Risk in ministry.

risk-and-rewardPosted by Tiffany Cooper

Ministry involves risk that is unique to the position. Some risks are calculated, others are inherent.  Whether it’s building relationships, making tough decisions or stepping out in faith, risk is involved. So how do we live with this ever present element of risk? How does it affect us personally?


Risk is present when…

  • we invest in a friendship. (This is a topic that requires its own blog post!)
  • we make leadership decisions that have potential to disappoint others.
  • we leave the comfort of what we know to follow God’s leading.
  • we stand firm in God’s call versus popular opinion.
  • we live authentic lives and not the life others expect us to live.

Risk can grow us, making us stronger and wiser. It means saying yes to something even though …(you fill in the blank). For me, it means saying yes to friendships knowing that they could end abruptly. It means making decisions that may not be popular. It means I will stay committed to the call God has given me even if others think I’m foolish. Yes, risk can result in pain and disappointment but it can also produce the most amazing results and God moments. Risk can take a church from just striving to fully thriving. It can result in enjoyable friendships for the pastor’s wife who was isolated. Risk pushes us to place full faith in God while trusting Him to do what we can’t do on our own.

What risks do you take in ministry?  How does risk affect you personally?

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