Those We Lead

Posted by Cindy Beall

These lovely ladies are the strength behind the men who lead the six OKC metro campuses of We all live within 40 minutes of each other and even attend the “same” church, but it takes a dinner out to get us together to gab. And laugh. And eat foods that add inches to our waistline.

(We did all order water with our meals. That cancels out the calories, I hear.)

My husband, Chris, will tell you it’s an honor to lead these women’s husbands. He knows God has called him to this task but make no mistake about it…Chris knows that he is only able to do this by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I feel the same way. I am not the leader of these women. They all have so much leadership in them that quite frankly, they could lead me on any given day. Despite my peaches ‘n cream complexion, I am the oldest one here and have the most experience as a pastor’s wife and woman in ministry. Because of that, I try my best to be their friend, encourage them, pray for them and just be there should they need an ear.

Because they’ll need an ear when their 7-month old won’t sleep well unless she’s next to momma in bed and when they are dealing with a child who has no interest in potty training and they wonder if this will be their life forever and when they wish their parents didn’t live in another state so that they could have a night out without breaking the bank for a babysitter and when they are watching their 19-year old son leave the nest to begin a life on his own.


They’ll also need to know I’m there if they encounter marriage struggles. Because although their marriages are healthy now, that doesn’t mean they’ll always be that way. We all know good and well that when we neglect our marriage for the church, struggles are inevitable.

So I’m there for them. At dinner, in a text message, in an email, in a “like” on Instagram.

They see it. They know it. They feel it.

If you are reading this post, chances are high that you have women under your influence. Do not think you don’t have something to offer them. You do. God has you in the role your in even if you don’t think you’ve earned it or deserve it. News flash: None of us have earned it or deserve it. It’s a gift to lead other women by being their friend in good times so that they can call on you during hard times.

In what ways do you pour into the pastor’s wives or women in ministry under your care?

7 thoughts on “Those We Lead

  1. Dori Miller

    Thank you so much for posting this,I am a Excecutive pastors wife and the senior pastors wife has a very limited relationship with us.But I want this in my life and want to impart to the women in my circle of influence.This was a word from God for me today, I have been very discouraged.thank you again

  2. Tyanne

    This is so sweet and encouraging. It can be so simple to be a supportive person, and yet we can so easily skip the little things that show others we are there for them. Thanks for writing this, I will share it with others.

  3. Jessica Sheets

    Thanks for posting this. We are in a very small church where my husband is the only staff member. I sometimes feel all alone because of not having another pastor’s wife to connect with at our church. But, this post has reminded me that there are woman within my church that minister to me every Sunday whether they watch my child in the nursery or sit my other child in the sanctuary while I’m on nursery duty. They encourage my children, my husband and me ALL the time. I am much younger than they are so feeling like I could help them in any way feels silly. But, I can be sure to thank them even more than I already do and find ways to show them I appreciate them.

  4. Cindy Beall

    What a sweet thing to have older women around you. Allow them to feed you. Ask them about their lives and how they have handled being moms and wives. This honors them more than you can imagine!

  5. Jessica Sheets

    Thank you for this advice, Cindy! I need to be more intentional with the way I converse with those around me at church. My kids are always distracting me so I feel like it is rare to actually finish my sentence before needing to take care of something. But, these ladies just love my children and have never made me feel inadequate when I have to stop and deal with a situation involving the munchkins. They’re rather indulgent and let my kids be themselves. But, like I mentioned earlier, I want to be more intentional with learning more about these wonderful women, taking the attention off me-the frazzled mommy who is either running into the Sunday School room to teach my own children (the only regular attenders) or am running out of the nursery to go lead worship with my husband. 😉 I just need to focus, focus, focus more on them!

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