Grab Your Man…

On Sunday March 31st Easter happened. It’s our “Super bowl” weekend.  Easter is the one-day we know someone may dare to enter the doors of our church for the very first time or come back after a long time away. We pray, plan and anticipate that God would use us, regardless of how big or small our church is, to help people find their way back to God.

Easter at Cross Point this year was CRAZY!! God blew our minds in ways I don’t think we could have ever dreamed up. I know if we were sitting across from each other over a cup of coffee you would tell me all about how your church prayed, planed and anticipated God using your ministry to change the area you’ve been called to reach. You’d tell me in great detail of all the God-sized moments that took place.

Easter brings the best out of us because we choose to make it something beyond ordinary. We go beyond the familiar of our Sunday morning routines in hopes to make every new face feel welcome into the unfamiliar. I’m NOT at all suggesting that we are boring or unintentional on all the other 51 weeks of the year but we know that Easter is one of the few weekends our culture will seek out a church of some kind.

We are intentional.

Intentionality allows God to use us to do the extraordinary through the ordinary.

Many of us are fresh off of a season of ministry where we’ve created Easter type moments for others. But who is creating those moments for you? You need those intentional moments to experience God’s presence…not because of your role or title, but simply because you are you.

Our Equipping Marriages Team has been praying, planning and anticipating this webinar for a long time. We are asking God to allow us to pour into you and your spouse in life-giving ways. I’m super excited my hubs will be joining me as we share with you next week. We want to help you grow not only as great ministry partners, but great marriage partners, too!

SO GRAB YOUR MAN and join us next Tuesday, April 16. The times are listed below.

Date: Tuesday, April 16th
Time: 10am, 2pm, or 10pm (EST)
9am, 1pm, or 9pm (CST)
8am, 12pm, or 8pm (MST)
7am, 11am, or 7pm (PST)
Where: The same website where we do JustOne – Click HERE!

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