Marriage Bloopers. Part 4.

shushI like to laugh. I like to make jokes. I like to be funny. But sometimes, that desire for humor and a good ole laugh can be taken too far and wound others. I know this well because I used to do this on a regular basis. But it wasn’t with everyone.

Just my husband.

For some reason, I enjoyed picking on him in front of people and making him look bad or embarrassed. It apparently started so early on in our marriage that he asked us within the first year to make a commitment to each other in this area: We would never dishonor one another in public. 

While my husband stuck to this almost superbly, I did not. I found pleasure in cutting him down at a party or making him look stupid while hanging out with some friends. Upon my sly comment or stabbing joke (at his expense), I would get a look from him. The look that asked, “why are you treating me this way again?”

I’m not 100% certain why I did that to him. I’ve analyzed myself to death asking why and have come up with some ideas. The probability is that I was/am insecure in certain areas and well, my husband, on the other hand, pretty much can do anything. So, in order to feel better about myself, I would try to bring him down. Thankfully, I hardly ever do that to him anymore. I am very aware that I used to do this so I make sure that I pray up and stay on my guard.

I’ve also learned that not only should I not dishonor him, I should most certainly build him up. Because if I don’t build him up, someone else eventually will. And I don’t want my man hearing from other women about how awesome he is.

Because Chris Beall, he is awesome.

Ladies, do you find yourself dishonoring your man in public? Making fun of him? Picking on him? Joining in on a friendly round of some “husband bashing”? 

I challenge you to make a new commitment today. After apologizing to your husband for your past actions that brought him dishonor, commit to start each day with kind words – whether in his presence or not. 

2 thoughts on “Marriage Bloopers. Part 4.

  1. Lee P.

    I work hard to make sure I uplift him to others in public. I don’t always succeed, but at least I am aware of the need to make him out to be the best husband that has graced this planet, even if at the moment I don’t believe it. We’re all a work in progress right.

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