It’s Not That Hard

Posted by Tiffany Cooper

My 4-year-old daughter finds great happiness in choosing her outfits each morning.  On occasion she puts together an ensemble that is presentable in public, many days she does not.  Yesterday was one of those days.  She was very upset with my new choice of clothing.  What did she do?  She made the simple act of getting dressed a dramatic, drawn out scene full of moans and gasps of frustration.  Seriously overboard!  All that energy to fight an inevitable end result, wearing my chosen outfit.

Do you make things harder than they should be?  Do you fight an inevitable end result?  I do, sometimes.   Of course, I usually regret making it harder than it needed to be.  And I’m not just talking the big life altering stuff; I’m talking the small stuff too.  Like the days I procrastinate on the laundry.

Here’s the strings attached part:  Making things harder on yourself also makes life harder for those around you.  Ouch!  It’s so true though.  My daughter made our home environment tense for a period of minutes with her clothing pout fest.  Her unnecessary frustration and complaining impacted everyone around her.

So let’s talk about it.  What do you make harder than it needs to be?  Why do we do this?  What are the reasons we make things harder than they need to be?

8 thoughts on “It’s Not That Hard

  1. Lis

    Well, I don’t know if this counts, but it’s what I immediately thought of.


    I gripe and murmur under my breath, but it’s like: Girl, you gotta do it! And then it ends up taking me a much shorter time than I even realized and I’m like, why did I complain lol?

  2. Stephanie Shouse

    Church business meetings.
    I dread them every month. I whine and pout and worry. I look for reasons to stay home or at least help with the kids activities instead of being involved in the actual meeting. I spend all week dreading it…then it’s usually over in 20 minutes. Granted there have been some doozies over the last year, but even those have been proof of God’s hand in our life. So, why do I make it so hard? I need to just stop trying to be in control and let God be God.
    Such a great picture, Tiffany. Thanks for sharing! BTW…your daughter sounds a lot like mine! Bet she’ll be a strong leader one day. ( =

  3. Kym

    Not even 30 minutes ago I was just asking myself how long it’s going to take before I submit & give things over to God more immediately when I am faced with doing something different than I had planned!
    Yesterday a woman emailed & asked if she could come over to talk with myself & my PH. I emailed back an invitation to come over AFTER dinner. This morning I receive a “thank you for inviting me TO dinner” email. Whoops! This changes our whole evening with sports practice schedules & preparing a meal rather than grabbing leftovers. I certainly don’t want her to feel uncomfortable for the misunderstanding & want to love on her. But there were several hours when I was stressing over the whole thing, which stressed my kiddos too.
    Thanks for posting this, I think God wanted me to have this lesson confirmed today!

  4. Mariam Gates

    When I read your post I immediately thought of homework or studying for tests. I am a college student and sometimes the work load seems never-ending. I think that for me it is more an attitude of just not wanting to do what needs to be done. It’s tough sometimes, it can be so hard to just sit and focus for a allotted amount of time with all of lives distractions waiting at my door.

    I am really not sure why we do these things to ourselves! Maybe its a matter of us wanting to do things on our own time and just not wanting to be bothered even though we know our lives demand it. Personally, I constantly think about my future and the aspirations I have for myself and that ALL of this work is just a stepping stone to get where I want to be.

    It’s still really hard!

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