Book Discussion Approaching

This month’s book discussion of Mad Church Disease is going to be a little different than most months. My hope is that everyone will be able to jump in with your thoughts … whether you’ve read the book or not. So, starting Monday, we’ll be talking about burnout in the church for the week. Should be great … and I’m really looking forward to your thoughts.


Just to give you a little preview, here is an interview that Pete Wilson did with author, Anne Jackson.


4 thoughts on “Book Discussion Approaching

  1. Amber

    She is really nice! I am SO glad she wrote that book. I hope it is a summer read for me! I think it will help.. I too have gotten burnt out with various activities and it wasn’t fun.. might not want to do that again.. probably nothing nearly as critical as her situation.. but I do get tired! LOL- just like everyone else, right!? LOL

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