Please join me in welcoming Heather Palacios as a guest blogger today. Heather and her husband serve on staff at Church By The Glades and Heather also manages the social media arm of Leading and Loving It. She is a HUGE blessing to me as I know she will be to you!

If you are from the Midwest (and not a youngin’) you’ll remember the infamous blizzard of 1978. Nobody knew the blizzard was coming, we certainly had no way of knowing it was going to be so dangerous and deadly. Recently, my mom retold the story, and I can’t believe the survivor-status we were in. My parents were only 25 & 23 at the time.  We lived in the country, in a farmhouse, in the middle of “nowhere-Ohio.”  Our house was uninsulated.  We had no heat, no electricity, no communication, no plumbing, no access to food, no ability to escape.  We had winds up to 90 mph, we had temperatures in the 10s and 20s below zero and the snow drifts were 20 feet deep!  For 3 days, we were snowed in—it was scary, dark, cold—But as I relived this with my mom, we both agreed that although we were isolated, we were not lonely. My parents had each other, my brother and I had our parents, our cousin and a good friend lived with us at the time, and all of us had God. Because of the “community” in our home, we understood what the good Lord meant when he wrote, “And on a cold night, two under the same blanket can gain warmth with each other. But how can one be warm alone?” (Ecc. 4:11) The winter season can be dark and cold, literally. But sometimes in ministry, figuratively. It is important that if we find ourselves “snowed-in,” that we do not find ourselves alone. Even Jesus, himself, went through such seasons, but he did with 12 disciples. At Leading and Loving It, our desire is for women in ministry to feel connected!  We can’t remove the blizzards, but we can be there with each other through it.

Join us in a convo today and let us know how we can pray for you if you are currently “snowed-in.”

3 thoughts on “SNOW DAYS …

  1. Crystal Johnson

    I lived in Ohio during that blizzard too! I was 4 and my only memory of it is that we had church in the living room as a family since we couldn’t get to church:)

    I have felt “snowed-in” for a while and have fought the urge to cocoon myself daily, as it has been a tough year for us and our church, but I believe the snow is beginning to melt! My request is for both my husband and I. We are tired and discouraged, but praying for God to breathe our passion, focus, and energy for the lost back into us. That is what keeps us alive, but the past year has been solving one problem after another and it’s just exhausting and has left us quite depleted. Also praying for finances for the church as well as personally.
    Thanks Heather:)

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