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Betty PredmoreWritten by Betty Predmore

I love my life of ministry!  I love the fact that I can make a difference in the lives of others, and call it my job.  Earlier in life, I never imagined God would have this plan for my life, or that I could be a vessel for His mighty works.  Most days, it is an amazing honor and privilege to lead the ministry He has given me.  But then there are those days…

Even if you have been in ministry leadership for just a short time, you will know what I mean when I say “those days.” Those days when nothing you say or do seems to make a difference, when you can’t even seem to manage pouring your coffee without making a mess, much less soothing the hearts of the hurting or leading people to Christ. Those days when your feelings of inadequacy far outweigh your confidence, and you wonder if God was having an off day when He chose you. 

And what about the times when you just get angry? Yes, I said angry! You see someone who is taking their life, and possibly the lives of others, in a very wrong direction. You do all you can to help them see that they need to make a change, but they don’t seem to grasp the severity of the issue. You take them to God’s word, and they either “don’t get it,” or chose to go in the wrong direction even if they do “get it.” It can become so frustrating at times. I don’t know about you, but when I get frustrated, I can tend to let my self-confidence drop. Then, of course, come the thoughts that “I can’t help anyone”, “I am not fit for this job”, “my faith just isn’t strong enough to help these troubled souls”, and the list goes on. Oh, how the enemy can lie to us if we let him!

Am I speaking to any of you right now?

Gods word tell me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13) It doesn’t say “some things” or “many things,” no, it says all things. That includes sharing the gospel in the way God has purposed for me. My sweet sisters, if I can do all things, so can you! God has chosen us for ministry, even when many of us would have chosen something different for ourselves. Every single thing He has called us to do, He has equipped us to carry out. Through His strength, not our own, we can shine His light, even on our most discouraged days. We may not always get the immediate results we are looking for, but when we, in faith, plant that little seed in the heart of someone whose life is in chaos, God will use that to make a difference in their lives. 

Don’t be discouraged, thinking you are not equipped to lead. Don’t convince yourself that you are not as capable of a leader as the next person. Don’t sell yourself short on the opportunities God has placed before you. You are making a difference for His kingdom. You are changing hearts and lives. You are lighting up your little piece of the world with His brilliant radiance. In those moments when you don’t trust your own abilities, trust Him.  Listen to the whispers of the Holy Spirit, not the shouts of the enemy. 

Instead of allowing yourself to fall into that pit of self-doubt and discouragement, be confident in who you are in Christ. For the Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught. (Proverbs 3:26) Allow yourself to have joy for the journey. Be brave, be bold, be fearless. After all, you are a mighty daughter of the King of Kings, and He has chosen you for great days of ministry and powerful moments of impact with those you encounter. Put your trust in the One who has equipped you to lead and you will make a difference for His kingdom.

Betty’s Bio
Betty Predmore is a writer, blogger, speaker, and ministry leader who spends her days encouraging other women through the Word of God.  She is Co-founder of the Women of Virtue Empowerment Network, which is a faith-based non profit organization created for the purpose of inspiring and encouraging women to find help and hope in Jesus Christ. 

While Betty thrives on her ministry opportunities, her writing, speaking, and working in her community, her greatest blessings come from being a wife to her beloved husband and a mama to their wonderful collection of children, both biological and adopted, who bring joy, laughter, and sometimes tears to her days.

Betty can be reached by email at Betty.predmore at  Her website is  She shares inspirations in her Facebook page Grace & Virtue Betty Predmore and her Facebook group Mom-Sense. 


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