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Meet Lori

Lori Wilhite serves alongside her husband Jud who is the Senior Pastor at Central Church in Las Vegas. Central currently has more than twenty-seven locations nationally and internationally including twelve locations inside prisons around the country.

She is the founder of Leading and Loving It which exists to equip and encourage women in leadership to love life in ministry. Lori believes in order to have healthy ministries, we must first be healthy women, healthy wives, and have healthy families. So, she is dedicated to encouraging the over 20,000 pastors’ wives and women in leadership in the Leading and Loving It community through an annual conference, the JustONE online conference, leadership toolboxes, resource development and much more.

She is the author of Rise Up! and My Name is Victorious. Lori also co-authored My Name is Victorious: Teen Edition with her daughter Emma and Leading and Loving It: Encouragement for Pastors’ Wives and Women in Leadership with Brandi Wilson. Lori is the proud mom of two hilarious kids, Emma and Ethan. She loves laughing until her sides hurt with friends, reading novels cuddled up under cozy blankets on the couch, and crying during episodes of Antiques Roadshow.