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Weekend Glimpse … Photo Style

This weekend was our Baptism Celebration weekend. It is the weekend where we do open, spontaneous, outdoor baptisms. Jud preached about baptism, people decided they were all-in, and they responded.

The catch … it was FREEZING! Had to be one of the coldest late-May weekends ever. I must have checked the weather on my phone 20 times. The temp never topped 58* on Sunday. That is winter like for us Vegas folks. The wind was blowing 20-30 miles per hour. And the water wasn’t heated. So, as I stood crying, watching all of those people shivering as they followed the Lord in baptism, all I could think was … that is MAJOR love and dedication to Jesus.

One of my favorite things is that families can link arms and get baptized together. It is really special. Here are some pictures:

Baptism Celebration by Video

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/4532869?pg=embed&sec=]


Here is the recap video celebrating the baptisms at Central. We had the pools at the Henderson Campus and the troughs at the Summerlin and Southwest Campuses.


Extra points if you can spot me and the 1.2 seconds of me clapping and crying. Luckily I had my sunglasses on to hide my messed up mascara.


The family at the end was amazing. The dad is in a wheelchair because he has one leg. We offered to use the inside baptistry since it would be easier to get in and out of. But he declined because he wanted to be outside with everyone else. So with the help of two muscle-bound friends, he grimaced up and down each of the steps and into the pool. He was baptized with his wife, their daughters and their friend. I stood at the edge holding one of their younger daughters while she blew kisses to her mommy and daddy. And I bawled … like a baby. 


What’s your baptism story?

What a Weekend!

baptism1This weekend we had two wonderful days of Baptism Celebration. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect. We prayed like crazy and made tons of preparations with the hopeful expectation that God was going to continue the work that He has already been doing here in Vegas. We’ve seen so many people come to faith in the last few months. This was our weekend to help work through all of the obstacles that were hindering people from taking the step of baptism in their lives. 


baptism3In one word … OVERWHELMING. I spent the last two days weeping and stuttering trying to find words to describe what God was doing. 


I can’t even begin to share the stories I heard about God moving in peoples’ lives. But one thing was very easy to see … it was incredibly evident how heart felt this was for people. So many joyful tears, and hugs, and hands raised in the air. It was real … and it was God. Only God.


Since I don’t really know what to say, I’ll just say this:

We are so thankful to God for the 1458 people who followed Jesus in baptism at the Central campuses this weekend! Thank you, Lord!


Please pray for us as we help these people continue on the journey of faith.