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Date for Life


“Date for Life” is this super cool song by this Hippie Band, Aunt Betsy, from the Northwest somewhere. We love it. Jud used its lyrics in his proposal. We had a version of it sung at our wedding. It regularly plays on my ipod. 


The idea of being someone’s “date for life” is romantic to me. But the reality of it is a little harder to come by. We know it is super important to spend time alone together, but there are road blocks that get in the way sometimes.


There are two main road blocks that immediately come to mind. 1. Schedules. Things get hectic. Life gets busy, and before you know it … it has been weeks since you had some good alone time together.


2. Babysitters. Sometimes it seems like babysitters are more rare than a Picasso painting. When we moved to California, I literally had people tell me that they would not share their sitter’s contact info because they didn’t want to have to share their sitter. I was shocked!  And if you can find a great sitter, there is the money issue. Dinner, movie, and babysitting is an expensive night out.


Jud and I have entered a new era. Since Ethan is now in preschool on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, and Jud’s day off is Friday, we now have Friday Day Dates. Three blissful hours of kid free, babysitting free time together. We usually have breakfast at Mimi’s. (I get the very unhealthy breakfast Tacos, and Jud something sickeningly healthy) Then we zip around town a bit. Maybe we hit the bookstore, or the mall, or Starbucks. It doesn’t really matter. It is always fun no matter what it is.


So, I’m curious, how do you get around these and other road blocks that can keep you from “dating?” When was your last date, and what did you do?