Stand Firm: Helmet of Salvation

Written by Jenni Clayville

“Put on salvation as your helmet…” Ephesians 6:17

I won’t let my sons play American Football. Even though it appears that I’m overbearing, I do have legitimate reasons. First of all, I am a 5’2” American born Chinese woman and my sons have my genes. Believe it or not, I am also one of the tallest people in my family. I’m still praying for my husbands “taller than average” genes to kick in for them. And secondly, it seems unwise to allow my children to play a sport that requires a large amount of girth and power. Of which they have little.

Even with all of the protective gear that football players wear, it’s still an incredibly dangerous sport to participate in. Take the helmet for a football player. Yes, it has some cushion on the inside but it’s really just a hard piece of plastic. Plastic, people. It seems that football players need more than just plastic protecting their heads. Because our heads control everything.

In Ephesians, chapter 6, we learn about the armor of God. Much like football players have protective gear to wear during competition, God provides armor for us. Author and speaker Joyce Meyers says that the battlefield is in our minds. The helmet of salvation protects our minds. When we put our helmet of salvation on, it protects us from damaging blows from our spiritual enemy. His attacks are directed at our minds hoping that our security and assurance in Jesus will be doubted. When our spiritual enemy can get us to believe a lie, he’s succeeded.

The helmet of salvation provides hope, which is so vital to us as Christ Followers. Our minds need protection from things that would destroy us, including discouragement and disillusionment. Even when we put it on, we still have to take action. We can’t just stand there. We still have a choice in the matter. Thank God for giving us the proper resources for battle in the spiritual realm. We are not left stranded.

The strength of the believer’s helmet is the final purpose of salvation. The HOPE in the promise of salvation. If we lose hope in the future, then we lost security in the present. In 1 Thessalonians 5:8, Paul also calls the helmet the “hope of salvation”. We will be victorious in the end against Satan. These “light and momentary” struggles won’t last forever.

How can you best use your Helmet of Salvation? How does this resource help you do what God has really called you to do?

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