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What I Learned Watching The Wiggles

wigglesThis is part two of what I have learned watching cartoons with my kids. Last week … Dora. Today … The Wiggles.


We hadn’t watched The Wiggles in what seems like forever. Not that I’m complaining. But a couple of weeks ago it came on and Ethan wanted to watch. I immediately noted that Greg, the yellow leader of The Wiggles, had been replaced by some new yellow guy named Sam. Apparently, according my my excellent and reliable sources on Twitter  and Facebook, Greg had some kind of rare health issue that would keep him from being able to perform with the Wiggles any more.


wiggles1My lesson learned:

We are replaceable in our jobs.


I don’t say this to be some kind of downer or to hint at insignificance. That isn’t what I’m saying at all. But this is the truth, God will get His job done … and His mission accomplished, no matter what. Senior Pastor’s will retire. Youth Minister’s will move. Things happen. So since leaders will come and go, we need to be constantly mindful to point people to the One who is irreplaceable. The One who won’t move. Won’t retire. Won’t fail.


And while we can be replaced in our jobs, it is good to be reminded that we can’t be replaced in our families. We’re the only parents our kids will have.


Wiggle on …



Happy Easter

cross11Have a wonderful weekend remembering Christ’s sacrifice and celebrating His resurrection! 


Praying for God to move mightily at your churches and through your ministries.

Praying that He brings people to Himself and changes their lives and eternities.

Praying that your family has some special time together.

Praying that, in all things, God is glorified.


Looking forward to hearing how He moved this weekend!


Happy Easter!

The Big Three – MCD 2

blue-stone-window1I remember the first pastor/friend of ours that fell to one of the big three temptations. We loved him … so much. He was wonderful. And was the last person in the world that we would have guessed would have an affair. We were absolutely shocked! And the ripple effect that went out from there was terrible to witness. 


While that was the first, it unfortunately hasn’t been the last. We seen families destroyed. Churches break down the middle. The big three … sex, money, or power … can be devastating.


And while this isn’t a complete look into the issue, I do know that when people are burnt out … tired, weary, stretched beyond themselves … they can be more vulnerable to temptation.


How do you protect your integrity in small ways to keep yourself from falling victim to temptation? What about the protection of your spouse? Your marriage?

Do You Small Group?



We’ve been in lots of different small groups over the years. We’ve found what works best for us is each of us doing separate small groups.


So, now I’m in two. The first is my school moms Bible Study that I do with some of the friends I’ve made through Emma’s school. It is really fun … and those ladies are awesome. I think we’re about to start reading through a book of the Bible. No curriculum. No videos. Just the Bible and our thoughts and discussion. Should be great.


The second is my small group of 2. It is just Tiff and me talking over Beth Moore at a Starbucks inside a casino. I can’t tell you how great Beth Moore is with the beeping and booping of slot machines in the background. Now that is good stuff! Then we head back to one of our houses and watch Battlestar Galactica just to complete the night of utter coolness.


Are you in a Small Group? If so, tell me about it? As someone in leadership, what are some of the great things and hard things about being in a Small Group?


white-windowI’m sure we all heard about the shooting of a pastor during church service yesterday morning. Terrible. My heart hurts for this family and this church.


It has got me thinking about security in churches. It isn’t something that people talk about much. We actually have amazing staff member and super-great volunteers in this area at Central. They are there not only for the safety of the staff but also for the safety of the whole church! We also have a medical emergency team. And since we have eyes around all the time, if someone has a medical emergency, our team is on it in a flash. They are helping people and literally saving lives.


So I’m wondering if you have “security” at your church. If so, what does it look like? How do you feel about it? And if not, how do you feel about that?