What's Your Flavor … Starbucks

starbucksEvery time I order at Starbucks, I feel kind of ridiculous. I’m quite picky with my girly Starbucks drink.

Am I alone in my ordering?

I order: Grande Soy, No Water, No Foam, Chai Tea Latte

What do you order … exactly the way you say it when you are standing at the Starbucks counter …

24 thoughts on “What's Your Flavor … Starbucks

  1. DisneyCyndi

    I have only had a drink from Starbucks twice in my life and both times my girls ordered it. I can’t even tell you what it was. Well, I can tell you it wasn’t coffee because I don’t like coffeee, hence the reason I don’t order from starbucks. 🙂

  2. Etienne

    At counter: Triple grande breve latte

    At drive through: Triple grande four raw sugar stirred breve latte

    At drive through, 1 am, with a big assignment due the next day: Quad vente five raw sugar stirred breve latte

    At counter on a 110 degree day: three shots of espresso and a cup of ice.

    At drive through on a 110 degree day: Iced triple grande four raw sugar stirred espresso with the rest of the cup filled up with half & half.

  3. Kate

    I am super boring, I order a…”grande, java-chip, light whip” It rhymes a little, so that might make me even more of a dork!

  4. Mandy Santos

    lately i’ve been ordering: “tall, decaf, non-fat, light whip pumpkin spice latte”. i’m pregnant hence the decaf part, but i do have to say i change drinks every month or so- i get bored easily!

  5. brunettekoala

    2 Cinnamon Swirls please. To take away. Thank you!


    Can I get a Caramel hot chocolate please? Just a small one. Thanks!

    Oh, and maybe a Peach and Raspberry muffin? thank you!

  6. Vanessa

    Tall, 1/2 caf, cinnamon dolce latte – yummmmm!

    A few years ago, I got a little brochure thingy they had at Starbucks teaching costumers how to order – what to say first, second, etc… don’t remember it all, but I do know you’re supposed to say the size first! It sure did help my ordering confidence at Starbucks, I used to feel so out of place there! : )

  7. Donna

    This time of year – Tall pumpkin spice steamer, no whip. Then I usually have to clarify no espresso – which often causes a startled response!

    Or, Venti iced specialty tea, Refresh please.

  8. lane

    oh I could say it in my sleep:

    Grande,decaf, non-fat, lite whip, pumpkin spice latte
    Venti green tea refresh with honey

  9. Kim

    double blended/light/decaf/mocha frappicino


    hot choc with fat free milk minus the whip!

    I try to include please at the end of each order so they don’t spit in my drink!

  10. Marlen

    It changes with the season……

    Tall decaf low fat white chocolate mocha (Spring if I want something hot)
    Tall decaf low fat peppermint mocha (December and January)
    Tall decaf low fat raspberry mocha (Summer if I want someone hot)
    Tall decaf low fat pumpkin spice latte with one Splenda (October and November)

    If I want something cold it is either a Tall Java Chip Frappe or a Orange Banana Mango smoothie.

    Wow….I am not high maintenance at all. LOL

  11. Holly

    Oh, by the way, that’s the exact same clip art I use for flash cards when I teach Mean, Median, Mode and Range in math. They need a visual reminder for Median, so I teach them Median is Medium. Hence, the Starbucks cups….

  12. Julianne Brimner

    Hot drink: grande sugar free capp breve style, wet

    Cold: grande mocha light frapp with an extra shot and no whip ( a light shouldn’t come with whip, but sometimes they forget)

    The funny part is a couple of occasions when my friends have brought me a sb drink, they said when they ordered, the barista asked if this was for Julianne…yes at Starbucks, everybody knows my name…They always remember the high maintenance people.

  13. Tricia Lovejoy

    Tall carmel café mista (only 130 cal)
    Tall non fat café mocha

    According to the Eat This, Not That guy, these are two decent options! Just FYI! Happy drinking!

  14. Tiffany Cooper

    Okay Lori, maybe I just a Starbucks mentor like you because I wouldn’t even know that kind of drink was available. I am so boring…I always get an black ice tea sweetened. It’s boring for a Starbucks drink.

  15. resa

    depends on the season
    Spring/Summer-Carmel Frap no Whip
    Fall/winter-Pumpkin spice latte no whip or Peppermint Mocha no whip.

    When my 2 year old is playing in the kitchen he orders a Dr. Pepper with no whip! Super funny hearing him say “no whip”!

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