Doing a little experiment with my first video blog. This is my friend Marina. She and her husband run an awesome non-profit called Catalyst Project in Portland. They are doing great work there. 


Before you watch we would like to add this disclaimer:

It was almost 10:00 pm. I hadn’t put make-up on since before 8:00 am. Just sayin’.

Also, we aren’t jaundiced … we just had bad lighting.


10 thoughts on “Partners

  1. gretchenannlee

    So fun to hear your voice…..funny to think we’ve all be “talking” to each other for a year but never heard anyone’s voice! I like the video blog!

    I love this question. Being young in ministry and marriage (just about 5 years), we are totally learning about this one. I’m not on staff, but serve on alot of teams and feel like I am there all the time. So, I feel like I know alot. Jason recently changed roles. Currently he’s the program director….leading other staff. I have noticed that when you are “in charge” seems like there are less people to download to at work…. therefore, work stuff has been coming home more. We totally don’t have it figured out-in fact we are right on the learning curve.

    One thing I will say that has helped is when Jason leaves his iphone home on dates. He’s totally undistracted. Can’t wait to hear about what everyone else is doing.


  2. Chris A

    Don’t have an answer to this question since we aren’t in this situation.

    But, I wanted to echo the comment above in hearing your voice! Thats fun!

  3. Amy Bloye

    I love the video! Great topic too! Brian and I have been in ministry together for 17 years. I am not on staff, but I am very involved in what he is doing. We talk about the church a lot. We brainstorm and try to figure out how to take things to the next level. We are really a team, BUT we have times where we say that we are just going to have fun together and we are not “allowed” to talk about the church or ministry. It’s sortof fun. (especially on his day off) We do the same with spending uninterrupted time with our boys–no phone calls or twittering– and I think they appreciate that!

  4. Tiffany

    Well, my hubby and I love to talk ministry together. We are both ministry junkies so to speak…it’s what we love and what we do. But that does not come before our marriage. We have been marrried 11 years and I’ve never felt like the ministry is priority over our marriage…for many reasons. We work really hard to keep our marriage hot. We plan our dates for the year (2-3 dates a month) in January and schedule the sitter so it’s on the calendar. We also schedule our overnight getaways for the year and keep night time activities low so we can be home together. There are seasons when the ministry requires more of us and we know how to handle this together. I could say more but then this would be a super long response.

    Loved to hear you talk and meet your friend! Thanks for sharing!

  5. lane moore

    #1-Love the video blog! Great idea! I totally thought you’d have a southern drawl since you are from TX…but you really don’t!
    #2-This is an awesome topic of discussion…so many of our conversations do gravitate to ministry, but one thing that I think makes up a large amount of our relationship is laughter. We laugh and make fun of each other ALL the time. Even in a disagreement, we don’t stay mad long simply bc we just end up laughing at each other …. I don’t really know how to put a specific “Here is what we do to keep from talking about ministry” into words, but I think laughter is a huge part of the DNA that makes up our relationship and keeps “us” healthy

  6. Lori Wilhite

    Confession: I am ultra nosy or passionate about our ministry (depending on how you frame it up.) So most of the reason we talk about ministry at home so much is me. I love to know all of the exciting things at the church. It makes me feel part of what is going on.

    Gretchen … leaving your iPhone is huge. Although I might have massive withdraw if I were to do that. Of course, the sitter has to be able to get to me if she needs to … if you could only set it to ignoring everyone but one person.

    Tiffany … you schedule your dates a year out?! That is impressive. We try to schedule them but don’t work far enough out so they sometimes get swallowed up!

    And Lane … it takes about 5 minutes once I’m back in Texas for the accent to come back. It fades once I’m back home again. But you should hear Jud … he doesn’t have an accent at all. When he impersonates a Texas accent he sounds like Forrest Gump … and he grew up there too. Go figure.

  7. kevin

    I loved the video blog… interesting to hear your voice. I did not hear the Texas accent 🙁

    Being a fellow Texan and living there the first 27 years of my life, I was depressed that after 18 months in WI people started being surprised I was from Texas. I guess that is why News people move here to loose their “accent”.

    Back to you blog…

    My wife and I discuss ministry almost constantly. One exception to the rule is Tuesday Nights. Tuesday Nights are family nights, and I will not schedule nor is my wife allowed to schedule anything on those nights.

    Our family sacrifices a lot (as do the rest of you ministry families) and thankfully my girls do not feel the sacrifice. Today my daughter told me she gets a lot of attention, more than her friends. (made me want to jump up and down)

    She said she loves Tuesdays and those precious minutes I lay on the floor with them or in bed talking about dreams and princesses most nights.

    All other days and hours are game… we try to sneak a free Thursday or Sat afternoon for ice-cream or movie times, although they are not set aside for that specifically.

  8. Cyndi

    Hey can we do a video together when I finally make it out there LOL? I bet my accent will be thicker. Ok on to your question. I’m a ministry junkie so I am not sure I have mastered any boundaries. When someone figures that out let me know. Marc says I wake up with ideas in my head and I have to talk about it right then and there. We are going on vacation this summer and I’m really going to try and not spend to much time thinking about it, although we have made plans to visit a couple of people in ministry and are even hoping to tour a church, so see I’m just not that good at it! LOL

  9. Tricia Kaye

    I am on staff with my husband as the Director of Children’s Ministry. We were a bit apprehensive at first but with prayer and talking through it, we decided that I would indeed come on staff. He was afraid that we would talk about our job a lot at home and I thought it would be hard taking orders from him at work.

    We set up two plans:

    1. We set up accountability with a couple we love and respect. We wanted an outlet to talk through any issues that may come up as we served together on staff.

    2. We talk about church ministry in general. We talk about the good, bad, and the ugly that is going on at CCF. When it comes to my specific job, we wait for our weekly one on one meetings.

    It has worked great and we have loved working together. It also helps that I am only part time and we are separate some.

    Hope this was helpful.

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