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Posted by Brandi Wilson

It’s a big week for us church folk.  For a lot of us it’s the biggest Sunday of the year.

I’ve loved keeping up with you guys on twitter and seeing how creative your churches are when it comes to promotion of Easter services.  I’ve witnessed some great promotion videos and read about some really amazing serving opportunities.

Our friend, Lisa’s, twitter feed has been very entertaining as of late.  Her church, Church By The Glades, is doing a huge whole church participation promotion where they’re basically covering South Florida with flyers about their Easter service in a competition on who can get the most invites out.  Wish I could pop down to South Florida and visit because I bet you can’t turn a corner without seeing a CBG flyer.

So today I’d love for you to brag on your church for a bit and tell us what you guys are doing to promote Easter.  Share a link to a promotion video or give us some details of how you’ve encouraged your congregation to invite their friends and family to church.

I’ll go first.  At CrossPoint we’re doing a Serve4Seven campaign where people are encouraged to participate in random acts of kindness and follow those with an Easter invite.  The whole church is participating… but there’s been an extra big push in our small groups.  Each small group received a Serve4Seven packet to help get them started. It’s dual purpose really, the community group builds community serving together as they reach out to their community.

Okay… your turn.

16 thoughts on “Let’s Share…

  1. Toni Camp

    We are actually going to buy lunch for anyone that gets 20 first time guest to come!!

    We gave out 10,000 Easter invites and are dropping 20,000 eggs from a helicopter at the highschool football stadium Saturday!! Ahhh!! So excited!

  2. Crystal Johnson

    We did a 40,000 piece mailer, are passing out personal invitations, and our church members have turned their fb profile pics into invitations. We’re also tagging this video to give people a taste of what we’re about. It isn’t specific to Easter, but tells them who we are.. My hubby is the one talking and our worship leader is singing a song he wrote:) We’re having an extra saturday service and 2 egg hunts.


  3. Stephanie Shouse

    Being a small church in a small town we’re not doing a whole lot to promote Easter Sunday other than inviting friends & family by word of mouth.
    But we are doing something a little different during the service in order to allow for more participation instead of everyone just coming to sit and be entertained for an hour.
    I’ve spent the last couple of weeks asking the question “What does the cross mean to you?” We’ve asked everyone: young & old, new Christians, “experienced” Christians, men, women, youth & children. We took everyone’s answers and compiled them to make a dramatic reading/powerpoint presentation. Throughout the service those who shared will be able to see their answers and reflect on what the cross means to them personally. I have already been touched by the answers given and look forward to seeing how God uses our own personal testimonies to touch the lives of others this Easter!

    Happy Resurrection Sunday, y’all!

  4. Lindsay

    Everyone in our congregation is invited to bring their lawn mowing/landscaping equipment on Saturday to walk through the neighborhood across from our building to help with yard maintenance. We are walking the neighborhood to serve and then inviting them back across the street for a cook-out. We are also having a car wash for the apartment complex on the other side of our building. Our church is Taking it to the Streets!

  5. Becky


    SERVOLUTION – Manna Church, Fayetteville, NC has been serving our city through acts of kindness, service projects, passing out drinks at intersections, and now, providing relief for tornado disaster victims all through the month of April. We serve and bless and maybe give a card that says: “God loves you. No strings attached.” It also has an invite to our Easter services.

    There are stories of people paying for Starbucks orders and even Panera Bread orders in the drive through, a girl being introduced to Christ rather than committing suicide just from getting a Coke and that card at a busy intersection, block parties, window fan distribution, home make overs for single moms and veterans, and many more wonderful things that God is doing through his “hands and feet!” It is AMAZING and EXCITING and REAL. I love our church and what we’re doing, not just for Easter, but for the love of Fayetteville!

  6. DisneyCyndi

    Stephanie we are in the same boat as you. Marc usually gives out a gift to the member who brings in the most guest and we have even offered free family photos to families that day. We usually have an Easter Egg hunt Easter Monday but because of all of the snow this year the kids are going back to school on that Monday so they have been doing events all week (bowling, a picnic, visit to a museum, etc). We are going to be putting together some bags to give out to them in Childrens Church. Easter is usually word of mouth for us and we are expecting a crowd (at least for us). 🙂 I would love to hear how people follow up after Easter is over. That where I think we need to do some improvements.

  7. Crystal

    We are a 2 campus church expanding to 3 campuses beginning on Easter Sunday. We sent out a bulk mailer advertising our services at all 3 campuses which is what most everyone is doing.

    The neat thing our Growth and Development Pastor came up with was last Friday some of our staff worked with a gas station in the area of the new campus and served free coffee there from 6:30 – 8:30 am while talking to people about the new campus and handing out information. Then from 4pm – 7pm our church paid for 50 cents on every gallon of gas that was purchased at that gas station. I thought it was a very clever idea and a great opportunity to get the word out about our new campus and serve others at the same time!

  8. Emily Hughes

    New Hope Church Manvel, TX (just outside of Houston). http://newhopechurch.tv
    New for us this year, we are relying on social media to get the word out about our services instead of doing a mailer. Last year we had a couple hundred guests sitting in the lobby, so this year we have added two services on Good Friday. (Same message at all services Fri, Sat, Sun). We are encouraging regular attenders to choose a less popular time to worship and give up their seats for those who may be visiting.
    We are looking forward to lives changing! On a personal note, I am celebrating with friends their 2 year anniversary at church. They visited New Hope on Easter Sunday and have continued to grow. The husband said “My wife wanted to start going to church and asked me to go with her to check out the one her co-worker had been talking about. I did the nice thing and accompanied her. And then I liked it. I spent the first 34 years of my life running away from it, and now I don’t want to miss a Sunday!” Praise God!

  9. Abbie

    I feel a bit like a slacker reading all these, but mainly I’m trying to hold having my baby until after Easter so hubby can preach! 😉 (I’m due the 26th)

  10. Lori Wilhite

    Well, I have to say Abbie, you might be doing the hardest work of everyone! If you can make it til Sunday afternoon, you’ll be good to go! 🙂

  11. Lori Wilhite

    We are old school personal invites and a zillion phone calls. Just leveraging that personal touch. 🙂

  12. Krista

    this year we are not doing a whole lot in terms of “promotion”. we’ve encouraged our church family to be about inviting their family, friends, neighbors, whomever. and we’ll raise the roof on Sunday morning 🙂

  13. Rachel Hines

    Oh my! My husband had only been pastoring a few weeks and I delivered on Easter weekend 3 years ago:) Needless to say, someone else preached that Sunday. I’ll be praying for you.

  14. Rachel Hines

    We left 1500 bags of goodies, (notepad, pen, candy, and a card to encourage them to attend a church of their chose this Easter)on front doors in our neighborhood. The notepad just said “Celebrate” at the top and had our church website on the bottom along with the pen.
    Can’t wait to Celebrate the Resurrection!!

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