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Let’s Share…

Posted by Brandi Wilson

It’s a big week for us church folk.  For a lot of us it’s the biggest Sunday of the year.

I’ve loved keeping up with you guys on twitter and seeing how creative your churches are when it comes to promotion of Easter services.  I’ve witnessed some great promotion videos and read about some really amazing serving opportunities.

Our friend, Lisa’s, twitter feed has been very entertaining as of late.  Her church, Church By The Glades, is doing a huge whole church participation promotion where they’re basically covering South Florida with flyers about their Easter service in a competition on who can get the most invites out.  Wish I could pop down to South Florida and visit because I bet you can’t turn a corner without seeing a CBG flyer.

So today I’d love for you to brag on your church for a bit and tell us what you guys are doing to promote Easter.  Share a link to a promotion video or give us some details of how you’ve encouraged your congregation to invite their friends and family to church.

I’ll go first.  At CrossPoint we’re doing a Serve4Seven campaign where people are encouraged to participate in random acts of kindness and follow those with an Easter invite.  The whole church is participating… but there’s been an extra big push in our small groups.  Each small group received a Serve4Seven packet to help get them started. It’s dual purpose really, the community group builds community serving together as they reach out to their community.

Okay… your turn.