6 Month Check-Up.

Posted by Jenni Clayville.

Calendar_0The Clayville Family life is run by google calendar. It’s the best thing since the internet was born by Al Gore. It’s the only thing that allows all of us to run in all different directions but always end up on the same page.


I guess it also helps that I am an organizer. I find peace in organizing. I find joy in shelves, baskets, storage containers, label makers, and spread sheets. I believe these things are from God. And God is good.

One of the ways I take advantage of these systems is in how I make appointments. I just came back from my 6-month dental cleaning and check-up. My teeth feel smooth and squeaky clean. I love the dentist. I love them so much that I schedule my appointments two at a time. Yes. I’m on the books for the following year so that I KNOW I don’t have to wait for a space to “clear up” or end up on a waiting list. It’s not just the dentist that I do this with. It’s ALL my appointments.

But really, the biggest reason is so that can make sure I am intentional about my health. Life gets busy. I know myself. If it’s not on my calendar, it’s very possible that 4 years flies by before I realize I haven’t “checked in” and that’s how diseases find their way in and fester. Without intentional scheduling, I will fail to doing something, seeing someone, following through with a promise, etc. I want to be good on my word. Which brings me to what I really want to say…

I need to be as adamant about relationships (making a point to spend time with people, checking in, following through, being consistent, etc.) with friends, ministry leaders, and those that serve within my ministries. They matter more than a dental appointment. They are my community…and at times…my lifeline. They are imperative for my mental, emotional and spiritual health. So often, as leaders, we get caught up in our own world and write off these relationships with a “Oh… they’ll understand how busy this season is. I’ll see them in a couple of weeks.” and the next thing you know, FOUR years goes by.

We can’t do that. People are not our means to an end. People are what God gave us to reflect His relationship with us.

Make time. Today, tomorrow and next week. Make time now.

How do YOU make sure you don’t fall behind in the time you invest in people?

2 thoughts on “6 Month Check-Up.

  1. Lori

    This is so good Jenni. Such a great reminder since I’ve been feeling like I need to really out effort into this area of my life. But if I just talk about it and don’t actually get it on the calendar, it won’t actually happen. Thanks for the encouragement and reminder of how important those relationships are.

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