Why I Have Friends… Inanimate BFFs

Posted by Brandi Wilson

I’m in Atlanta today at ChurchPlanter’s Conference with Lori hugging some Leading and Loving It gals necks in person… not just virtually!

As I continue talking about friendship I think I have to say that I probably throw some inanimate objects in the BFF ring. For instance, take who greets me first each morning. My husband prefers I not even acknowledge him until I’ve said “Good morning” to Keurig.

This was a gift from friends that I never knew I wanted but now would be hard pressed to live without. Keurig is an “inner-circle” friend.

My coffee is followed closely by a shake that actually keeps me full until lunch. Michelle Myers hooked me up with Shakeology and I have to say both my husband and myself are huge fans. It’s the meal that keeps on giving.

I can blame this next BFF on my next door neighbor. A few years ago she said “Do you want some hand-me-down jeans?” I knew she had expensive taste and immediately told her yes… my life was forever changed. I’m one of those believers of the glory known as designer denim. It’s one of those things I have to save birthday money for… or try on at a store then purchase much cheaper on Ebay, but few things make me feel better about myself then great jeans.

And if you know me at all the last object will come as no surprise to you. My Apple products. Our family drank the Kool-Aid and now we’re all big fans of any Apple product. I’ve said many times I would like to work as a genius in the Apple store when I grow up.

I was in a conversation with a friend the other day when I personified “Keurig” and my friend sweetly said, “Did you just refer to an inanimate object as a friend?” There’s no shame in my game, sometimes it’s the little things. 🙂

What object would you count as your Inanimate BFF?

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24 thoughts on “Why I Have Friends… Inanimate BFFs

  1. Laura Anne

    Firstly – my car – Cassie the Corsa. Man, she even has her own facebook group! A major money drain, falling apart, but she has got me from A to B, and we’ve had some adventures!

    Secondly – Piecrust Bear. This bear factory bear that I fell in love with the day before I got baptised, it just had these sad little eyes and I remember going around the shop with my Mum saying ‘please buy me, I might go to a home with a horrible child who’ll treat me badly’. It’s a little bit sad, but sometimes when work has gotten to me, I’m glad to come home and give that bear a squeeze. He also makes a good neck support pillow when I’m working on my laptop. 🙂

  2. Anna

    One of mine is a stuffed animal too! It is Graham, a stuffed dog that my husband gave me on our first anniversary of dating. He bought Graham the same day as my engagement ring, but I didn’t know that until later. He is pretty special to me.

  3. Mary Beth

    oh girl… you and me both! but I wear BODY WRAP… it goes from the knees to the bra line so there is no roll over!

  4. Toni Camp

    I also have a best friend names Keurig. He is wonderful!!! My other best friend is my ipad. I love everything apple, but this ipad has truly changed my life!!!

  5. Melissa Elswick

    I’m with ya on the designer denim…and the best part os that once you find a brand and style you like…you can always find them on sale. I’ve never paid more than $75 for a rockin’ pair of jeans. So worth it! 🙂

  6. Jessi

    My inanimate BFF is my iPhone. I accidentally dropped my “BFF” on concrete while riding my bike, and the entire front screen spider cracked. My brother-in-law bought me a new screen so that he could fix it himself. Long story short, I was iPhone-less for a week, and I almost went crazy. I’m happy to announce my iPhone is fully functioning with a brand new spanking front and back screen!

  7. Shauna

    I would have to say my piano, my makeup and iPhone. My piano is the place I go to whenever I need to release emotion. I can pour it all into a classical piece or sing and play a sad song. My makeup bag is HUGE. I would probably have to check it at the airport(not really). I love Sephora and Mac and playing around with different looks. Putting on my makeup puts me in a good mood and makes me feel good about myself. And then, of course, my iPhone because I can keep in touch with family and friends who are far away. I can look up directions from anywhere and research the best new restaurants to check out. I am totally attached!

  8. Andrea

    I too love my Keurig! And basically have a love affair with my Coach bag, “she” obviously has a name and never sits on the floor!


  9. Karla Hoelscher

    Hey girls, any suggestions on what to do when your husband gets more boring year after year and won’t snap out of it? I would like a fun husband once in a while. Sorry for the randomness 🙁

  10. Lisa Hughes

    Reading this I have an even deeper understanding of why I love you! My bf’s are: jeans, keurig, and above all my iPhone!

  11. Claire McLean

    i’m with ya on the jeans, well kinda. i love levis demi curve jeans. and i have an embarressing story to go with them… i spoke at our church womens conf last yaer and thought i really should look the part but had a tragic fear of jeans shopping. went into our local jeans shop and the most wonderful extraverted encouraging shop assistant was there. male shop assistant. who sent me to the dressing room and brought me jeans and clothes to go with it. now you may say WHY is that embarressing. yeah, the tragic fear thing. anyway, the next day i thought i should “break them in” before the conf. took the kids to school and then was off to the shops to get my groceries but popped into my best friends place to run by some conf ideas with her… sat down and ran my hands down my thigh… i dont know if your jeans in america have plastic size tags that run down the back of the thigh… but here in New Zealand we do… and i had forgotten….

    also love my ipod nano, great for listening to music and preaching!

  12. tiffany

    My BFF is my phone, Coffee maker (although I wouldn’t mind being friends with Keurig) and Shakeology as well. Otherwise, I would be a mess. Ha!!

  13. Samantha Howe

    I’m SO glad you posted this!!! My BFF’s are a Pink Handled French Press, filled with my other BFF, Stumptown Coffee (Out of Portland, OR – HANDS DOWN the Best coffee you will ever set your taste buds on!) And I would have to say my phone – and Android- nonetheless. It hold multiple BFF’s in one place! Like my GPS – Where would I go without him!? Nowhere! 😉

  14. Amy

    After looking at my receipts over the past few weeks, apparently my BFF is The Avocado. I pass them in the store and cannot resist. I, too, share a deep love for the Keurig. I do not, however, eat avocados and drink coffee at the same time. Those two BFFs do NOT need to meet each other. 🙂

  15. Brandi Wilson Post author

    I LOVE avocados too! I just told Pete I’m surprised our skin doesn’t have a green tint we’ve eaten so many the last few weeks.

  16. Liz Sarno

    Im with you on the jeans! I’m kind of getting to be a snob about “regular” jeans. 🙂 thank God I’m a bargain finder!
    Also my iPhone is my constant companion!

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