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Crashing the Mancave

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/7128222]

Apparently even though I am “girly” I have gained entrance to the Deadly Viper Online Mancave. Jud and I, along with Mike Foster, are going to be talking about marriage. So, would love to invite you girly ladies to come and join me in crashing the Online Mancave on Tuesday at 6pm PST. I’ll be there and would love to chat!

Urkel, Mr T, and the Winners


While you enjoy the trailer for Deadly Viper, let me announce the winners of our drawing:

Thanks to the handy number generator at Random.org, the winners are:

Kevin church planter of Overflow Church in WI.

And brunettekoala crisis-pregnancy center co-leader and Scottish friend. Which means Deadly Viper is about to invade Europe.

So, you guys email or DM your mailing addresses to me, and I’ll get your Viper sets in the mail.

The book is officially out. We’d love it if you would help us get the word out through your corner of web. Thanks!

Kicking Character Assassins in the Face

Deadly ViperA while ago my fabulous husband, Jud, and his best friend Mike, wrote a really great book called Deadly Viper Character Assassins. If you aren’t familiar with Deadly Viper, you might want to be. It is a great resource for your church, staff, small group, or yourself. In fact, we’ve done a whole message series (which are free downloads on iTunes) around it at Central, and I’ve lead our pastor’s wives through the book as well.


Here is the latest in the battle against the assassins:

1. Deadly Viper, Silver is coming out in September. You can pre-order it here. It will have an extra chapter, a small group discussion guide, additional cartoons and graphics, and some other surprises.


2. You can also download the free audio version of Deadly Viper, but you should really order the book because it is beautiful.


3. There is a Deadly Viper fan page on Facebook where you can keep up with all of the latest news.


4. The follow up book, People of the Second Chance, is in the works. They are writing like mad men … and I know it is going to be great. Oh and of course just as amazing design-wise.


5. You can always read the boys’ thoughts on their blog, or follow Jud and Mike on Twitter.


Anyone read the book? Let me hear your thoughts on it.

You Asked Pt 4

old-windowTammy asked me this great question: How do you allow your husband to lead you in worship when you see all of his imperfectness at home? He obviously has some imperfections b/c he shared them with us at Catalyst. It was refreshing to hear that my husband isn’t the only imperfect church leader out there.


Yep … Jud’s has lots of imperfections. So do I. But he is always the first to admit it and let everyone know about it. One of the things I’m sure he shared at Catalyst and has written about in Deadly Viper Character Assassins is hitting the wall. To make a very long story short … one night when I came back in from the grocery store, I found a dent in the wall in our laundry room. I asked Jud what happened. He looked at me for a second and said, “Your husband … the pastor … hit the wall.” Hit the wall? “Yes, don’t tell anyone about it.” I didn’t say much back, just raised my eyebrows a little. That weekend after our first Saturday night service, my phone rang. “I told everyone that I hit the wall.” You did? “Yes.” Well, what did they say? “I think the guys were just glad they aren’t the only ones.” 


And that is how things usually happen around here. He doesn’t ask me not to tell people any more because he knows he will tell everyone before the week is out. I think our people appreciate it, and I know I really admire his transparency in all areas. I think he is better about that than I am.


While I do see the flaws, I also am blessed to get to see the other things to that our congregation doesn’t get to see. I know how much he prays for them and for the church. I watch him struggle over sermons and his writing. I see how much he cares for the people and how he is constantly trying to figure out how to reach more people for Christ. I know the burden he carries for the church. I know the passion, compassion, the care & concern. Sure, I see the imperfections, but I see all of the great stuff too. And I respect him like crazy for it. And that is why I follow him as my pastor too.


What about you? How do you handle that in your marriage?