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Posted by Brandi Wilson

Imagine my surprise when I clicked over to Leading and Loving It last week to see that our fearless leader, Lori, had volunteered us all for an Open Q & A!  And by volunteered I mean she posted we’d all 6 do an Open Q & A without asking first! 🙂 Luckily, we’re all so laid back, easy going, and love her dearly that we quickly jumped on her bandwagon.  So, here’s the first of a series of Q & A from the entire Leading and Loving It team.

Actually you’ll see answers from 5 of us, everyone but Donna… who’s on a mission trip in Belize.  Yes, she sacrificing for Jesus in Belize!  I think I’m feeling called to sacrifice with her next spring break… anyone else?

Q: What is greatest fear of being the “lead” pastors wife and what is the greatest joy? Advice to me whose husband is planting a church in the next months! (@karaprater)

Lori: My worst fear has always been that I would do or say something that would compromise Jud’s ability to lead or minister to people. My greatest joy and the reason why we do ministry is life change. I love to see God completely transform someone’s life by His wonderful grace.

Brandi:  My greatest fear has probably always been not being enough.  It’s taken a while for me to realize that God wants use “Me” and not just my husband in ministry.  Greatest joy has always been and will always be having a front seat to the life change that can only occur through Jesus Christ.

Jessica: My greatest fear to not have the Lord’s blessing, presence, or power over our life and ministry.My greatest joy being a part of something larger than myself!!! Having such a huge  purpose and calling on my life!

Tiffany: My greatest fear is becoming isolated. My greatest joy is seeing life change first hand. It’s the best seat in the house.

Lisa: I probably fear I am not doing it well enough or right enough. I am figuring out that I need to be who God designed me to be. I think people crave authenticity. I just so respect how my husband leads, I never want to do anything that would make him look bad. The great joy for me is changed lives! We get the privilege of seeing lives drastically changed every weekend … it is my addiction!
What are your fears and joys?

5 thoughts on “Q&A … Fears and Joy

  1. Kara Prater

    Thanks Ladies! I love soaking up wisdom from experienced yet authentic wives like you all! Thanks for sharing your heart as it helps guide mine as God leads our family toward church planting. This was so helpful!

  2. DisneyCyndi

    I fear not being able to live up to the pressures I have put on myself. I love it when I see women get that AHA moment about their own gifts.

  3. Lisa Ruggles

    Thank you for your authenticity! I so appreciate your willingness to be open and share with us. You are all amazing women!

  4. Lori Wilhite

    I share that fear Cyndi. Most times we are hardest on ourselves. I used to tell churches when we interviewed that I didn’t need for the church to have any expectations of me … I had more than enough for myself.

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