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One of the things that came up last week was difficulty celebrating the holidays. Sometimes it can be hard to get some family time on the holidays, especially Christmas and Easter, when you lead in a church. 


Solution given by one of the very smart wives: Don’t worry about celebrating holidays on the actual days, just celebrate them.


My family already does this at Easter. We do our egg hunt, Easter baskets, egg dying, and Easter dinner all on Good Friday. Since we don’t have services that day, but LOTS Saturday and Sunday, it is a free day for us. We used to celebrate on Sunday like most other families. Jud would come home after preaching 8 services, and I would stick a basket full of eggs in his hand and send him out back to hide them. He was so tired that he pretty much just threw them wherever and didn’t worry too much about hiding them. Once those were found, he would head upstairs to crash for the rest of the day. Leaving the kids and I on our own to celebrate.


So a few years ago, I moved everything to Friday. It is wonderful. We dress the kids up in their Easter outfits. We all have fun and spend the whole day together. We top it off with an Easter dinner on the town somewhere. Eating out is always my idea of a celebration.


For some reason, it never occurred to me to do Christmas the same way. So, starting this December, we will have a new Wilhite family tradition. We will do all of our family Christmas before all of the Christmas Eve services start the 23rd and 24th. Imagine, a Christmas morning with a Daddy who can stay awake long enough to actually watch his kids play with their Christmas gifts. That will be so great!


What are some great secrets and family traditions that have helped you really make the most of the holidays?