This video was made by Tripp and Tyler, Jud’s co-hosts at Catalyst. It was a huge hit a Catalyst West. Not only are Tripp and Tyler stinking hilarious, but they are truly great people with a great heart for God and ministry.





I take the world’s biggest NLT Notemaker’s Bible to church. I love it. I have to take my computer bag to lug it around. But it has huge margins and tons of note taking space. I love it.


What do you take to church with you? Thin line? Life Application? Pocket-sized? YouVersion on your iPhone? iBible, anyone?

7 thoughts on “iBible

  1. April

    Yesterday in the mail, my Kindle 2 arrived! I had downloaded the NIV before it even got here so when I turned it on, there it was!

    For school I use my NIV study Bible because I like the notes in it and also because I spent forever putting the tabs on it and now I don’t want to go back to an untabbed Bible 🙂

  2. Tiffani

    There is a Bible in my mind that hasn’t been created yet (I don’t think). It would be perfect for me! It is a notetaker’s Bible with a blank page in between every printed page on a spiral binder. Anyone seen one? If so, I want it!

  3. Cyndi

    Still old school here. I carry the pink NIV Women’s Study Bible. Not the rest of the stuff I lug along to church would take forever to list. 🙂

  4. Beth Robles

    Love the video, great media team right there. I bring my NIV study bible with me, my notebook, and a pen. I like to write in my bible, make notes that are important or what have you.

  5. tammy

    hilarious infomercial!
    On a more somber note, I don’t really take anything to church with me. The Scripture readings are on the screen and the sermons usually aren’t good enough to warrant taking notes. How sad is that!?!?!

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