The Best Me Possible.

Posted by Mardia Lira—Director of Dirigiendo con Amor (Leading & Loving It Spanish)

Girl_Looking_Out_Window_dreamingToday is another one of those days I am busy just trying to finish odds and ends. I live far from my family; my parents and siblings live in Mexico while I am in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Because of this separation I often turn to social media to stay “connected.”

I enjoy viewing photos and reading posts by my family and friends (and even those that are not exactly friends) on social media. I see pictures and imagine the stories behind them. Today is no exception. Social media has not only invaded my computer but also my mobile phone—that on occasions is abuzz with constant notifications at inconvenient times. I follow many people that inspire me, especially on Twitter, which seems to be less about gossip compared to other sites.

Have you noticed that while observing others you find yourself scrutinizing, or more often than not, criticizing?! You not only observe others, but you label them and at the same time label yourself. You think, “She is such an amazing mom…and me…I’m just another frustrated mom!”

It may seem as if what you do have is never enough and that you’re always missing something. Instead of feeling joy and happiness for my friends, the information overload produces a sense of comparison— constantly thinking that I am not good enough at the things that others are.

“I can’t cook like that,” “My kids don’t have that unbelievable smile and that perfect hair,” “I haven’t visited those fabulous destinations. I need to get out more!” “My comments on Facebook are not as spiritual as those…” And here is where the comparison game starts to take root in my life.

Simply put social media does not aid us in being content (happy) with what we have.

Far from celebrating and feeling overwhelmingly happy for what I see in others, my vision of life is reduced to thinking about the things I lack. I put aside all the great and wonderful things that I do have, all to compare myself to my friends’ pictures (that at times may not even be real… yes, I know).

But in the comparison game, there are no winners.

We compare ourselves so much to the point that we don’t know what to do in our own existence. We lose sight of how to function and stray from our true purpose!

Galatians 6:4 reads “Pay close attention to your own works, only then will you reap the satisfaction of having done good and you will not feel the need to compare yourself to others.”

If you constantly compare yourself to others, you will never enjoy what you do have today.

God created each of us with a specific purpose, with abilities and skills that are different from those of others. And if we add the fact that there are different times and seasons in our lives, we will realize that we cannot compare ourselves to others. We are all unique beings!

Be yourself! God created you for a special purpose. Find out what that purpose is, and focus your attention there. My prayer is that your life would be so focused on advancement and improvement that you have no time left to criticize others.

If you shift your focus from God as your target and you set your eyes on others, you will only harvest frustration.

Let’s focus on being the best us possible. Let’s enjoy what we have.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are his workmanship, having been created in Christ Jesus for good works that God prepared beforehand so we may do them.”

If only for a moment, you could see how much God truly loves you and how He sees you, it would completely change your life.

Be the best you possible. You are one of a kind.

Today, how will you choose to focus on being the best you possible?

3 thoughts on “The Best Me Possible.

  1. Amy F.

    This is something the Lord has been teaching me. He has equipped me to be who He created me to be, not who He’s created someone else to be.

    When it comes to social media, I remind myself on a regular basis that people only let me see what they want me to see.

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