What’s Your Flavor … How We Got Here

Iā€™m wondering how you guys linked up originally? Did you meet in person, was it purely from blogging? Did your husbands meet first? (@koalainscotland)

Once upon a time in a land far, far away …

I actually met Donna first about 5 years ago when we went on little mini-roundtable ski trip in Colorado with our husbands who were already friends. Truth be told, I’m sure Donna wasn’t at all impressed because I was sick, grouchy, and I don’t ski. So I was pretty anti-social. But we did talk to them about a job opening which they later took at our home church, which then allowed us to see them several times a year when we go home.

About 3 years ago, Jessica and Lisa met at c3 in Dallas. Lisa is the first “conference friend” that followed up with Jessica by phone, and they started chatting and becoming real-life friends.

A year later, Donna and Jess met at a Fellowship Church marriage retreat. And that same year, I met Jessica when she and Bil came to Vegas for an ARC Roundtable. We went shopping and hit it off.

June 1, 2008 Brandi randomly found my blog somehow and left a comment. I know that date because I just went back and looked it up … not because I’m super freaky. I then started following her blog and we began chatting it up on Twitter.

That Fall Lisa, Jessica, Donna and I met in Miami for a Pastors’ Wives Roundtable. Donna and I met Lisa for the first time there. I actually tried to get Brandi invited because I wanted to meet her in person, but it was all full … so sad.

At that Roundtable I met a super sweet PW named Robin Mitchell who went home and told Tiffany about my blog. So, she started following. Soon, we were chatting in 10 minute increments because it is hard to chat for long with so many kiddies around.

Then, while at a coaching event in Oklahoma City, Tiffany met Jessica. I remember Tiffany and I talking about their meeting later that week. See, Jessica is the most well-connected person we know. Everyone seems to know her.

Last summer, while they were on Sabbatical, Pete and Brandi came to Vegas. We went to dinner and hung out. Brandi and I had a great time and pretty much ignored everyone else that we were with … sorry Catrons, Jud and Pete. We figured out very quickly how similar our hearts were for pastors’ wives. We started talking on the phone and dreaming about teaming up. And I quickly charmed her into jumping on board around here.

In September, we piloted our first Virtual Roundtable with the 6 of us. The 2 hours flew by. We had a wonderful time together. After that I started the arm twisting via phone and pulling everyone onto the team.

In February, we had our 2nd Virtual Roundtable together. The only problem was that we needed more time! Thankfully, March 1st everyone flew out here to Vegas to meet and be together. For many it was the first time to meet face-to-face.

And that, my friends, is the very convoluted story of how we all met … how we got here.

I’m curious: how did you originally find your way here?

26 thoughts on “What’s Your Flavor … How We Got Here

  1. Alyson

    I think I found you from Brandi’s blog, which I found from…I don’t know where. I’m kind of a blog stalker šŸ™‚ Anyway, I am so glad that I found everyone I’ve found. At the risk of sounding very weird, it has kind of changed me. I somehow feel a little more “normal” in this role as a PW. And trust me, I fall into that “not the normal PW” category. If I had a nickel for everytime someone said, “You don’t act like a PW……” Anyway, that’s how I wound up here, and I am sooooooo thankful I did!!

  2. Kim

    I think I got here from Brandi’s blog, which I got to from Angie Smith’s blog, which I got to from Marla Taviano’s blog, which I got to because I love her books and I was college friends with her sister.

    Something like that šŸ™‚

  3. Kara Prater

    I followed Brandi’s blog which hooked me from the 1st time reading as she blogged about shopping for those “special, just right jeans” as Pete waited for her when they realized they were late for a wedding Pete was doing!! It was hilarious.

    Ever since then, I read hers pretty faithful which lead me to Lori! šŸ™‚
    I’ve been following ever since.
    So, thanks to yalls amazing journey, its blessed so many of us. šŸ˜€

  4. Michele Willis

    I think my story is similar to Alyson’s as much as I can remember…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it’s nebulous-ness (cool new word I just made up, huh?). Ok…I obviously need more coffee!

  5. Stephanie Thomason

    My friend Stephanie Witt…she and her husband started a church in NYC…Steph and I grew up together here in Owasso, went to OCC together…anyway…she told me about your blog. Which our mutual friend Shannon Maupin had told Steph B. about it. Steph B, Shannon & I all went to OCC together. Anyway…that’s how I found Leading and Loving it…and I praise GOd for that info!! šŸ™‚

  6. Lori Wilhite Post author

    It has been … and look at all of these awesome ladies who came around here through your site!

  7. Lori Wilhite Post author

    I’m kind of a blog stalker too! šŸ™‚ And I don’t think that sounds weird at all … I’ve kinda changed too!

  8. Lori Wilhite Post author

    You know that same post of Brandi’s convinced me to go buy some new, fabulous jeans. SO … now I owe my jean snobbery to Brandi! šŸ™‚

  9. Lori Wilhite Post author

    And Shannon got it when I emailed her about it when I first kicked it off. So … yea for the Ozark connections! So glad you got that info, Steph!

  10. DisneyCyndi

    I knew Marc was going to be a pastor soon so I started looking for pw’s to connect with or at least read about. I did a search and found Lori. Shocked me when she responded to a post on my blog and well……as they say the rest is history.I then found Tiffany’s blog through Lori’s (actually I had been reading Tiffany’s husband blog for a while and realized after “meeting” her on Lori’s blog that she was Pastor Herbert’s Tiffany šŸ™‚ )and I actually had been reading Pastor Pete’s blog for a while (hence how I found Brandi). The funny part is I found out about Pastor Pete through Jessica Turner’s blog who I met about 4 years ago at a scrapbook weekend! Now Jessica Cornelius I heard about through several of the staff wives at BAF that I became friends with on twitter! Talk about small world! And if you haven’t figured it out by now….I am a blog stalker also!

  11. Laura Anne

    Brandi’s husband Pete e-mailed me and asked if he could put my blog on his blogroll – so I went and checked his out and then Brandi’s out – there lies the connection there.

    Then as a little bit of fun after seeing Brandi’s Christmas duvet cover struggles & discovered that many other American women shared her struggles with duvet covers, my friend made a video of me putting on a duvet cover in her kitchen.

    Lori commented on my blog, and because I’d seen her comment on Brandi’s blog, I found leading and loving it.

    Then I later discovered that Lori & Jud’s church is the one my friends who travel from Scotland-USAS to go to the Q conference annually – this is the church in Las Vegas they’d told me about ! Oops. I’m slow on the uptake.

    I’ve loved getting to know Lori and Brandi (and now many of other lovely ladies who come to this part of cyberspace) and you’ve been SUCH an encouragement to me as I navigate this leadership and pregnancy crisis ministry thing! I hope I can come to the USA some time soon to meet y’all in person (if you’ll have me!)

  12. Lori Wilhite Post author

    That is because I’m good at blog stalking people back. I really love your blog! šŸ™‚

  13. Ashley

    That was a confusing, but fun story to read. I love ordained relationships!

    How I found you.. well, Judy S. sent me to your site. And I am glad that she did!

    Are you visiting A-town anytime soon? Would love to say hello.

  14. melissa

    I also found you thru Holly Furtick’s blog. I was reading Steven’s blog(her husband). I am just thankful for finding Leading and loving it. It has definately encouraged me and lifted my spirits.

  15. Lori Wilhite Post author

    It was confusing … but always fun!

    We will be in the big Amarillo this summer. Jud is speaking at Hillside over July 4th weekend. If you’re in town, we should grab coffee or at least exchange hugs at church.

  16. Lori Wilhite Post author

    Oh … thanks so much Melissa. I’m glad you found it too! I actually met Holly at the same conference that I met Lisa at in Miami. She is great.

  17. Kristyn

    My husband followed Pete on Twitter and told me his wife was on there too so I started following Brandi and her blog. I am pretty sure it was that very week that she did her first post on L&LI about just introducing herself as just Brandi. At least that’s where I started reading šŸ™‚ I love it!
    Also, I didn’t know you guys were connected to ARC! We’re and ARC plant!

  18. Alexis Albright

    Lisa Hughes tipped me off to it and I think you ladies are doing quite an incredible job. Thank You!!!

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