Retro Road Trip … Dolls

This, as many women of a certain age well know, is Holly Hobbie and her friends.

Now most little girls my age had the oh-so-popular Holly on the far right in her cute little patchwork dress.

I, on the other hand, owned Holly’s not-so-popular friend who is not even in this picture. I owned the doll with the brown dress. Yes, brown.

I had to spend a little time today trying to find out that little brown-dress-doll’s real name. It’s Heather, for those of you who are curious.

Mine wasn’t named Heather. Oh no. It certainly wasn’t.

I dubbed mine with the much fancier, much more fabulous name: Motel.

Yes. You read that correctly.


When I was little, my family really only travelled to my grandparent’s house. But apparently one glorious night, we got to stay in a Motel. I was obviously blown away with the awesomeness that is found in staying away from home in a place that you don’t have to make your own bed when you wake up. And … so that totally warranted renaming poor Heather.

Hello, Motel.

So, this week’s Retro Road Trip Task:

1. Tell us about your favorite doll growing up.

2. Did you have Holly Hobbie or any of her friends?

38 thoughts on “Retro Road Trip … Dolls

  1. Stephanie Thomason

    I had this little doll that I carried around & I will have to ask my mom if she was related to Holly HObbie. NOt sure. But her name was Mandy. Poor thing was a mess. LOL!

  2. Jennifer P.

    I had an UGLY doll named Tammy, but to me she was BEAUTIFUL. I still have her… her hair is sticky from hair spray, and she’s missing a few fingers from my old dog. Once when we were traveling, I sat her down in an antique store and forgot her. We were a hundred miles down the road, and my sweet daddy turned the car around to get her 🙂

  3. Crystal Johnson

    OH MY GOODNESS~! I was so excited to see that picture:) My sister had Holly and I had Heather. I have those and Robbie and Amy STILL! I will post a pic on the fb page:)

    I loved those, but my all time favorite was my very first cabbage patch “Irena Cassandra” who I called “Cassie” and also still have:)

  4. Lori Wilhite Post author

    My dolls were always a mess too … I guess that how you know they are well loved. 🙂

  5. Lori Wilhite Post author

    Cabbage Patch Kids … oh yes. My favorite was my first one too. A little red head with pig tails. Tina Something-or-other. I can’t remember. I think my mom had to stand in line forever at the toy store to get her! Remember the Cabbage Patch Craziness?!

  6. Amy Argo

    Yep, I had the Strawberry Shortcake, the Cabbage Patch Kid, Care Bears and even as a very small girl, the Holly Hobbie bedroom collection–bedspread, sheets, curtains…apparently my mom was a big fan 😉

  7. Amy Argo

    Oh, I forgot this in my story…my little sister who works in the medical field today, did open heart surgery on my Cabbage Patch doll. Her cute little preemie CPK was apparently in perfect health.

  8. Jennifer - PersimmonPulp

    I have the one in the green/brown dress too! I’m not sure I ever knew what her name was though – at least, not once I was old enough to remember.

    My youngest now has her, and she is still well-loved. Of course, all of her dolls & animals are well loved. 🙂

  9. Stephanie Shouse

    My very first sewing project was stitching together a Strawberry Shortcake pillow doll. I LOVED her and slept with her every night. She even went to college with me!. I found her the other day in a box and when I showed her to my daughters they were shocked! “Your Strawberry Shortcake looks really different than my Strawberry Shortcake!” 🙂 Yeah, S.S. today is very fashionable and cool…unlike the freckle-faced, gingham-wearing little doll I once knew. 🙂

  10. Lori Wilhite Post author

    I had a Strawberry Shortcake bedroom. All pink and green and cutie.

    And … yes … those dolls did smell good!

  11. Lori Wilhite Post author

    Oh my … poor little Cabbage Patch doll. That’s awesome that your sister had all of that in her at such a young age. And I’m glad she had very good patients. 🙂

  12. Lori Wilhite Post author


    Have you seen the new Holly Hobbie? She is trendy too. 🙂

    Our old fashioned ones are left far, far behind.

  13. Kris

    Oh my goodness! You just took me way back! I had Holly Hobbie and I loved her so much… She just disappeared one day and I never knew for sure what happened to her… I have almost bought myself one as an adult, but talked myself out of it. She was my constant companion for years.

    Thanks for the sweet memories!

  14. Laura Anne

    I was not a huge doll fan, but did have 2 I remember.

    1. Was a zaph collection doll I got given for my 5th birthday. I named her Natalie (my favourite name at the time).

    2. A Tiny Tears doll – I mainly liked for for the fact you could feed her water and then make her pee. I named her Melanie.

    My favourite toy was a teddy bear, who I named Gaffer after a horse at the riding stables I went to when I was very wee! He is proper minging after begin hugged to death and never having seen the inside of a washing machine!

  15. DisneyCyndi

    Does Barbie count? It was one of the few dolls that came as a Black girl. Well technically it was Barbies friend. But it was the closest thing that looked like me.

  16. Crystal Johnson

    yes, my mom stood in line forever too:) They did that for our Atari as well- and even missed church that Sunday morning which we NEVER did:) All at a store called “Gold Circle” that no longer exists! Memories:)

  17. Jessica Cornelius

    My favorite doll was a Madam Alexander Doll that felt and looked like a real baby. I still have her to this day, and now my little girl sleeps with her. I tell my kids that doll is where I got many years of mommy practice. Funny how being a mommy back then was SO easy:)

  18. jude

    I had a Holly Hobby, I can’t remember which one. I am pretty sure I traded her for a pack of Hubba-bubba bubble gum.
    I liked Strawberry Shortcake. She is still on my window box at my mom’s, and I have no clue what yummy 80s chemicals they used on her, but that chick still smells good!
    I also had one Barbie. One. I was a tom-boy, so when presented with “Darcy” I used her movable hands to twirl her like a helicopter and her appendage promptly fell off.
    yeah… not such a good doll owner. 😉

  19. DisneyCyndi

    I don’t suppose Barbie counts because growing up she was one of the few dolls that came in the form of a black girl without looking crazy. Granted it was really Barbies friend…but it was close enough for me, and eventually my girls. The closest to that was the doll you could feed and she would poop in a diaper. lol I don’t remember her name. It has been over 30+ yrs!

  20. rahel

    I had a Strawberry Shortcake bedroom too! loved it! 🙂 but I don’t even remember holly hobbie!?

  21. Heather

    Holly Hobbie was my first doll! I still have her too. I had a holly hobbie room from birth through 3rd grade (my aunts made me a holly hobbie crib quilt). My mom says I loved her even as a baby. I still have my cabbage patch dolls and my strawberry shortcake dolls. I loved my dolls and I saved them all! The irony is that I have 5 boys and no one to play with them. 🙂

  22. Lori Wilhite Post author

    Oh I’m glad you still have her. I can’t find Motel. But I think she must be in my parent’s attic somewhere. One of these days I’ll have to go digging. 🙂

  23. Lori Wilhite Post author

    I can’t find Motel either. I’m guessing she is stuffed away in the dark recesses of my parent’s attic somewhere. Poor Motel. Those Toy Story 3 toys would be mortified.

  24. Lori Wilhite Post author

    My kids love their stuffed animals too. Dolls haven’t been popular at my house. But stuffed animals … well loved for sure!

  25. Lori Wilhite Post author

    I should have known you had a big Madam Alexander Doll! 🙂

    That was Emma’s first doll too. I don’t think she ever really played with her … but she’s pretty.

  26. Lori Wilhite Post author

    Ha!!! I love your stories. I wasn’t much of a doll lover either! But Motel was special, I guess.

    And I can totally see how Hubba-bubba was too tempting to resist. 🙂

  27. Lori Wilhite Post author

    Maybe you’ll have a sweet grand daughter someday who will LOVE your dolls! Keep hanging on to them! 🙂

  28. Brandiandboys

    Haha! I thought the same thing, “Jessica is such a Madame Alexander doll gal.” and no doubt that doll had a bow! 🙂

  29. Brandiandboys

    My bedroom was wallpapered in Holly Hobbie, I also loved Strawberry Shortcake but my fav was always Barbie!

  30. Jaye M. Bice

    MOTEL…that’s hysterical. I had an original soft face Cabbage Patch kid named Savannah, and a Raggedy Ann Doll that I loved dearly. Never got into Holly Hobby, I think because we lived in the country and didn’t make it to town a lot. I really didn’t know who she was until I saw her at a friends house one day.

  31. Bev

    I had the Heather Holly Hobby Doll with the brown dress. I took her everywhere in the 70’s until her fabric face wore off. My parents thought they were oh so cool and bought me a new one, but no I wanted my original Holly Hobby. I think we patched her face with a sock. Oh such good memories. I am trying to get my mother in law who makes stuffed dolls (like the groovy dolls) to make me a Holly Hobby for keepsake. Bev

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