I Have Limits…

Posted by Brandi Wilson

It’s that time of year again… school is back in session and you know what that means? ROUTINE has once again entered my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of summer break and really hate to see my kids head back to school… but after 9 weeks of chaos my soul is craving a schedule.

For me, the comfort of routine also brings along a dangerous sidekick… overcommitment. Yes, my kids are back in school, we’ve been on study break from church and I’m somewhat out of the loop so I get caught up in the “freedom” and say “YES” to anything that sounds like it might be halfway fun.

But this year as we head into fall I’m proud to say I’ve done a little better than I normally do.  You see, I was quite convicted after reading this post by Kerri.  I don’t naturally create margin… I stuff margin full until it’s ready to pop.  But there have been some big opportunities come up in my life the past year and I’ve been thinking a lot about boundaries.  I love the Webster’s Dictionary definition for boundary – a line that marks the limits of an area.

I have limits.  (Kinda feels good to say it outloud).  And in order to really focus on what I love doing, what I feel gifted to do I must be aware of my limits.  In order to say “Yes” well I also have to be willing to say “No” well.  So I’m making some changes.  I’m leaving some regular open blocks on my calendar.   I’m using different guidelines as I accept or decline an opportunity.  I’m evaluating levels of importance with my regular commitments.

Your turn… any “limits” you’ve established in your life lately?

13 thoughts on “I Have Limits…

  1. Amy Argo

    Yes, Kerri’s post also helped me. I am trying to reevaluate priorites and schedules and my husband is following suit. We are a long way from where we used to be but we always have room to grow.

  2. Charity

    Shhh… can we ignore boundaries, margin and limits for a bit… I have too much to do! :o) (Kidding, it’s obviously needed in my life because it mysteriously reappears often! Thanks for the reminder as my kids pack it back up tomorrow for the school bus!)

  3. Heather P

    My leadership role at church has been re-defined lately. I have to say no to what I was doing and embrace the larger responsibilities in front of me which include being a mother. Seems like God is always redesigning the limits.

  4. Stephanie Shouse

    Thanks for the reminder! My kids have recently headed off to school and I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure lately to do more in the church…mostly because I don’t have a “real” job and both my kids are in school. So, I’ve been feeling like I should do all the jobs that no one else will do since I have more time than others. Today I have gone back and re-evaluated my priorities and reminded myself that God has called me to specific tasks. I’ve even made a list of things that I will definitely say “Yes” to and things I will definitely say “No” to. (Will you sign up for nursery duty? “No”…Would you like some fresh tomatoes? “Yes” 🙂 ) It’s so freeing to have a couple automatic responses that I can pull out without thinking about them!

  5. Kerri Weems

    Brandi, I have that same tendency,too! I have to really guard myself against over committing during the “down” times. Good on ya (as my Aussie friend say) for knowing your limits!

  6. Brandi Wilson Post author

    it’s always yes to fresh tomatos! 😉

    good for you for making some changes.

  7. Brandi Wilson Post author

    well, charity, if it helps at all i seem to find myself talking/evaluating my boundaries and limits very often. i think it’s a lesson i have a hard time consistently learning.

  8. Brandi Wilson Post author

    Balancing the mothering role well is where I seem to get my biggest guilt, Heather. Praying for you and your new responsibilities.

  9. Veronica Reeves

    Thanks so much for the encouragement, Brandi! Sending my baby girl off to kindergarten this year, and being in year one of a church-campus plant, I feel the temptation to fill my calendar to overflowing… But everywhere I turn it seems He’s telling me, “MARGIN.” I love Lev. 23:22…”When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field…” Last week my husband sweetly updated my phone for me but somehow, meanwhile, accidentally erased my entire calendar. He felt horrid. I’ve decided it’s a gift. Now, before I type a single thing in, whether a lunch date or a ministry meeting or a ballet lesson, I’m doing two things: 1- asking the Lord for permission. (It’s His calendar, not mine.) 2- Asking myself why I would do it. (Check my motive: Is it guilt or ambition, or is it out of love or pure delight?) Again, thanks so much for this post! Your ministry means so so much.

  10. Heather P

    Thanks for the prayers! I definitely have issues of balancing the mother role, especially with my oldest (my husband). 🙂

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