Interview with Christine Caine

Recently, Jessica got to sit down with Christine Caine when she was visiting Bay Area Fellowship. Christine was sweet enough to shoot this interview for your viewing pleasure.

I love getting to hear new perspectives and be challenged by new thoughts. I love how God can use those times to grow me, encourage me to step out in new directions, and also solidify my thoughts.

I know you’ll enjoy this interview:

16 thoughts on “Interview with Christine Caine

  1. DisneyCyndi

    Thanks Jessica and Christine. By the way Jessica you were already a great “mama” just from everything I have heard from some of the ladies on your team. Keep up the great work!

  2. Jessica Cornelius

    Cyndi, you are so sweet! I have precious girls on my staff, that make me sound better than I am!

    Holly, there is a second video that’s only 4 min long that you will also love. It’s all about having to have those hard talks with people on your team. It will be posted later. Thanks for your feedback!!!!

    Sarah,So glad you were encouraged by it!

  3. rosie Schmitgen

    This was great!!!!..and Jess..Love the way you certainly empower your team of women to flourish.

  4. Lori Wilhite Post author

    I told Jess the same thing a couple of weeks ago … I bet her church family LOVES her! 🙂

  5. Brandi Wilson

    jess, as always you’re fabulous on camera! thanks for getting some valuable insight from christine for us!

  6. Veronica Brown

    Hey Jessica,

    I’M SO GLAD YOU MADE THIS!!!! I hadn’t called yet ~ but THIS WAS PERFECT! Great idea!

    I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the video! The whole time I was saying “amen, that’s right, c’mon now, hallelujah” hahaha

    This video will go down in the books of “change for PW’s” all over. I’ll be reposting this to my FB & Twitter page tomorrow.

    God has anointed, appointed and approved you ~ go girl!

    Glad I got be a part of your conference ~ It was great seeing so many old friends and hearing how Bay Area Fellowship has changed their life, made them who they are today, TOTALLY new ways of thinking, living ~ it was AMAZING and such a blessing! I’m so glad God sent ya’ll to Corpus! Beautiful Pastors!

    Love you much!

  7. Jessica Cornelius

    Thanks Brandi! Too bad the girls won’t be able to see our stellar video we made for church planter’s wives! At least Lori was encouraged by it, and she isn’t even a planter’s wife- how funny!

  8. Veronica Brown


    Sounds like a date! I’m there. AND if it’s not at BAF & you need an “armor bearer” yeah…call me up ~ I’ll be there too ~ I CAN’T WAIT to hear YOU speak! What God has birthed in you the world is waiting to hear!

    Have a great week!

  9. Lisa Ruggles

    Jessica, Thanks for taking the time to share Christine with us! Great insight as I find my “place” within the ministry. You did an amazing job!

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