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We exist to equip and encourage women leaders to love life in ministry.
When you join the Leading and Loving It Together, you’ll have the opportunity to take a dip, dive in, dig deep, and dream big in your life and leadership.
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Whether leading at church, the office or at home, you’ll leave Re:Treat feeling stronger so you can continue doing all God has called you to do. Join the Leading and Loving It community in Las Vegas for our in-person experience or virtually through our online experience as we gather for powerful worship, life-changing teaching, authentic community, and loads of fun.
October 24-25, 2023
Unhindered Life Groups
You are invited to pursue an unhindered life —a life without the burdens, bad habits, and barriers that weigh you down, trip you up, or stand in your way of your next best step.
Nitty-Gritty Truth About Narcissism
Whether you’re leading with or living with a narcissist, dig into the nitty-gritty truth and discover how you can best protect yourself, recover from abuse and confidently move forward.