Finding Hope When Hopeless… Finding Jesus

As most of you know we’re hosting a lunch at Catalyst in two weeks.  There is no way this lunch would be possible if it weren’t for Mercy Ministries so today we want you to learn a little more about Mercy and the heart they have as an organization to bring hope to young women all over the world.

Three years ago, a girl—we’ll call her Rachel—walked through Mercy Ministries’ doors for the first time.

Rachel was born to parents who never wanted her—and they told her so constantly.  She grew up believing she was no more than a mistake, wondering what she did to deserve such abuse at the hands of those who should have protected her. These were her PARENTS!

When most girls turn 13, they’re giggling about boys and trying on lip-gloss.  When Rachel turned 13, she was sold into sex trafficking by her own family, for less than $100, abandoned like trash on the side of the road.

Tormented by nightmares and tangled in a web of lies, Rachel never knew she had a way out.  When she escaped this horrific trap and led to Mercy by a friend, Rachel met the God who was watching over her even in her darkest moments.

She began to change her thoughts, learning Jeremiah 29:11 by heart: “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

It didn’t happen overnight, but gradually Rachel began to see herself as God saw her—loved, valuable, and chosen by name.

She found Mercy…  She found Jesus…

Sarah was far too young to be a mother when she got pregnant—by her own biological father.  To hide his sin from the rest of the family, Sarah’s father knew he couldn’t bring her to a doctor.  He took matters into his own hands and used a coat hanger to kill the unborn child.  This was her FATHER!

Sarah was locked up in shame and self-hatred when she arrived at Mercy.   How could anyone look beyond her horrible past?

Sarah’s counselor told her to listen to Joyce Meyer’s teachings while here at Mercy, and as Joyce shared how her father abused her as a child as well, Sarah learned to hope again.  After all, if God could rescue Joyce from that pit and use her story as inspiration to thousands of people across the globe, then maybe, just maybe, He could do that for Sarah, too.

When she realized that God had sent His son to redeem her long before she even existed, she slowly began to believe, “This is never what God wanted for my life.  He loves me.  My biological father may have hurt me, but I have a new heavenly Father who promises that nobody will ever take me from His hand again.”

Sarah found Mercy… She found Jesus…

Like many Mercy grads, Rachel and Sarah left the program with their lives transformed and their hearts anew.  Many of Mercy’s grads have wonderful families of their own, loving the Lord, and some on the mission field – these young women are now thriving as productive members of society.

Since Mercy Ministries opened in 1983, girls like Sarah and Rachel have been set free from all forms of abuse:  human sex trafficking, unplanned pregnancies often times due to incest or rape and life-controlling issues that include eating disorders, depression, self-harm and addictions.  This FREE Christian residential counseling program offers help to girls 13-28, again at NO COST! There are homes all around the country in Nashville, TN; St. Louis, MO; Lincoln, CA; and Monroe, LA.

More than 2-thousand other young women have successfully completed the program. They, too, found Mercy…. They found Jesus…

For more information on Mercy Ministries, visit

We’d love to have you at the luncheon, hop over here for more details!

7 thoughts on “Finding Hope When Hopeless… Finding Jesus

  1. DisneyCyndi

    Teen girls are very dear to my heart. Some of the reasons are very personal. I heard about mercy ministries many years ago which eventually led me to crosspoint church and Pastor Pete Wilson which led me eventually to Leading and Loving It!

  2. Makeda

    Our church is a part of opening a Mercy Ministries House in Charlotte, NC and I’m so honored by that. These girls stories are heart breakingly beautiful stories of the power of God’s love to redeem our stories. Thank you for sharing the vision of Mercy Ministries. May God bless everything that they do.

  3. Tiffany

    This was so beautiful. And yes Yes YES!! I am so thankful to our God who is all loving and powerful and merciful, who provides hope to those those who were without hope and living in self hatred. Oh how good our God is!

  4. Jenny

    Love what Mercy Ministries has done to help women be set free from debilitating traumas… it is a ministry that is such a beautiful representation of Isaiah 61.1-3… thanks for sharing!

  5. Angie

    I read this blog a couple days ago and have been thinking about it ever since. I love the fact that there is a ministry like Mercy out there ministering to people. I had not heard about them until this. It sounds like Mercy truly is a blessing for those who need it. But I have to say my heart hurts so bad when I read stories like that – I literally feel an ache in my soul. And if my heart hurts I can’t imagine how much more God’s heart hurts to see his child treated in such a way. Thankfully Mercy is there to bring healing.

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