Win it Wednesday … Unglued DVD

Ever find yourself unglued? Struggling with raw emotions? Yelling at the kids? Exploding? Stuffing?

We all do at some point.

Yesterday my 6th grade daughter was moving turtle-speed while we were running late to school. She couldn’t find her homework. Cue dragging feet and crying eyes while she looked for it. She couldn’t find her shoes. Cue slow-motion walking while she scanned the house for them. I honestly could not believe how long it took her to simply brush her hair. We were making her carpool late. She was making her brother late for school.

Then … I exploded. Ex-plo-ded. It wasn’t pretty – and neither was I, for that matter.

Feeling torn between guilt over my explosion and determination that this would not happen again, I got this little text:

Hmmm. Not exactly the apology I was expecting. But she made me laugh … which is probably a good thing so that she won’t be in danger of getting “fired.”

Yep, we all have those mornings, circumstances, moments of conflicts. And now you can have the fabulous Lysa TerKeurst
sharing insight into handling your raw emotions.

Today we are giving away 5 copies of Lysa’s DVD Curriculum for her best-selling book Unglued. This would be an incredible study to not only do personally, but also in a small group or with a women’s group at your church.

Win a copy for yourself, or if you joined us at Retreat and already have it, win a copy for your church or a friend!

To enter: Just comment on whether you are an Exploder or a Stuffer of those raw emotions.

Just FYI … I’m a stuffer who will eventually explode. Eke.

Congratulations to Karen C, Tracey O, Keisha C, Jennifer, and Dori Breeden. Just reply to the email you’ve been sent, and we will get the Unglued DVDs headed your way.

76 thoughts on “Win it Wednesday … Unglued DVD

  1. Meredith Dunn

    I am like you Lori I stuff and stuff and stuff and then explode usually on the kids or my husband. The actual explosion will be over something so insignificant but it’s the build up of all the other things. Working on it little by little but old BAD habits die hard!

  2. LuAnn

    I have a tendency toward exploding, especially when I am not making sure I get down time and time with God!

  3. Ebony H

    I am actually both…it is person and situation dependent.

    I stuff when I want to show respect and not open my mouth (which then causes tears because I am fuming on the inside) and make a worse situation occur with my exploder personality. Because once I explode its over. Trying to set my mind right every day over scripture to make sure I have words, and actions. So glad I have grace from Jesus.

  4. codi

    I stuff that box so full until the tape bursts and then it all explodes…sometimes I wish I could stuff and ship it off before it explodes..working on that shipping part still πŸ™‚ Praise Jesus for grace and forgiveness!

  5. Tracey O

    Depends on the day of the week & the person. Unfortunately my family usually gets the brunt of my exploding…sad but true.

  6. Jodie

    Woah I’m a stuffer then exploder to the wrong person. I tend to bottle things inside and explode to my poor husband. I will take it out on him for the dumbest things not realizing it stemmed from a deeper issue. Trying to work on this and to really think before I say or act but its hard to do that … For me at least. I would love these copies of DVD for our women’s study because we are looking to start a new study soon and I have a feeling many women deal with these same issues.

  7. Sarah Denhart

    I explode on my kids and stuff with my husband. Would love to win this! Have heard so much about it and somebody brought the book up in the Bible study I led in Sept. and Oct.

    btw – the description of your daughter fits my 2nd born (2nd grade son) to a T. Oh my word. I have told my husband multiple times in the last 48 hours that he is going to make me lose my mind. I don’t like that I’m exploding on him… *sigh*

  8. Missy Moore

    I’m such a stuffer…really dislike conflict. An area I really need to grow in! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Rene

    I stuff my emotions, then stuff them further down with chocolate, then feel guilty about all the stuffing and eventually explode on the next unsuspecting person in my path. :/

  10. Susan

    Depends on the situation. With my kids I’m an exploder. With others I’m definitely a stuffer. With my husband I’m usually a stuffer, but have been know to explode:(

  11. J.J. Gatineau

    I have a tendency to be an exploder with my son and a stuffer with my friends and co-workers. I absolutely loved hearing Lysa speak this summer @ Central. Made me feel like I was not alone and that someone else out there beaides me didn’t always have it “perfectly” together!

  12. Connie Friend

    I am typically a stuffer who explodes on the least expectant assistant with listening ears. If I don’t continually fill myself up with good things, I will leak the ugly. I want to be a person who overflows the good.

  13. Karin

    I usually stuff things while smiling. Then, I explode over something minor and then really have to reel it back in to not re-explode over the next couple unconnected irratating issues. It’s not pretty, I admit.

  14. Mary Meadows

    Gosh I wish I could be a stuffer! I explode and then spend the rest of the day apologizing to the person I screamed at and to God! A deep breath before the screaming begins could help!

  15. Lisa Smith

    I only stuff for a few seconds but I can explode quicker than my poor kids can blink!!! πŸ™ Work in progress here!!

  16. Karen

    So nice to know I’m not the only one! I, too, am a stuffer who will eventually explode like a volcano. Lord help me!

  17. Karen C.

    Definitely more on the exploder side. God has helped me so much in this area. I am so grateful to Him!

  18. annette

    Major stuffer….which usually becomes food to help keep the emotions down. When I do explode it tends to be with the kids or hubby.

  19. Jessica

    I’m more of an exploder than a stuffer. I would LOVE this study for my teacher prayer group!!! This would be so great in dealing with not only our own families, but also our students!!

  20. Allison B.

    I’m an EXPLODER! And I always feel bad afterwards. It makes for an awkward ride to school with me trying to make things better before I drop the kids off! Usually involves an apology…..

  21. Krystal Weldon

    I am a stuffer who will eventually explode. I take it and take it til there is no where for it to go but everywhere!

  22. Dori Breeden

    Unfortunately I am an exploder. I try to be a sstuffer but it just makes the explotions woworse. If I could make time for myself and God more of a steady routine….just hard to do as a Mom of 5 boys.

  23. Suzie Price

    Here lately I seem to be an Exploder! But I think as a mother, a wife, doing all the things that need to be done, we all get so busy and wound up, you just seem to explode! And that’s not a good thing!

  24. Laura Dueck

    I am also a stuffer, and will either explode at some point or just break out in uncontrollable tears that no one, especially my poor kids, can understand.

  25. Celeste Williamson

    An exploding STUFFaluffagus would best described habit. But on school mornings and some afternoons, I do more exploding. I’m so excited about starting this book. It was written for me!!!!!…..wasn’t it?

  26. Dee Mc Collum

    sadly I am a stuffer, learned when someone pointed out it was not “Christian ” to explode….but I try to go quickly to The Lord with thanksgiving….before I explode or stuff…

  27. Laura

    I’m a stuffer until…I hit that trigger that causes a blast of epic proportions. Not pretty. Just started reading Lysa’s book.

  28. ChellΓ©

    I’m a stuffer. An arrogant one! One who thinks herself “more godly” because of her ability to stuff. I’m 5 chapters into unglued realizing just how unhealthy it is :-(.
    This girl would truly benefit from the dVD presentation…

  29. Michelle killebrew

    Lysa! I’m totally a stuffer that’s ends up exploding! I’m a stay at home mom of a year old active boy and a 5 month old girl! But recently by 4pm when daddy gets home I’m ready to explode.

  30. Whitney

    I love the book “unglued” it has helped me understand ME.
    I am one to stuff and dwell on the situation and allow my tea pot to boil and then I whistle like the tea pot does. I may I better terms freak out and go crazy on the situation and person. Not always a good thing.

  31. Melissa Dodge

    Unfortunately I explode. It seems the more I try to organize my house and be on top of everything the more I explode. Apparently I can’t do it all.

  32. Grace Jones

    I am on time number 2 of reading this book. And let me tell you, Jesus is still working on my heart.

    I am exploder and stuffer depending on WHO or WHAT bumped my happy.

    However, thanks to Jesus, and Lysa’s book, I am making imperfect progress. Because this week I had a moment where I should have been exploding on everyone and Jesus kept me glued to together. I was so proud and so happy!!!

  33. Christie

    I used to be a stuffer until I exploded; but in the last year God had given me a peace, a peace of Him! When things try to get me down I start praising Him until the feeling is no longer there! I praise Him out loud! I used to get my feelings hurt & would cry all the time; I still get them hurt but is only lasts a minute because I have a God that is above all that & He has told me I am His!! I don’t let the small stuff bother me anymore! I praise God! Thank You Jesus!! I want more of Him than anything in this world!

  34. Angie V

    I am actually both. With most people I will stuff because I think I should do it to be polite. But with family I tend to be the Exploder …

  35. Mandy Rens

    I’m an exploder. When I come home from Bible study the Supper dishes aren’t done and our 2 year old is still running around.

  36. Jackie

    I’m both depending on who I’m sharing those unglued moments with. I’m a exploded
    with my family, so sorry family,and to people on the phone I can explode, they’re not going to see me…but boy will they here me. Then to the people who are friends, church family,and those others I stuff and when I get home alone I vent to myself. I should of said this and why didn’t I say that. I rail on myself for being so….. chicken….. but then after I have my rant either way I’m done and don’t keep harping on thing that caused the unglued moment. Poor family they picking up my storm and the poor cats at home are peeking out from under the furniture hope it’s not them I’m being so ugly about. So glad God doesn’t do UGLY….but He takes you where you are an convicts you and get you back where you belong…..and yes I feel awful when my head clears that’s when you start thinking why didn’t I let out that Good reaction, as Lysa says.

  37. Stephanie Henderson

    Definitely a stuffer. Was just able to purchase the book for $1.99 on my Kindle and am looking forward to reading it, especially after hearing Lysa speak about it at the EWomen conference in Mississippi.

  38. Diane Harper

    I am a stuffer. I don’t like to explode but that usually happens when I am “Unglued” and can’t stuff any more>>>

  39. Danyell S.

    I am a stuffer and then after a while of stuffing I am like a volcano and I erupt. This is so not good, help me Lord!

  40. Alexia

    Stuffer … And then explode … More tolerance with some than my own family :-(. Would love to do study with co-workers πŸ™‚

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