Through the Eyes of … the Preacher’s Wife

Posted by Jessica Cornelius

Holly is the wife of Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. She is the mother to Elijah, Graham, and Abbey Faith. Holly never has a dull moment being the pastor’s wife of a rapidly growing church and the mother of two young boys and a baby girl. She loves going on dates with her husband, listening to her husband preach, scoring great deals at Charlotte’s many fine retail establishments, cooking, and playing with her kids. Make sure to check out Holly’s life on her blog and on on Twitter.

I have been blown away at how beautifully Holly has raised three very small children in an extremely fast growing church over the years. What God has done at Elevation is supernatural, and I truly believe one of the reasons is because He knew how humble Holly and Steven would be about it. Years ago, when I first met Holly, I remember thinking, “For such a young pastor’s wife, she is wise beyond her years!”

Watching the way she honors Steven has personally encouraged me to be better about honoring Bil. I also love how generous and thoughtful she is with her friends and staff. Everyone who knows Holly would agree that she is the queen of gift giving. You will love getting to know a little more about Holly in this interview.


1. What is your idea of the perfect vacation? A beach and a couple great books.

2. What special little things does your husband do or say to show you he loves you? Regular date nights where he leaves his phone at home.

3. If you could do one thing all day long, what would that be? I love to rest and relax with my husband.  We love to sleep late, go out to lunch and go shopping together.

4. How do you expand your capacity for ministry? I must stretch myself within the giftings the Lord has given me.  I remember that doing a lot does not necessarily mean I am doing things well.  When I find myself in a place with no margin, I have no capacity to expand my ministry.

5. In what area of ministry do you serve? And what is you most creative idea you’ve done in the last year? I focus much of my time and energy into investing in and caring for the staff spouses of our church.  I recently created care groups for all staff spouses at our church.  These groups do not do a bible study together.  They exist to keep spouses informed about things going on at Elevation as well as cared for, celebrated (showers, birthdays, sicknesses etc…),  and prayed for.

6. How do you handle the expectations of being a Pastors’ Wife or Woman in Ministry? I try really hard not to compare myself to my other friends in ministry and focus on the things God has called and gifted me to do.  I try to be the best Holly Furtick, pastor’s wife of Elevation Church, that I can be.  I am also very upfront about who I am and what I feel God has called me to be at our church rather than allowing others to fit me into their definition of what a pastor’s wife should be and do.

If you are the preacher’s wife in your church, how you expand your capacity for ministry? Please share!

And if you aren’t the preacher’s wife, use this as an opportunity to thank these wives and women in our community … encourage them, and lift them up!

5 thoughts on “Through the Eyes of … the Preacher’s Wife

  1. Lisa Smith

    I have been a youth pastor’s wife for over 10 years and just recently entered the role of head pastor’s wife. Bit scary of a transition because it’s been a bit like having celebrity status right now! But I am so blessed to be in a church where they allow me to serve how God wants me to, not under anyone else’s expectations!
    I love reading Holly’s thoughts especially because my hubby follows her hubby all the time! Now I can tell him stuff too 😉

  2. LeadHership

    Thank you for sharing this, Jessica. I don’t know Holly, personally, but I’m encouraged by her life, written here.

  3. Jessi

    My husband recently became an Associate Pastor. He’s been in a ministry role from the time I’ve known him, but Assoc. Pastor is a new role. I have a job that is not a church position so I am free to serve along side Bill or in another area of ministry that I may be called to. That’s a good thing, but also it’s been difficult because I haven’t exactly found an area of ministry that I feel super passionate about. We’ve only been at this church for a few months so maybe it will come with time.

  4. Kate

    This is really encouraging for women in general but especially as a pastor’s wife. I appreciate what she said about not comparing herself to other pastors’ wives.

  5. Tiffany Cooper

    I’m thankful for Holly’s example to other women in ministry! She’s an incredible lady. Thank you for sharing with us Jess, I think you’re super amazing too!!!

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