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The Church: A Place to Belong

white-windowIn you’ve wondered about our thoughts on ministry, my husband wrote this great article for Catalyst. You can read it by clicking here.


Here is a little bit of the article:


A Place to Belong
Many churches, in an attempt to deal with this messiness head-on, have come to value a sense ofbelonging as primary. Some churches taught (and still teach) that first you believe, then you behave, and finally you belong. For these churches, belief in Christ is the first step in being part of a church, but you do not really belong until you behave. But many churches are more or less reversing this order out of a love for people far from God. Their philosophy is first you belong, then you believe, and finally you behave.

Sometimes a person belongs for months or even years before they believe. On any given weekend at Central, where I serve, there are hundreds of people who would not define themselves as Christians if you asked them. I have friends who attend every weekend who are Jewish and do not yet place faith in Jesus. Or they are agnostic, but like the music. They may be a mix of many religions, but they sense the place is real. They are searching. They belong first, and my prayer is one day they will believe.

We are honest and straightforward about sin and salvation through the person of Jesus. We do not water down the Bible or the teachings of Christ, but we do accommodate in every other way possible. We love people no matter where they are. Out of that love, life-change will eventually occur.



To read the rest, click here.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!