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Posted by Brandi Wilson

Last week I did something I hadn’t done in quite a while on a Sunday… I brought a first time visitor to church.

Don’t get me wrong, I invite people to church.  But, this situation was different for a number of reasons.  One being the absolute only person my friend knew from Cross Point was Pete and I. Closely followed by the fact her church background was extremely sparse.

I accompanied her the whole day.  I met her in the parking lot, checked her children into KidzWorld, escorted her to the sanctuary and sat inches away from her through the entire service and walked her back to her car.  I mean, I was on her like white on rice.

The perspective I received was mind-blowing.

I observed like I’ve never observed before.  I noticed how each childcare worker greeted her family.  I observed directional signage as I haven’t before.  I deeply felt the atmosphere of our lobby space.  I processed every lyric on the screen during worship and how my friend was processing the same lyrics.  I carefully paid attention to each word from my husband’s mouth as if I’d never heard him before.  I looked at how clearly the programs were organized and how we receive first time visitors information.  I passed the offering basket gently down the row.

Processing everything afterwards I felt extreme pride for our Cross Point staff and family. They all work so hard to create a welcoming environment where someone can experience Christ in a way they haven’t before.

The biggest surprised to me was the sensitivity I felt during every aspect of the service.  Without a doubt I take for granted the comfort I feel on our campus, during worship and in one of our services.

Not only was I overjoyed my friend has joined me but I was felt extremely blessed to see Cross Point through new eyes.

When was the last time you escorted a new visitor through your church?

9 thoughts on “Mind-Blowing Perspective…

  1. Heather Dale

    I love this! Before we actually opened the doors at Bikers Church we intentually got to know our target people and it opened our “churchy” eyes to how new people coming in saw us. We changed alot of things from our church language to the atmosphere. But we didn’t change the message of Grace, Love and Acceptance.

    I encourage you to take another step and ask your friend to give you an honest opinion from her eyes. And how she would feel or see things if you didn’t essort her around.

    We should always do ‘checks’ to see how our atmosphere is to new comers.

    Thanks for the great reminder!

  2. Tiffanie (@TAShanks)

    The way you went about escorting your friend to Crosspoint is what I admire most about this story. Having been a first-time visitor at Crosspoint (and witnessing a powerful baptismal service… the one where Pete baptized your son) it is a welcoming atmosphere. However, to take the time to set aside other responsibilities and care for someone’s experience that way is great… and challenging.

  3. JD

    The last time I brought someone new to our church was when my husband came to church the day our daughter was baptized… it was only the second time in 16 years of marriage that he came to church with me (Aug 3 2008 while on vacation was the first).

    What I loved was that I was confident enough in who I am in Christ to worship as I always did, hands raised, all in, without worrying about what he might have thought. I also loved that he didn’t bolt out the door once the service was done.

    He’s not a man of many words, he didn’t share much about what he thought, but I trust that God planted a seed that will grow in his heart a longing to return someday.

  4. Yvonne

    Churches in Germany are so different! I would love to be part of one. Here they are quite “scary”.

    I actually envy people for their faith. I really like that you guys just trust in faith and God and that it sees you through tough times.
    I’m more the head person. I can seem to let go and just fall into faith.

    Maybe one day?

    Greetings from Germany.

  5. Brandi Wilson Post author

    “churchy” eyes can get the best of us sometimes! so cool you all spent so much time getting to know your target before hand. what a great idea.

  6. Brandi Wilson Post author

    oh, that’s so great, jd. love you worshipped as you normally would the first time you brought him with you. praying he comes again!

  7. Brandi Wilson Post author

    a dear friend of mine was raised in germany and she’s given me some of the same insight into churches there. praying you find a good fit, yvonne!

  8. Brandi Wilson Post author

    oh, tiffanie, i remember that sunday well. one of my favorite sundays ever!!!!! 😉

  9. Tiffany Cooper

    Thanks for sharing your experience Brandi. It can be easy to “get used” to how we do it and forget to access how others are perceiving it. I often worship one service and attend a second to, for lack of a better word, critique. I take notes about our environment, our service start to finish and places we are weak. I love it. I’m sure I’m still coming at it from a somewhat churchy lense but I try to get out of my box.

    Did your friend say much afterwards?

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