Tweet This. – Part 4

Lisa YoungMinistry is an awesome privilege. The opportunities that God puts in front of us will change other people and even change us. We get to see people walk out of situations of bondage to a place of wholehearted freedom. We get to experience the presence of God in a huge way when we walk someone through a difficult circumstance and have no idea where our words came from. We get to see life change. We get to.

But we also walk through murky waters with families when they lose a child prematurely. We experience losses in relationships that we wish we didn’t have to. We sometimes feel “hated” by those who are in our churches. Sometimes we feel let down by our husbands when they have to change plans again because someone in the church needs them. And these kinds of things can make us bitter and even feel like a victim.

Some stats circulating the inter webs out there say that a large number of pastors’ wives feel like the most destructive thing that happened to their family was their husband entering ministry. That is a sad, victim mentality.

But we are not victims.

We have to be proactive and lead ourselves well. We must set boundaries so that we aren’t swallowed up in the needs that surround us. We need to control our calendars before they take control of us. We should seek out community and break the isolation that seems to come hand in hand with leadership. We must seek help from a counselor to help deal with the tough issues. We have to wrestle our insecurities and instead rest in fact that if God has called us, He will equip us.

Do not let your spiritual enemy trick you into thinking that you are a victim of your husband’s calling. God made no error with you. You may not feel like you have what it takes to fulfill this calling. That’s great. That’s where you should be. Because then and only then will you realize it’s the Holy Spirit working through you anyway. 

Do you find yourself struggling with being in ministry while your husband loves it? Take some time today to do an inventory of yourself. . 

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