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Weekend Glimpse … Photo Style

This weekend was our Baptism Celebration weekend. It is the weekend where we do open, spontaneous, outdoor baptisms. Jud preached about baptism, people decided they were all-in, and they responded.

The catch … it was FREEZING! Had to be one of the coldest late-May weekends ever. I must have checked the weather on my phone 20 times. The temp never topped 58* on Sunday. That is winter like for us Vegas folks. The wind was blowing 20-30 miles per hour. And the water wasn’t heated. So, as I stood crying, watching all of those people shivering as they followed the Lord in baptism, all I could think was … that is MAJOR love and dedication to Jesus.

One of my favorite things is that families can link arms and get baptized together. It is really special. Here are some pictures:

And the Winners are … & Consolation Prize

First off, if you didn’t win the drawing for Uncensored Truth: A No-Spin Guide to the Christian Faith, I have this little consolation prize for you. This is the performance of Amazing Grace that we did this Easter. Our team worked hard and were incredible. So enjoy. You can get the FREE audio download of this version here. If you are on FB or an RSS feed, click through to watch … trust me.

Amazing Grace (Live) from Central Online on Vimeo.

And (thanks to random.org) here are the winners of my husband’s new book Uncensored Truth: A No-Spin Guide to the Christian Faith:

1. Vanessa

2. Heather Moore

3. David Coyne

4. Tiffany Gowesky

5. Star Forbis

6. Mike McGown

7. Amanda

8. Codi

9. Lisa

10. Stacie Wood

Congratulations winners. I shot you an email with the information about getting the book to you.

That’s Real Love … Easter

Posted by Lori (If reading on RSS feed or FB, click through to watch video)

I love Easter. I love celebrating the life, sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus. I love the unique opportunity that we have to share the Gospel with tons of people who don’t normally come to church. I love that God uses the work, effort and energy of staff & volunteers to make His name known and bring people to Himself. Ahhh … I love it.

What is your church doing this Easter to share Christ with your community?


[vimeo http://vimeo.com/9093282]

We all have the potential to be hijacked in our lives. Some by affairs … some by greed … others by addiction … and others by bitterness.

It is easy to see the impact on ourselves, our families, our ministries, our churches, our friends.

Our hope around here is that you are able to connect with other women in leadership. So if or when these times come, you can have someone to reach out to who will not dish out judgment, but instead encouragement and prayer.

But sometimes, leaders need extra help and counseling too. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of a couple of amazing organizations out there:

Blessing Ranch in Colorado. Where Christian leaders are blessed, broken hearts are mended, freedom is found, and comfort comes to those who desire a crown of praise rather than a spirit of despair…all to God’s glory (Isaiah 61:1-3)

  • Professional psychological services that restore and renew Christian leaders for effective Kingdom service
  • Meaningful retreat opportunities for Christian leaders through Weeks of Ministry Excellence
  • Academic programs focused on Pastor Care and on spiritual renewal
  • Other selected resources that help Christian leaders be healthy and whole

Save My Marriage (New Beginning) is a three-day intensive workshop for troubled marriages. More than just teaching information, they focus on developing life skills and alternative behaviors that empower couples with new ways of communicating, interacting and understanding themselves, their spouse and their marriage. The A New Beginning workshop is designed exclusively for couples in marriage crisis.

And though I am no professional, you can contact me anytime on Facebook or by email at [email protected]

Thoughts? Any other resources out there?

Celebrating Christmas

This is one of my very favorite times of year. Yes, it is busy. And at times a bit crazy.

But I love it.

We have incredible opportunity to reach out into our communities and share the message of Christ’s love for them. It is a time when people are quite receptive to invitations from their friends to church.

I love seeing all of the new faces. I love watching our team seize that opportunity in a creative, powerful way. I just love it.

We will be doing 15 services at our 4 campuses in town. (If you live in Vegas, make sure to click here for service times and directions.) And services will run all day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at our Online Campuses. I hear very exciting musical rumors, but won’t give it away. It is going to be great … and I’m praying that God will move in a huge way and bring people to Himself.

What are your Christmas services like? I would love to hear about the creative things your church is doing.