Re:treat Week Is Here!

re-treatOur team looks forward to this week ALL YEAR LONG. 

No Joke!

So, we are taking the week off from blogging to focus on this amazing event. We will be back next week and there will be two giveaways! 

I know!

Also, if you were not able to make it to re:treat this year in 2016, please make plans to come next year from October 24-26 in Las Vegas, Nevada! You seriously won’t regret it. #promise

One thought on “Re:treat Week Is Here!

  1. Laura

    After our church campus closing in February and me subsequently losing my role I’ve went through a tough season (we decided to move across the country in September and had to find another church!). My “win” though, in the last month, has been getting to a place where I felt healthy enough to start serving again. I am beyond excited to be in ministry again and to see where my new place will be!

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