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Converging on Catalyst

Posted by Lori

One of the things Brandi and I are saying lots right now is: Can’t wait until October … Can’t wait until October.

Why? Catalyst in Atlanta October 6-8.

Sure there is the opportunity to hear from leadership authorities including Andy Stanley, Seth Godin, TD Jakes, Craig Groeschel, Francis Chan, Beth Moore, Perry Noble, and Christine Caine, along with several innovative thinkers and practitioners like best-selling author Daniel Pink, charity: water founder Scott Harrison, Gabe Lyons, First Response Team founder Tad Agoglia, and Rani Hong, winner of the United Nations Human Rights Award.

That would be good in and of itself.

But this year everything special and wonderful converged. Jud and Pete are both doing Labs … which means that Brandi and I can tag along … which means that we are going to get to see each other … which means that Tiffany and Jessica are working on trying to make it … which means we’re going to have a big, fat, super-fun Leading and Loving It get-together. And if you are attending Catalyst, we want to invite you to hang out with us.

We aren’t exactly sure what we will be doing yet, but you can be sure that it will involve lots of food and laughing. We hope to have more details soon.

Oh and FYI, there are other awesome people doing Catalyst Labs besides Pete & Jud. Speakers like Michael Hyatt, Mark Batterson, Anne Jackson, John Ortberg, Mike Foster, Reggie Joiner, Jamie Tworkowski, Alan Hirsch, Gayle Haggard, Chris Hodges, Jon Acuff, Tim Elmore, Charles Lee, Chris Seay, Chris and Phileena Heuertz, and others.

Best Rates on Catalyst tickets end this Thursday, June 24th, so register now. Call 888.334.6569 to speak to a Catalyst Concierge, or register online at www.catalystconference.com. You can use Rate Code FOB for an additional discount off your ticket price. Catalyst will sell out, so make sure and register early!

So, of course I’ve got to know … who is planning on being there?

A God We Cannot See…

One of the questions we hear most often here at Leading and Loving It is “What tips do you have for raising children in ministry?” And to be honest it’s always the question I ask when I get time with adult PKs.  My children are still relatively small so I’m doing my learning as I go, but our oldest, Jett,  took a step of faith that left Pete and myself speechless.  I didn’t write the following post, my husband did.  I started to record this story from my perspective, but Pete’s was so beautiful that I decided to share it with you all.

As a father I feel as if I have the responsibility to teach my boys a lot of different things. Here’s just a few I’ve been thinking of…

How to ride a bike.

How to shave.

How to tie a tie.

How to dribble a ball.

How to love people you don’t like.

How to jump off really high stuff.

How to do a push-up.

How to understand women.

How to treat a woman.

But the most important thing I want to teach my boys…

How to trust a God they cannot see.

This past Sunday I watched hundreds of people make their commitment to Faith, Hope, & Love. Each commitment represented someone trusting God in a new and unique way. But the pledge that caught my attention was the one my 8 year old son filled out.


He pledged $50 (that he doesn’t have) to the vision of Cross Point Church. He later told me that God would provide a way for him to fulfill his commitment. This card represents a lot more than fifty bucks. It represents what is hopefully just the first of many adventures my son will have trusting a God he cannot see.

What do you want to make sure you’re teaching your kids?

12 and Counting

Today is our 12th Anniversary. Yes, I was crazy enough to marry a pastor three days after Christmas. My husband was VERY disturbed when he saw that I was posting this picture. But I thought if Pete Wilson was brave enough to post his and Brandi’s, I figured I could too. We should have some kind of “who looks dorkier in their wedding picture” contest with the Wilson’s since our 12th Anniversaries are 2 weeks apart … but I’m too afraid we would lose that battle. Thankfully, the years have been good and we look better now than then .. at least I hope we do!


One of the things I’ve noticed about Pastor’s weddings is that there are usually tons of Pastors in the wedding party. We had 2 do the ceremony, and 7 including Jud in the wedding party. My cousin who was a brides maid is married to a pastor. So, I am claiming 10. Can anyone beat that? How many pastors were in your wedding?