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You Get On My Nerve …

I just want to wrap this little couple up and put them in my pocket. They are absolutely precious. Jud and I have been quoting them all weekend. Favorite quotes:

“He get on my nerve.” “I get on your nerve?! You get on my nerve!”

“He’s my favorite guy.”

I want this to be us in 37 years. Adorable.


Urkel, Mr T, and the Winners


While you enjoy the trailer for Deadly Viper, let me announce the winners of our drawing:

Thanks to the handy number generator at Random.org, the winners are:

Kevin church planter of Overflow Church in WI.

And brunettekoala crisis-pregnancy center co-leader and Scottish friend. Which means Deadly Viper is about to invade Europe.

So, you guys email or DM your mailing addresses to me, and I’ll get your Viper sets in the mail.

The book is officially out. We’d love it if you would help us get the word out through your corner of web. Thanks!

Deadly Viper Silver

DeadlyViperSilverDeadly VIper Character Assassins releases on Thursday. I’m very excited about it. This is one of my favorite leadership books. Yes, my husband co-wrote it with Mike Foster, so I might be a bit biased. But I’ve lead several small groups through it and I think it is the best things out there about integrity and character in leadership. You can check out their Deadly Viper blog.

Here is the info on the book: Deadly VIper Character Assassins is a kung fu inspired book on leadership integrity. With provocative and honest insights on burnout, out of control emotions, sex, money, transparency, and second chances, Deadly Viper is a must read for every leader looking for sustained success. So whether you’re an executive at a large company, a daring entrepreneur, a gifted salesman, or serving at a church or non-profit, Deadly Viper Character Assassins will engage you in the critical conversations about finding true meaning in life and leadership.

So, since it is coming out, of course I must have a give away. Up for grabs: two Deadly Viper sets. That is the book, DVD and Small Group Guide. I will draw for the winner or the book’s release date, Thursday Oct 1st.

How do you enter? Just leave a comment (on my blog, Facebookers) with your favorite kung-fu movie. Don’t have one? Tell me why you don’t love a good kung-fu movie.

My favorite is “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.” I also loved “The Crow” in High School. And I will always have a special place in my heart for Daniel-san and his crane kick at the end of “Karate Kid.” How about you?