A little update …

Posted by Tiffany Cooper

… Leading and Loving It has been in full force this week! Why? We have been working on some amazing projects for women in ministry. We are so excited about what’s happening and can hardly wait to share it with all of you! It’s truly a privilege and honor to serve in ministry with you, our Leading and Loving It family. God is so awesome to connect our hearts and cross our paths. We love you!

9 thoughts on “A little update …

  1. Jannae Thompson

    So thankful for the planning & excitement you all bring to L & L!

    I was looking through the blog posts and was trying to find some on encouragement on Mothers Day!
    I’m a wife of a youth pastor & have 2 little ones 4&3years old. Here I am on Mothers Day Eve just feeling bummed! Hubby is studying for tomorrow’s message & doesn’t have Mother’s Day even on his radar!. And I know that tomorrow morning won’t be anything out of the ordinary! He will leave early for church and all mom duties will be left on my back & I just am feeling sad about that! I wish I could just be ok with that & focus on other positives about His job, but for some reason I’m just bummed! & for sure don’t want to be a big sad brat tomorrow. Ugh. Just wondering how other pastors wives don’t get sucked into this ‘poor me’ rut I feel I’m I tonight!!!

  2. brandiandboys

    Hey Jannae…

    I have definitely been sucked into that “rut” you’re referencing. Celebrating anything on Sundays is hard for our family too, so I totally get where you’re coming from. I’ve shared your frustrations before. I think sometimes in ministry we have to “rethink” how we celebrate. For instance we are going to begin celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day on Saturday. It is so much easier to make someone feel “spoiled” when you’re not working around your busiest work day of the week. I know in the past Lori and her family have celebrated Easter on Friday. Down to wearing their Easter clothes to dinner and having an easter egg hunt in their yard.

    Hope that helps! Have a great Monday!

  3. Jannae

    Thanks so much Brandi! My husband found ways to make it special (leaving notes all around the house! I am sure he did it at the weeee hours of the night!!) but I really am going to try and do these suggestions you have listed above! celebrating special “sunday” days not on Sunday! Great idea! Thanks so much for writing me back!

  4. Brandi Wilson

    So glad he came through. It’s always amazing when they surprise us by remembering when we think it’s not on their radar. We’re gonna share this suggestion to celebrate on Saturday with the Leading and Loving It community, anonymously of course. 😉

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