Ruth: Lesson in crisis.

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Last week we began our study Ruth: A woman like you with Ruth chapter 1. We discovered two powerful lessons from the life of Ruth:

  • Ruth did not retreat in the midst of crisis. (The death of her husband.)
  • Ruth chose commitment over convenience.

It was her no-retreat commitment in the midst of devastation that led her to Bethlehem where God was preparing an amazing future for her. Ruth’s example challenges us to continue moving forward, even when things don’t turn out like we’ve planned.

I wish I could tell how many times Ruth came to my mind over the last several days while I was in the middle of a mini-crisis. Have you ever had a mini-crisis moment that begins to overwhelm you? My moment started several days ago when I discovered that the video I shot for Ruth Part 2 was corrupted. Sadly, I lack technology skills and so after two days of trying (and failing) to re-create another video I felt defeated. I kept replaying the story of Ruth in my mind, how she remained committed, and didn’t give up. Then I would think about how life didn’t turn out the way she thought it would. Sure, my situation pales in comparison to the loss of her husband. Still, shouldn’t we use the lessons we learn for the big and the small moments of crisis? I think so.

Even though Ruth: A woman like you didn’t happen as I planned, I’m not giving up. I’m going to move forward and conquer this technology giant! Friends, I thank you for your understanding and I invite you to join me again next week for PART 2 of our Ruth study. Chapter 2 is full of life-changing lessons that you won’t want to miss. Seriously, this is where the story starts to get really good!

If you want to make me feel better, you can share one of your mini-crisis moments?!!!

6 thoughts on “Ruth: Lesson in crisis.

  1. Mary Beth Bradshaw

    Um.. Tiffany… Which “mini crisis” would you like me to share!!!??? Hahaha. The time my slip fell around my feet as I was talking in the foyer?

    Or The time when my son was 8 and was playing “David” in a Sunday morning skit and he decided to put A real rock in his sling between rehearsal and first service cause it would be more real. And the rock flew thru the sanctuary over a blind woman’s head and on to the back row where it hit a mentally handicapped man in the shoulder to which he fell to the floor rolling back and forth yelling “he hit me! He hit me.”

    True stories. A video is nothin’! 🙂

  2. Winnie Chandler

    My mini crisis would be right now…10 minutes before lunch is over and I realized I hadn’t watched this weeks Ruth video…whew…deep breath…you can watch it next week! Sorry, but happy!

    See you next week! Can’t wait!
    Love ya!

  3. Michelle Meeks

    Oh my goodness Mary Beth!

    I know I shouldn’t be laughing, but I can’t help it. Thank you for these 🙂

  4. Tiffany Cooper

    Mary Beth~
    I love you my sweet friend! Thanks for making me feel better with your own crazy experiences:)

  5. Tiffany Cooper

    It just makes me happy seeing your name on the comments. I know, Mary Beth is awesome…always willing to share from her own life.
    Love you:)

  6. Tiffany Cooper

    I really am so happy that you are joining in on the Ruth study. And I’m super happy I got to hug your next on Sunday. Love you!!!

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