Our Job … and God’s Job

posted by Lori Wilhite

This weekend I had the opportunity to hear my amazing friend Lysa TerKeurst, author of Made to Crave and Unglued, speak at Women of Faith here in Vegas.(By the way, Women of Faith was Ah-Maz-Ing.)

This quote, among the many brilliant things Lysa said, really stuck out to me:

“Our job is obedience; God’s job is results.”

Oh. My.

Our job is not a spectacular ministry. Our job is not the most well attended youth ministry. Our job is not the largest women’s ministry in town.

Our job is obedience. Our job is a faithful heart. Our job is action.

Last week I was chatting on the phone with a friend who is part of our Leading and Loving It community. I was so incredibly moved at her obedience and the results that God provided.

My sweet friend felt very clearly that God was calling her to start a Women’s Bible Study at her church. Since this was something new for the ladies of her church, she spent quite a few weeks casting vision, talking about it, and inviting everyone.

That first week of the study rolled around. And no one came. No one.

She pressed ahead and watched the curriculum. Alone. She answered the small group questions. Alone.

But she did not give up. She knew she was walking in obedience to what God had asked her to do. So, she showed up for the second week of that Bible Study.

Guess what? Two ladies showed up. And absolutely loved it.

They left and told all of their friends. And now, they start week one again with quite a group gathered to study God’s word.

Her job was obedience. God’s job was results.


Today, let’s take our focus off of the results, and instead focus on obedience. What is God calling you to do? Big or small, what act of obedience do you have before you? And how do you focus on your obedience rather that obsessing with the results?

6 thoughts on “Our Job … and God’s Job

  1. Lynna

    Loved your sweet story. Thank you for encouraging your friend by listening and understanding her struggle. And thanks for encouraging me today as well!

  2. Stephanie Shouse

    At our very first retreat I wrote in my notes: “You are not called to have a fabulous ministry. You are called to be faithful.” That has stuck with me and has totally changed the way I look at ministry. Thank you, Lori and L&LI, for your gift of encouragement to all of us!

  3. Pam Booher

    Stephanie this post reminded me of YOU… and I was in another country and shared with my friends there… and we PRAYED AND PRAYED for you… my friend that was with me just asked me how you were doing… and I had to tell her I didn’t know because I did not follow up… I am sooooooo sorry! I really HOPE you are ok!!

    Lori… I am so VERY thankful we are NOT alone serving Jesus…. YOU are a blessing!!

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