercely overcome obstacles and disappointed dreams with your head held high. Choose to live in faith, not fear. Go do it! Embrace your calling. God chose and created you. He infused you with strength. You’re empowered to be who you are created to be.
Rise Up. Take Courage. Go Do It.
at Re:Treat
Whether leading at church, the office or at home, you’ll leave Re:Treat feeling equipped and empowered to continue doing all God has called you to do. Join the Leading and Loving It community in Las Vegas or for our virtual online experience as we gather for powerful worship, life-changing teaching, community, and loads of fun.
October 19-20, 2021
Equip Toolboxes
Every leader needs tools to equip her for the role to which God has called her. These toolboxes will strengthen you as a leader and prepare you as you step out in your purpose. You will lead with more confidence in your calling and more practical leadership lessons for your day to day life in ministry.
Encourage Toolboxes
In order to lead and love it, we must acquire the tools needed to become the healthiest women possible. These toolboxes will encourage you to move beyond hurt, to forge a life-giving community, and to strive for victory in your emotional life. As you grow in your own personal health, you’ll be able to bring a better you to your family and ministry.