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I Have Limits…

Posted by Brandi Wilson

It’s that time of year again… school is back in session and you know what that means? ROUTINE has once again entered my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of summer break and really hate to see my kids head back to school… but after 9 weeks of chaos my soul is craving a schedule.

For me, the comfort of routine also brings along a dangerous sidekick… overcommitment. Yes, my kids are back in school, we’ve been on study break from church and I’m somewhat out of the loop so I get caught up in the “freedom” and say “YES” to anything that sounds like it might be halfway fun.

But this year as we head into fall I’m proud to say I’ve done a little better than I normally do.  You see, I was quite convicted after reading this post by Kerri.  I don’t naturally create margin… I stuff margin full until it’s ready to pop.  But there have been some big opportunities come up in my life the past year and I’ve been thinking a lot about boundaries.  I love the Webster’s Dictionary definition for boundary – a line that marks the limits of an area.

I have limits.  (Kinda feels good to say it outloud).  And in order to really focus on what I love doing, what I feel gifted to do I must be aware of my limits.  In order to say “Yes” well I also have to be willing to say “No” well.  So I’m making some changes.  I’m leaving some regular open blocks on my calendar.   I’m using different guidelines as I accept or decline an opportunity.  I’m evaluating levels of importance with my regular commitments.

Your turn… any “limits” you’ve established in your life lately?

Finding Our Limits

When Donna and I were together, I cornered her one night and we shot quite a few video chats. If you missed the first two, you can see them here and here. But for now, here are some of our thoughts of finding limits and boundaries in leadership.


Would love to hear your thoughts!