Unexpected is good …

Posted by Tiffany Cooper

Have you ever been completely and totally and unexpectedly blessed? Aren’t those moments extra sweet and impactful? Well, today I am inviting you to experience the unexpected blessing of leading a Virtual Community Group at Leading and Loving It.  Why do I consider it an unexpected blessing?

  • Leading a VCG gives you the opportunity to encourage and support women in ministry…and you are encouraged and supported in return.
  • You will experience life-changing friendships with women who understand your role in ministry… a unique and common bond.
  • You will facilitate a ministry that ministers to the women on the front lines, giving them a safe place to share their hurts and joys. How cool is that?
  • Your chat once a month will make a profound difference in your life!

Are you interested in taking this next step to lead a Virtual Community Group? If so, simply visit this link to fill out your application. New groups begin in February!

Never planned on leading a VCG, sometimes the unexpected is just what we need! Think about it, pray about it, we have a place for you!

Virtual Community Group Leader Application

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