I’m Bringing Beauty Back

by Noel Yeatts

We all came with bags packed and overflowing … not just with our cute and sassy outfits that we were waiting to wear in Nashville. But we also came with “baggage”. Bags packed to the rim and overflowing with hurt, pain, hard years, tough transitions, struggling marriages, pressing questions, identity crises and so much more.

A friend told me recently that in leadership we have to show people the beauty … help them find the beauty. And I believe that is exactly what Leading and Loving It is doing. It is restoring hope and bringing the beauty back to life in ministry for thousands of women.

Re:treat allowed us to leave our baggage at the altar and come home with bags overflowing with new friends, advice, resources, truth  … Oh, and lots of new t-shirts! I think I literally have one for every day of the week now!

Most importantly we are going home with beauty restored. Our problems cannot disappear overnight but our perspective certainly can. And now we have the opportunity to share this beauty with others – our congregations, our workplace, friends, husbands and our families.

I believe the greatest injustice facing our world today is not hunger or disease. It is not extreme poverty, abuse, abandonment, fear, anxiety or depression. No, the greatest injustice is hopelessness. Because when you have no hope, you literally have nothing.

And I also believe that the beauty of life in ministry comes from one thing – hope. Our most important job as women in leadership is to be hope bearers to a world in need.

I was so encouraged by the hundreds of women who heard the message of Rescue at Re:Treat and were inspired to respond – to be the hope bearers to underprivileged children around the world. Not only did the ladies of Leading and Loving It raise enough money to rescue three babies in only a matter of two days, dozens also expressed interest in personal fundraisers and sharing the story of Rescue at their church by hosting the Children of the World choir.

I wasn’t able to meet all of the women in attendance but I was able to hear just a glimpse of their stories. Women who so desperately needed to be filled, but found it in themselves to pour out just a little bit more and for that I am incredibly grateful.

While one of the most important jobs as a woman in ministry is to be hope bearers, let’s not forget the difference hope can make in our own lives. The hope we have in Jesus Christ helps us tackle whatever comes our way today, tomorrow and every day after that. And when you truly embrace that truth, you find the beauty in ministry and in our faith once again.


Noel Yeatts is the Vice President of World Help and a LALI partner. She shared at Re:treat and brought the Children of the World Choir with her. If you are interested in having Children of the World at your church please call 800-541-6691 or click here- https://worldhelp.net/children-of-the-world/schedule/.


One thought on “I’m Bringing Beauty Back

  1. Ruth

    I cried out to the Lord and He heard my cry. He put a new song in my heart and gave me a hope that is full.

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