What's Your Flavor Friday … Bond, James Bond

As often happens when I’m chatting with my friend, Tiff, we get off on some random rabbit trail. A couple of weeks ago while discussing Chasing Fireflies at the Online Book Club, she brought up one of those great tangents. Which, of course got my mind a-buzzing, and now I want to know: Who, in your expert opinion, is the best Bond?

james_bondsFor those of you who need a little James Bond refresher course, from left to right:

1. Sean Connery (6 movies)

2. George Lazenby (1 movie. Didn’t even remember this guy at all … sorry George)

3. Roger Moore (7 movies)

4. Timothy Dalton (2 movies)

5. Pierce Brosnan (4 movies)

6. Daniel Craig (2 ultra-fabulous movies)

I always liked Pierce Brosnan. The movies got a bit ridiculous toward the end. The invisible car was the icing on the ridiculous cake. Too unbelievable. Then he flushed all of my respect down the toilet with the also ridiculous “Mamma Mia.” That was some terrible singing y’all. But I digress.

My Bond favorite, by a mile, is Daniel Craig. Woo-baby. He is super intense. Those eyes are piercing. The movies are super exciting and much more realistic. And he is all beat up by the end of the movie … yet still fabulous.

So, who’s your favorite and why? And if you don’t know, I think it might be time to catch the Bond marathon that seems to be constant on one of those man channels. And if you don’t watch Bond movies, you must enlighten me why you don’t love 007!

12 thoughts on “What's Your Flavor Friday … Bond, James Bond

  1. davefarris

    i agree Daniel Craig is the best.
    I wouldnt even watch Bond til he came along,
    now it is just easier to watch, ya know?

  2. lane moore

    Daniel Craig…hands down! He’s the manliest bond of all…he needs no gadgets …no gizmos, he’s all man!

  3. noochymama

    i love this question! i love bond movies!! my all time favorite is sean connery. think he’s awesome in the bond movies! but i really like all the old ones. 🙂

  4. Amanda

    Gotta go with Sean Connery… then Daniel Craig. My hubby’s a HUGE Bond fan and we own all the movies. If you haven’t watched the Lazenby one, you MUST (In Her Majesty’s Secret Service)! Not because of Lazenby (there’s a reason he was only in one) but because Bond gets married… most people don’t know that story line, but it colors the ones that follow. But yeah, not a big fan of the more suave affluent Bonds. Give me a chiseled rough around the edges manly man any day! tee! hee!

  5. Tiffani

    I’ve said it before, and I stand by it now: Quantum of Solace (and therefore, Daniel Craig as Bond) is the BBME*!

    *That’s “Best Bond Movie Ever” in Stewart-family-language.

  6. Lori Wilhite

    Ok … you know how I like to keep up with the winners … it is the competitive side of me. It looks like Daniel Craig is out front, as well he should be!

    And I’m shocked, Holly Furtick, that you have never seen one Bond movie! How is that possible? I can’t believe that Steven hasn’t pulled you to one on a date night or something! I don’t know whether to be sad at your lack of seeing 007 movies … or flat out impressed at your uncanny ability to somehow avoid “shoot ’em up” movies!

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