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My children have developed a new skill, manipulation.  Here’s how it goes:

Child #1:  Do you want to play house with me?

Child #2:  Not now.

Child #1:  Well, if you don’t play house with me now I won’t play with you ever again. (Said in a calm “I’ve got the control” tone.)

I was a little shocked at first because I didn’t teach them to be manipulative, they figured it out on their own.   At the core, their motive was selfishness.  I stood in the kitchen thinking about this when my heart was struck with the realization that I have moments when I do the same thing in my relationship with the Lord.  Sure, it doesn’t happen often but trying to push my weight around with God once is one time too many.

Example: Lord, you know that I love you.  You know that I have committed my life to you and have dedicated my life to the full-time call of ministry.  And Lord, sometimes this requires more sacrifice than I imagined.  But I am more than willing to press forward if I can have “that thing” I feel I deserve. Because Lord, I know you want me to have the desires of my heart. (Said in a calm “I’ve got the control” tone.) 🙂

Although it physically pains me to admit these thoughts, not only to you but to myself, they have gone through my mind.  Imagine me trying to manipulate God!  Sure, I didn’t set out to intentionally manipulate Him but that was the result.

My Perceived Sacrifice + God Fulfilling My Request = The Pay Off

I now feel quite immature thinking about my momentary manipulation/selfishness.  After all, everything I am, everything I have and everything I am to become is from God.  I am nothing without Him.  It is the highest privilege to serve Him and His call in ministry.

Am I alone ladies? Do you play momentary games with God?  How do you eliminate these types of thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Manipulation?

  1. Julianne B.

    Tiffany, thanks for calling it out…I know I do that sometimes and probably unware…but I need to check myself and remind myself that Jesus is enough…not Jesus plus.

  2. Shannon

    I do this too but not because I am trying to be manipulative, it is because I feel so selfish and asking for something from God Almighty I am thinking I might need to list my accomplishments before he will consider my requests. Silly as it sounds…In spite of His word I still feel like other people deserve his favor but not me…perspective…

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