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Tuesday. May 6. Movie Theaters. Nationwide.

Focus on the Family will unveil its first-ever, in-theater documentary, Irreplaceable. This feature-length film explores answers to the important questions “What is family?” and “Does family still matter in today’s society?”

The word “family” has lost its much of its meaning in our modern cultural landscape. When the family is weakened, society suffers.

But strong families make the world a better place. And that’s what Irreplaceable is all about. The documentary is timely and challenging audience members to take a closer look at their own families and consider what can be done to make the family stronger.

Brandi and I got to screen this important documentary this week. Brandi’s reaction:

Irreplaceable is a compelling documentary about a subject very important to so many of us… family. What makes a family and more importantly what value does family play in today’s society? The documentary does a fascinating job blending research as well as real life scenarios as it investigates a concept that has changed and evolved over time. Irreplaceable was a great conversation starter for my husband and I as we reflected on our roles as parents as well as husband and wife. It also gave us a kick-start to reexamine our goals as a family and what we’d love our own children to learn about themselves as they will one day go on to create their own families.

As ministry leaders, Irreplaceable will renew our commitment to help build and strengthen families in our churches and communities. The Church plays such a vital role in impacting families with the love and grace of Jesus and then encouraging and discipling them as they grow closer to the Lord and closer to one another. The documentary will also reignite our passion to strengthen our own marriages and step up our game as parents.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 11.28.15 PMFocus on the family is also releasing a curriculum for Irreplaceable.

This 13 week DVD small group experience covers:

1. Belonging and Significance
2. Made in God’s Image
3. Loneliness, and How Eve Completes Adam’s Being
4. How Family Completes God’s Image
5. Marriage and Sexuality
6. The Fall and Redemption
7. Family in and for Society
8. Mothers as Image-Bearers
9. Fathers as Image-Bearers
10. Children as Image-Bearers
11. Satan, World and Self: What Is The Greatest Enemy Of The Family?
12. The Great Mystery & Destiny: A Future, Final Wedding
13. My Imperfect Family: Perfection Myth vs. Redemptive Grace

Mark your calendars now for May 6th so you can catch Irreplaceable in theaters.

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