Re:treat 2016: The Giveaway

At Re:Treat our hearts were stuffed with joy, and our registration bags were filled with goodies! A huge thank you goes out to our sponsors who provided so many wonderful things for all of our gals, including our speakers and volunteers. And this is your chance to win everything! EVERYTHING!

Here is a pic of today’s giveaway! 


World Help: Water bottle and Defining Moments by Vernon Brewer
God Behind Bars: Freedom necklace
POTSC: People of the Second Chance by Mike Foster
C3Global: Discount for PKVacay
Lifeway Women: Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer
A Woman Who Doesn’t Quit by Nicki Koziarz
Redeemed by Angela Thomas-Pharr

Blessing Ranch Ministries & Beyond Her StoryBeyond Overwhelmed eBook download
Different Drummer: Believe hat
Fearless Mom: Prayer guide and pen
Three Avocados Coffee: pound of coffee
Propel: Propel Curriculum
Hepz: Pants
Harvest House Publishers: Rebuilding a Marriage Better Than New by Cindy Beall and One Minute Prayers for Women
Ethic Goods: Necklace
A2Z Promotions: Leading and Loving It Laptop Case
Leading and Loving It tote bag

In order to have a chance to win these, please answer the following question in the blog comments: What has been one of the most impactful things you’ve experienced in your ministry during the last month? Everyone is eligible to participate.

The 2 winners will be drawn Friday night and will be notified by email.

On your mark. Get set. Go!

**Comments have been closed! Winners will be notified by Monday, November 7th.**

184 thoughts on “Re:treat 2016: The Giveaway

  1. Laura Frost

    The Pastor of our church resigned suddenly which has promoted and catapulted my husband and myself into the Campus Pastor role. In the heartache of losing our closest friends to leaning so so hard into Jesus during this time to trusting God that He’s called and equipped me for this position has changed me. Everywhere I turn God is saying I’ve prepared you for such a time as this. Really trusting this, trusting Him and walking in this path has impacted me beyond anything this month!

  2. Alice

    One the most impactful things I’ve experienced this month is when going through trials for example people stepping down from leadership or leaving the church; I have to always remember this is God’s church. He’s the one that sends and brings people to your ministry. The focus should be on doing work for the kingdom and God giving us the wisdom, knowledge and provision to help those he has assigned to us. Being reminded of this has affected the way I serve in our ministry

  3. Becky Austin

    A friend and I wrote circulum for our women to study. The name of the circulum is called Worthy and it is a study of the women of the Bible. Each week we hear stories of women of ALL ages who are beginning to grasp their worthiness in Christ!!! This past week, they had the opportunity to look at Proverbs 31 and personalize it. Several women could not do it but towards the end of class, the false story they had created about themself was crumbling and they were getting glimpses of their worthiness

  4. Michele

    I have been praying for this for some time yet God still surprises me when he answers in a big way… in Bible study yesterday women who usually say nothing or very little shared deep truths of the hurts they have experienced that hold them back from opening up to others. It was an absolute break through and a HUGE change from the pat answers or silence.

  5. Annie Double

    Our senior minister retired after 35 years and passed the baton onto the new Senior Minister. My husband and I are both on staff so this is a big change, but we’re excited about where the Lord is leading!

  6. Holly

    What has been one of the most impactful things you’ve experienced in your ministry during the last month?

    We have been experiencing refreshing and revival in our group! We had a period of dryness, but God has been good, has brought us around the table again, and has given us vision for our future and has given us a new and refreshed state of mind. Please pray that we would be faithful in using this time to regain strength, confidence, and stamina in ministry. Much Love, Holly <3

  7. Ashley Smith

    I am new to the Ministry field and I love every minute of it. The most impactful thing that I have seen is new women getting connected to our Women’s ministry. Some of these ladies have never been involved before and seeing them reach out to get involved is so awesome! I’m after the “one” this season! I want to capture the one who has been lingering outside and get her connected and feeling welcomed and invited! When I see this happen it just makes my heart leap.

  8. Colleen

    The most impactful thing that I have experienced in ministry during the last month, is watching a student who was failing high school, running from the police, in and out of the juvenile system surrender his life and heart to God and is now in a better high school, in a safe home and making almost straight A’s and tonight he’s going on his first job interview! This is JESUS!

  9. Darnell Cook

    The most impactful thing I’ve experienced this month has been the overwhelming love from people in our church and their hunger for Jesus. For the last year, we’ve experienced the most challenging and discouraging season yet for us as a pastors. I so needed this retreat but couldn’t attend because of budget cuts. Last month, our team actually encouraged my husband as the whole church came together to thank us for the impact we have on their lives and celebrated us for pastor’s appreciation month. Every senior pastor knows how seasons of discouragement feel. Well, that Sunday, I was reminded of WHY we do what we do, and it’s because of the cause of Christ! On that Sunday, I was encouraged to push forward with our vision, to continue loving people and changing lives. The love poured back to us on that Sunday, impacted my heart so much in such a tough season and gave me so much encouragement to run forward!

  10. Norma Romero

    I love Leading and loving it! It has blessed my life and has encouraged me to lead and love my journey as a pastor’s wife.

  11. Michelle Mata Price

    I have experienced freedom in being exactly who God created me to be!! With age comes confidence in the unique and purposeful way God created me!!

  12. Tiffany

    The most impactful moment in my ministry this month was when I acted on what the Holy Spirit told me to do, literally on a moments notice and the response the women had to my obedience…I was able to get a glimpse of what living my calling will
    Actually do in this world, bring beauty for ashes for other women and glory to God.

  13. Betty Predmore

    I think the most impactful thing I have experienced as of late is the coming to Christ of a young woman that I honestly doubted I would ever get through to. She is young, she has been through a great deal beginning in her childhood, and she is full of anger and bitterness. She was only under my counsel because she was forced to be, but I have seen her slowly soften. I have seen hope start to shine through. I have heard her speech change and watched a softer attitude develop. Just three weeks ago, she accepted Christ as her Sacior! It just re-instated to me…don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t ever feel that anyone is too far gone or too hurt for the promises of Jesus. Never give up!

  14. Toni Camp

    The most impactful thing I have experienced is letting go and watching others step up. It was very hard for me to let a lot of things go as I transitioned from the role of the Executive Pastor to the “pastor’s wife”. It was also terrifying. I was convinced that so many things would fall through the cracks. But, this past month I have watched person after person step up to lead in some area and they are being fulfilled. Me stepping back and serving in a way that truly fulfills me allowed space for others to step up. I probably wouldn’t of believed it if I didn’t see it for myself, I can be quite stubborn. 😉

  15. AmyH

    One of the most impactful things I experienced was sitting in our middle school room last Wednesday watching/listening to the preteens create, paint, sing (impromptu praise), talk, laugh, and prepare items for trunk or treat! It’s the first service project they’ve done together and it became an opportunity for them to learn teamwork, leadership, and service. But what impacted me the most was that it wasn’t “entertainment” or a big flashy youth dept that had them there–it was safe fellowship and simple fun in a place that loves them and supports them and points them back to God. In a complicated world, sometimes simpleness speaks the loudest!

  16. Barb Winters

    For the last month, our church launch team has been preparing for our first morning preview service. It has been a joy to see this core group of people come together as a church & function as a cohesive group to make this happen. It’s a reminder that God is in this and He is in control!

  17. Joy Henderson

    The most impactful thing I’ve learned is to say no. I know it sounds crazy, but our family was suffering at the expense of saying yes to even the funnest of things! So, November we are on a mission to put into action what we learned from October!

  18. Jaime Walden

    I recently began leading a K-6th children’s ministry and the most impactful thing I have experienced is the refreshing eagerness of children. They long to learn about Jesus and are excited about it! As adults we get stuck in our routines and lose the excitement over time. Oh, to keep the heart and soul of a child!

  19. Brandi B.

    One of the most impactful things I’ve experienced in ministry during the last month has been watching a non believing son of a woman in our church, watching his life unfold for the better. He got into a severe car accident in another state, was able to crawl out of the vehicle but was badly injured. A pastor happend to be driving by the wreck so he stopped and asked if he could pray for this young man while they wait for the ambulance. The young man agreed. To make a long story short..the young man knew he was heading down a terrible road in life so he decided to leave the state and friends to come back to live with his mom. The young man has been attending our church for the past 6 months now and in October decided to give his heart to the Lord. This young man has a tremendous serving heart now and decided to get baptized!! He is currently continuing to get counseling at our church and has now surrounded himself with believers who are loving him and making sure he continues on the right path. This young man is glowing because he loves the Lord so much! Its such an awesome story to have witnessed! A lot of times we dont get to see Gods miracles, you know they happen all of the time but rarely do we get to see them in action! It just goes to show there is never a job too big for God so keep on praying for those you think are hopeless. God has a plan for everyone!

  20. Nikita White

    One of the most impactful things I have experienced in ministry has been hearing one of the women of my church compliment me on giving a life changing bible class lesson that was life changing for her. It is always refreshing to know that what you do for God reaches people.

  21. Julie Rusaw

    I think the most impactful thing I have felt was the support I have received all of our Ministry Partners and Leaders in taking a break to heal and refresh.
    The second would be learning how to respectfully interact with the people that are trying to keep me from a chance to heal. I have learned how to say no and stay committed to what I know is important and not what they think I should be doing.

  22. Ruth Wittenbrook

    My most impactful thing that I have experienced in my ministry recently is that we partnered with World Help on a mission trip to Guatemala at Hope of Life International. I was recently promoted on my church staff and this was my first trip that I planned on my own for a team from our church. We had a team of 13 men and women. They all had an amazing trip and saw 30-40 lives changed by the gospel in a village that we adopted called El Cimiento. It was life-changing for many on our team and I was thrilled to be used by God to be a small part of it even though I could not go and serve with them on the ground. Praise be to God!

  23. Kerry

    I’ve seen the light and fire come back in a woman’s eyes that was beaten down emotionally, physically worn out, and really spiritually depleted.

  24. Christy Echols

    Understanding there is no pressure with God. When He calls, He qualifies me. I don’t have to worry about anything other than seeking Him and being obedient with what He has laid on my heart. Not getting wrapped up in the busyness of ministry – but being able to put out from a full cup; that is when we can make an impact!

  25. Kayla Cantwell

    We have recently started a new chapter as lead pastors. We’ve launched our church name as “Compassion Church” and have recently had our very first baptismal. Nothing has been more impactful this last month than watching life change and seeing God transform their heart, & them making that public by baptism. 1st one! Yay!! ????

  26. Leah Lynch

    One of the most impactful things I’ve experienced over the past couple of months is the faithfulness of God in the middle of transition and new adventures.

  27. Anastasia Huffman

    One of the most impactful things in ministry on the past month is connecting with search committees in such a way that even when whichever party(us or them) has decided it’s not the place for us we still have a friendship with those people. We had a man on a committee that knew we knew it wasn’t a fit for us and said he was willing to be a reference for us- only having met us that weekend and interviewed my hubby once on skype with a team.

  28. Natalyne Gilbert

    I have had a shift in perspective in the last 30 days that has changed the way I do things. I now understand my role in your husband life and within the ministry. We’ve had a shift in how we do church as well. Awesome

  29. Statia Olson

    We are a church plant, two years old, and it has been such a roller coaster ride but in the past month we have seen people stepping up and serving when they see a need. Probably one of the biggest was when a church member saw that the town where he had once lived in NC was flooded. Within a few days he mobilized our church and several companies to donate enough items to fill a semi. Another man in the church donated one of his trailers and drivers to make the trip. It was a real faith growing experience for these men and our church. Things like this build my faith that God is using our tiny little bud of a plant to make a difference. I hope to make it to ReTreat someday. And I so appreciate the encouragement I find here.

  30. Morgan Foster

    My husband recently led a mission trip to Mexico and I had the privilege to go with him. The Lord showed His might and power on this trip with over 300 salvations! He showed up in such a mighty way and is the most amazing Father ever! It has been so impactful to our ministry because we get the privilege to see Jesus work in the lives of the broken and put their hearts back together and it is so encouraging to know that Jesus knows us to the core and still chooses us!

  31. Sarah Collins

    It’s been a super busy month with a lot of events and outreaches, so I’ve definitely treasured my personal devotion time to keep me grounded. Spending time with Him as impacted me the most!

  32. Sol McQuay

    Hi, my name is Sol, we are a part of a multi cultural, multi-site church. We recently became Campus Pastors for our bilingual campus and it has been a difficult challenge to say the least. Lots of prayer, lots of tears, and we kind of felt we didn’t quite fit. But this past month we have been shown love and appreciation. Sunday after service we went to a family’s house to celebrate their baby being dedicated and while talking to people we don’t know one of our members said full of pride “she is my pastor, she is so sweet, so nice, and a great teacher! I love my church.” It was a moment when God showed me I’m where I’m supposed to be snd that people really do notice the work and love we have for them.

  33. Tiffany Legere

    The most impactful thing that I’ve experienced this past month is that I”m amazed at how people think that people in ministry have it all together and that our lives are perfect, when really we’re just like them and deal with the same things they do. That all stems from looking over someone else’s fence and thinking they’ve got it better than you (comparison).

  34. Laura Jones

    This past month I was incredibly impacted by the generous gift of a 30 day sabbatical. I don’t take that gift lightly, knowing that many ministers will never know that experience for various reasons. It came at the most perfect time, which is obviously designed by God. I have chronic migraines and they have worn my body out over the past 3.5 years. The rest and self-care was an incredible blessing. And my boss, our other youth minister (also like a father to me), is leaving at the end of December so I know the coming months will require more of me, therefore this sabbatical helped equip me for that time. God showed and taught me a lot during that month that continues to transform me, which I know will impact this ministry. This is all just the tip of the iceberg of what I could say about the gift of my sabbatical…and there is more that I haven’t found the words for yet.

  35. Jessica Turner

    I believe the most impactful thing that has happened in our ministry is the reminder that God is still working in our church! For a congregation of around 100 people, we have had 3 children follow the Lord, one of them being my own child! At times you wonder if you’re doing what God is wanting you to do, but at these times he reminds us we are doing and are exactly where He wants us!! ?

  36. Corena Cottles

    My husband and I lead the student team at one of our church campuses. It’s an honor to walk along side the next generation of our church, but it’s also very difficult some days. One of our newest students, Austin, a 16 year old from a military family, gave his life to the Lord at one of our small groups. He was so excited and eager to know more about Jesus and to live his life for him. Two weeks later, October 3, 2016, Austin went to meet Jesus after an overwhelming asthma attack and coma. His parents had to patiently wait for the Air Force to bring his body home to Ohio. The Sunday before they left for the funeral, Austin’s entire family was at church–grandparents from other states, parents, and even his 5 year old brother. They were there because HE loved it and wanted to be in the atmosphere that he would want them to be in. His mom told us this after she had to walk out for a little bit after worship. After all of that, she was the most powerful encounter I had this past month. She spoke about how much he loved Jesus, how she wanted his little brother to know and experiences that too, and that one day, maybe not soon, God would reveal to her why they have gone through such trauma and tribulation. In her weakness, she let God be strong for her. It showed me and our pastors what faith really looks like and that God is truly close to the broken-hearted.

  37. Donna A

    i am the director of Stepping Stones which is a program that supports and walks with parenting or pregnant youth.
    I got to lead one of the young women to Christ. She has been coming to the program since it began 6 years ago… she has walked the last year with her 2 year old being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and as of last week, he is in partial remission ?????
    I LOVE DOING WHAT I DO????⚔️⚔️

  38. Charity betts

    Perfection is the lord that fights to dethrone the Lord of my life… I have to fight and be intentional to be a Mary which sometimes means allowing different ministry areas to not be “perfect”… (and tell Martha to take a break…)

  39. Kristi McMorris

    In this last month, God has brought me to my knees in a way that I have never experienced before. He is teaching me what true faith is and that when everything else in this life is crashing around me He is my anchor and strong tower.

  40. Kelly Borst

    This month a large church opened a campus less than a mile from our church. It has definitely impacted our church but maybe what has been most impactful is the knowledge that it doesn’t change anything. We have been chosen and called no matter what goes on around us. We must be faithful with what God has given us. Period.

  41. April Williamson

    The most impactful thing I have learned In My ministry over the last month is Trust God! Last month God called me to lay my ministry down (by choice) and give it up. The story is too long but now as I reflect I know even though this ministry was my deepest hearts desire it’s not the right season. It’s not the right setting. It’s not the right place. I thought it would be painful in the weeks to come. I thought I would be a mess. But God is so Good. He has put a new song in my heart. There is no pain but only a perfect peace that can only come from Him. I am filled with joyful expectancy instead of the regret I so desperately feared. So bottom line for me is Trust God! If he has called you to walk through it, the provision will be given even to the very depths of your soul.

  42. Ebony Halliburton

    One of the most impactful things in a year that has been beyond difficult – stepping out of a ministry role I loved, my job having hurdles and false accusations. My anxiety has been off the charts and not wanting to leave the house even, but seeing God move recently has been a reminder that he hasn’t forgotten me and that he is still in the business of the miraculous!


    I’ve learned how important my leadership is to the staff wives at our campus and how much they really look to me as an example. I’m looking forward to that aspect of our ministry growing in strength over the next few months!

  44. Kendra Hotchkin

    Recently God has crossed our paths with several first responders to connect with. It is amazing once you settle in on letting go of your agenda and allow God to move His way and in His time doors open and He moves. God is amazing and I am thrilled to be on this new journey with Him.

  45. Kristin Petersen

    The most impactful thing I have witnessed in my ministry this month was watching how God allowed the miracle of fair weather during our major outdoor community outreach. It poured all over South Florida, and even the radar showed that we were under major storms, but the skies held tight for the 2 hours we ministered to the 1,200 people that showed up. Five minutes after we were done, the skies let loose. We touched the lives of many unchurched families, and in the process I was blessed with how God provided and protected. We don’t often realize the miracles that are happening daily because we are so busy, but this is a story I will be able to share with my children about God’s awesome ability and sovereignty.

  46. Valerie Lopez

    The most important thing I’ve learned within this past month is that prayer must always be followed by action. It’s not enough to just pray about something and never put any action to it. As a Pastor’s wife, that is just getting a season of people leaving our church, I’ve learned that just praying for healing and understanding in the midst of the hurt is not enough. If I don’t physically & spiritually run to the word, I won’t get over the it. At one point in my life, I believed praying about something and then applying physical action to it was just my way of taking ithat particular situation back out of Gods hands and trying to fix it on my own…but that’s isn’t the case anymore. And as painful as the process of learning this has been, I’m so very grateful the blinders of that way of thinking are off. Im not where I need to be, but I thank God I’m continually growing and changing towards that end result.

  47. Kelli renner

    During this time of transition(for me and my family) God continues to keep me in awe! Our new church family, new home, new community, new neighbors, new relationships, new schools….when all seems too overwhelming to cope , God steps in and fills our life with peace that passes all understanding…..not just in my life but in my children too. It allows us all to reach out to others instead of being absorbed by the chaos! ???

  48. Emily Copeland

    The most impactful thing for me this month has been announcing that my husband and I are planting a church in 2018.

    We’ve been training and have even had a secret prayer group praying with us for more than a year, but it was hugely affirming to share our next chapter in ministry with our current church and anyone else who didn’t know. <3

  49. Cherie

    A little over a year ago, my husband & I took a huge leap of faith as we moved across the country for him to take over as lead pastor of a church as the founding pastor of 28 years was retiring. I know my husband felt a lot of pressure to carry on & grow the church while I was wondering was my role as lead pastor’s wife was supposed to look like. I have been so encouraged this past month by hearing story after story from people in our congregation be the hands & feet of Jesus by helping family/friends in amazing ways as well as confidently inviting people to church making the launch of our 4th service/weekend a success. God is moving here & it’s so awesome to see the people of the church taking ownership of it & doing God’s work in the community as we were called to do!

  50. Amy Mullens

    My neighbor has starting attending our Thursday morning small group this past spring. She accepted Christ last month. Yesterday, she sent me a picture of her Bible open to the book of Ephesians that we are studying in group with the caption, “This is getting easier and easier for me to understand. Maybe I am getting old! ?”. It just thrilled my heart to see her being grounded in God’s Word! So much of this thing of being in ministry is just so HARD! I am so thankful for those “makes it all worth it” moments!

  51. Jalal Hoehler

    The most impactful thing I have experienced this month is seeing women set free and falling in love with Jesus! We were all set to start our Fall bible Women’s study @ church, books purchased and everything when I really felt convicted to switch studies and do SEAMLESS first. It has been so amazing and impactful for these women! Some who have never been in a study before but they are getting it and growing! I was so afraid of changing last minute but so glad I listened!

  52. Amy P

    The most impactful thing recently in ministry has been the realization again that God is in control! We have been going through a discouraging season at our church (I am a PW) and feel like we have been spinning our wheels. Recently some key leaders have gotten on board with positive leadership and creative solutions, and it has reminded us that God will carry us through!

  53. Tabitha Kurzer

    I think one of the most impactful moments this past month has been the culmination of realizing why God has placed us in the town he has and why! We’ve been here for almost 3 years and the entire time I’ve been struggling with the feeling that we weren’t connecting with anyone and along with that the loneliness that brought. It wasn’t until we started a new small group last month that we realized were we fit! Our small group is filled with all new members to our church and community and we are the perfect fit for them! Able to understand what’s it like to move to a new community and able to help assist them through the transition while pointing them towards deeper growth with Christ! It has been really neat to see Christ working through us this way and we’ve also began to develop new and deep friendships that we really needed!!

  54. Ashley pritchett

    I have been most impacted this month with the chance to get away to 2 conferences/Re:treats this mo th- one with our church ladies and one with my besties to Re:Treat!! Jesus came so near and sweet and close and I learned and grew and am FILLED up– both from services, speakers, worship and also coffee, consecutive nights of sleep, and girl time. This is overflowing out of me straight onto the people o love and serve and I’m ready to take on the holidays and 2017!!! #bringontheweekend !!! I’m truly Leading And loving it!!!

  55. Kristyn VanBuskirk

    God’s provision, whether it an encouraging word at just the right time, a nugget of wisdom found in His Word or an actual gift given to us, God has provided for my husband and I time and again this past month as we have experienced one of our hardest seasons in ministry so far. I am so thankful that He sees everything and He cares for those small details too.

  56. Chrissy

    We just hit 6 weeks into our church plant! LIFE CHANGE.. Has made the most impact on me!
    We have been serving our city in many different ways, and God has been working as we walk!!
    We have seen around 60 precious souls step into a relationship with Jesus!!! A lot of which are people who typically wouldn’t go to church!! It is so humbling to see how God is using our team to draw others to Himself!!!
    Our mission statement is ” We are committed to engage our city with the love of Jesus, & watch Him transform lives one person at a time.”
    He is doing just that!! Praise God!!!

  57. Liberty Druga

    During the month of October our church showered my husband and I with cards and money for Pastor Apprection month. I don’t expect to receive anything so this was just a nice surprise but the best part was being told over and over again how glad everyone e is that we are here. We’ve been there 2 years now and I feel so welcome and loved! I thank God for opening the door for us to be here. His timing is perfect and he planned this long in advance for us.

  58. Ashley

    Hearing my 5 year old daughter sing along in worship while on our Fall youth retreat this past weekend had a huge impact not only on me and my ministry but in the lives of the teens around her during worship. “Who can stop the Lord almighty, no one” These lyrics are powerful and I pray she continues to grow as the leader God is creating her to be.

  59. Princess H.

    What has been one of the most impactful things you’ve experienced in your ministry during the last month?

    That God is my defender, and to let Him fight my battles. Ironically, people right in the church allow themselves to be used by the enemy…who only comes to destroy whatever he can get a grip on.

    To trust God to defend me against the people being used by the enemy is HARD, on multiple levels. And to love and forgive them through it still.

    This has not the greatest month for me, but if I let God the glory out of it still…it will be a win for the Kingdom. Pray for me, please.

  60. Princess H.


    What has been one of the most impactful things you’ve experienced in your ministry during the last month?

    That God is my defender, and to let Him fight my battles. Ironically, people right in the church allow themselves to be used by the enemy…who only comes to destroy whatever he can get a grip on.

    To trust God to defend me against the people being used by the enemy is HARD, on multiple levels. And, on top of that, to love and forgive them through it still…whew.

    This has not been the greatest month for me, but if I let God get the glory out of it still…it will be an IMPACTFUL win for the Kingdom.

    Pray for me, please.

  61. Morgan Stuart

    My husband is on staff at the church and I recently came on as “Interim Children’s Ministry Director” as the church seeks out a permanent one. While I do find myself gifted in this area, I have always been more of a behind the scenes kind of person. Well, that is no more…at least for the moment. God has stretched me beyond belief in regularly teaching groups of 50 kids, of being in front of the entire congregation to make announcements and even just being looked to for guidance and parenting advice.

    However, the most impactful thing in the last month has been watching the kids being excited about participating in the work of the church. Because last Sunday was a fifth Sunday, we (okay, I) decided that there would be no Junior Church and that we would have the children (1st – 5th grades) involved in the service. They handed out bulletins, led the congregation in singing a song, brought in the work they had done for a church wide missions project, and even helped in collecting the offering. Watching the kids participate in the worship service was so rewarding. Hearing the adults being thankful for this participation by the children was huge! I was told that no one wanted this but I made it a condition of my hiring and every time I have worked to involve the children more with the church as a whole has been so well-received. What an amazing blessing and reassurance that God has me right where He wants me both for my good and for the good of this church.

  62. Sarah

    Six weeks ago was my family’s last weekend at the church where my husband and I had attended for the last 16 years and where he had been on staff for the last 10 years. So our family is in transition from on-staff-at-a-church-ministry to self-employed-ministry. Reflecting on your question, “What has been one of the most impactful things you’ve experienced in your ministry during the last month?” my initial thought was the word, “healing.” But as I thought of that word and then instantly felt the lump in my throat and the tightness in my chest, I know that I’m still quite close to the starting line of that healing process. Church hurt is real and deep and painful. We were not asked to leave…we knew that we needed to because of the unhealth that exists from the leadership and the affects that it was taking on our family. But even in knowing that we are doing the right thing and the healthy thing for our family…OUCH. Not to mention the fear that can creep into my heart/mind for how a change to being self-employed and doing traveling ministry is uncertain and an unknown for us! So I guess that I would say that what I hold close as I look back over the last month as the most impactful thing is the nearness of God in the hurt and the discomfort, in the searching and in the pain.

  63. Shalanna

    The most impactful thing for me in the past month , is having God stir deep in my soul the powerful (yet hard to embrace) truth that, by His grace, I am enough! I struggle with feeling insecure, and feel that I am slowly grasping that through His love, I can walk confidently on the path of leadership He has called me to.

  64. Emily Shelton

    I just finished serving for a year as the interim children’s ministr at our church. This past month has been about relaxing and rejuvenating for me. I have been able to attend worship services and lead a women’s Bible study and rediscover the joy of being a part of a church community of adults!

  65. Kendall Place

    This past month has been difficult with some leadership struggles. God is stretching me to grow in areas that. iWork’s prefer to stay as they are. 🙂

  66. Mitsue Abrahamson

    As a worship leader, I’m constantly pushing myself and my team to serve with excellence and it seems at times, that I can be so focused on corrections or improvements that need to be made, that I don’t take nearly enough time to thank God for how far He has brought us or to “pull the good” out of my teammates. In 9 months my husband and I will be moving overseas to do mission work and it has been incredible that not only has God already raised up people that we can train to take over our positions in the church, but God has given me a greater understanding of what it means to lead and be replaceable. I have had the humbling realization that this team can and will flourish without me and it has caused me to begin to hold them with an open hand rather than an iron fist and to identify and recognize each of their strengths and do my best to encourage them in that way rather than always focusing on weaknesses.

  67. Missy

    We hosted a small group at our house this month (we usually attend others) and we were so impacted by the community created in that short time! We were reminded the beauty of authenticity in friendship and how we were not meant to do life alone.

  68. Kendra Lefler

    My husband John & I were away at a Senior Pastor’s Conference. We were Bith HIT BY a CAR while walking in a crosswalk in front of our hotel! He dragged us at least 10-15 ft….
    Suffice it to say, it was pretty shocking.
    We are completely miraculously FINE??????
    God has spoken so much through it:
    We saw it coming and couldn’t get out of the way fast enough. God could’ve prevented it, but he didn’t. Instead, he made us a spectacle. He is saying to all of us that His Presence, His Power and His Purposes come wrapped up in every single situation we face!!
    He would’ve been just as good if He had taken us to heaven that day (and he would’ve saved us a lot of work and heartache, lol). But He is renewing me, renewing my perspective, giving me fresh grace for the HARD WORK of reaching our city.
    I would’ve WAY preferred he did that for me through LALI RETREAT this fall—
    But His ways don’t have to make sense to be good!!
    ***Praying this speaks to somebody!!***
    Much ❤️

  69. Danae

    As a church staff member there is always something that I’m learning but the thing that sticks out the most is that no matter what challenges come our way in the work world, it is all about the people. I have about 100 volunteers that I oversee and they blow me away with their dedication to serve the next generation each weekend. I think for me, my volunteers impact me each weekend. To see someone give their time to serve a child who’s lost is something that will never get old.

  70. Ashley Gray

    We’re at a very small church in a rural area- husband is interim youth minister. Over the past 2 years, the youth group has grown from 3 to almost 20 on a Wednesday night. Most of these kids are unchurched and their families are unchurched. The greatest blessing- seeing one of them lifting their hands in worship on Sunday morning.

  71. Jonae Cunningham

    I think the most impactful thing that has happened is to see the growth God has produced in me as he continues to bring things to me in the last month. We are currently opening our home to a young man who needs to get on his feet (20 year old) – this is our 3rd opportunity to do so. I honestly resisted with all three, but this time, I have been more willing to live out what God has called us too. I have felt His gentle nudging as he reminds me of his generosity towards me, that he is trustworthy and when I lean towards self pity and pride and resentment at being ‘used,’ he brings me back to being ‘like minded’ with Christ. My ability to accept this nudging, demonstrate generosity in return and be gracious like God is gracious with me is the growth I’ve seen and I’m humbled He keeps choosing to make me better.

  72. Kellie

    We are quite the small church and have went through seasons of discouragement. Recently though, we have seen so much more interest and excitement regardless of the size of our congregation. There seems to be a mutual feeling that while we don’t YET have the “quantity” of people, we most certainly are making up for it in “quality.” Some new children have been attending and we have taken new steps in children’s ministry. The men have had their first “Men’s Breakfast” and plan to make it a regular event. My husband, the youth minister has branched out in new opportunities, and one of our young worship leaders (my sister) has started a girls’ ministry of her own which the church is supporting. It has been so good to see a movement of refreshment and I believe God is preparing our hearts for something great. I’m thankful He has began to restore our excitement and zeal for serving Him and being a part His plan and all that He is doing!

  73. Vanika Lewis

    What has been one of the most impactful things you’ve experienced in your ministry during the last month?

    My husband and I just launched our church in March of this year. Though we have a small team of leaders, the church is new and we are involved from every aspect and in every capacity. This has caused me to be stretched, and I had begin questioning my ability to lead the women in an impactful, way with such limited time. Recently I began praying that the Lord would show me what I needed to be doing differently. Immediately women began reaching out to me to let me know that there were little things I had done that meant so much to them: a smile, hug, prayer, phone call, text message. It was through their words that God affirmed that He has me right where I need to be! I found a new confidence in my season, and was inspired to start a small monthly meeting with the ladies at Starbucks realizing that a cup of coffee, Gods word and a little love goes a long way! I’m grateful that the Lord answers prayers, and am excited about where He leads the women of Fresh Start Church!

  74. Emma Eccles

    The most impactful thing that has happened in my ministry is seeing God provide for my church in the absolute best way. I currently lead the children’s ministry at a church plant in Washington, DC. The past few months were difficult for us because we weren’t guaranteed a space to meet in for church on Sundays. Although it was difficult and we were never sure of where we would meet, we continued believing God would provide. We continued dreaming bigger things that we believed God could do in and through the ministry. After months of earnestly praying, we experienced a major breakthrough. God allowed us to get connected with an organization whose owner was previously a pastor. We were offered not only a space to meet on Sunday, but also an office space and room for storage at a price that was exactly what we could afford. God provided in the absolute best way and blessed our ministry in abundance! We now have a beautiful space we can use on Sunday mornings and we also have an office space to use for meetings, connect groups and other opportunities to serve the community. It is even more exciting because we had been dreaming about kicking off our non-profit outreach program for a while and now that we have an office space, we can continue moving forward on it to make it happen. We are also furthering connections with the amazing organization that gave us this opportunity and we are excited to partner with them in impacting families in the community.

  75. Amber

    Instead of a Fall Festival our church has opted to host neighborhood gatherings all across our city called Shine Your Light. This gives us a chance to interact with our neighbors and share Gods love in a postive way. My husband (student pastor) and I hosted in our neighborhood that attracts MANY people on Halloween. We had several church members and friends join us in helping. Several from different ministries in our church and several from other churches in our community. Together we were able to hand out over 200 goodie bags, snacks, water, and cider. We had an outdoor movie showing which allowed us to fellowship and meet many people we would not normally get a change to interact with. It allowed for some really neat conversations and another confirmation that God is on the move in our city!

  76. Jennifer McGee

    Joy is not determined by my circumstances, but by the choices I make to choose a life overflowing with God’s word in my heart. If i lose my sight or I am unable to walk, I can continue to pray for others and be a prayer warrior. My atttendance and role in ministry have changed, but being angry, frustrated, and hopeless are not where I focus my attention.

    Romans 12:2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what Godʼs will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”
    ‭‭Romans‬ ‭12:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    Since I am unable to drive, I go early with my husband the lead pastor. I have enjoyed our time together in the mornings and I get to greet our Dream Team and visitors.

    Though I am unable to speak before a crowd or serve in areas of ministry like I did before, I am not going to sit on the sidelines. I am in this for the long haul, serving where I am able!

  77. Mollie Palmer

    I was asked during the summer to take on leadership for the state through our denomination to work with the girls and do ministries and conventions. I am looking forward to working with these amazing women in leadership and I can’t wait to disciple these wonderful young ladies who will be leaders in the church. I pray that this ministry will lead to many “Timothy’s”.

  78. Julia Schmidt

    We recently merged our church with my uncle’s church. He has a brain tumor and is unable to perform all of his Pastoral duties so fee asked my husband and I to work with him. Their church is probably opposite of our style and organization. I have been asking God where my place is in all of this. As a PW I was in charge on everything in our small church, I now sit back and watch it happen. But one day I was praying in church and I realized my place was beside my uncle. So I guess the most important thing that happened in our ministry this month was God speaking to my heart and saying I have placed you here to lift up and support this Pastor and his wife and take care of their needs. We forget sometimes to take care of our leadership. We often assume they are perfect and have it all.

  79. Courtney Harrington

    I’ve been teaching Bible to middle & high school students for the last few months, and it’s such a joy to see them grasp truth, and want to learn more.

  80. Elisha Robertson

    One of the most impactful things in ministry this month was praying over specific people in our congregation. There is so much pain and brokenness in this world. It’s an honor to share sweet prayers with people as they’re going through rough times. What a privilege that God would call us to His ministry!

  81. Erin

    I’m involved into separate ministries and the pastor from the church was following my blog that I do for another ministry and I was asked to do a testimony video for the church. It was neat for the two to overlap .

  82. Lacie F.

    For me, the past year has been very difficult. Due to us moving from place to place, it’s been hard for me to connect with people/women. It wasn’t until 3 weeks ago that I found a friend that I felt a bond with. We made a connection, and I was able to speak life into her situation.
    I then understood that making moments about myself will prevent me from making connections and following God’s lead.

  83. Lindsay

    I got to witness the sweetest ministry between two women in the Bible study I lead. One is new to town, and opened up to the group last Wednesday that her younger brother died last year unexpectedly. As soon as the class wrapped up, another woman in the group bolted toward the new girl and told her about her own younger brother passing away unexpectedly 10 years ago. They shared stories and tears and plan to be in touch outside of class. It was just so incredible! Go God!

  84. Jessica Sheets

    In this last month I’ve had multiple conversations with families who are newer to our congregation. Each have shared, individually, that they visited our church because they heard it was welcoming to families and their children and that they’re staying. As a PW who happens to be a volunteer in several areas of children, youth and family ministries, these kinds of little wins go far on a rough day. I’m thankful the Lord is allowing us these glimpses into the lives as others to keep us encouraged.

  85. Elizabeth

    In the last month I have experienced what it truly means to be in community. The blessings and wisdom that have been saturating the lives of those involved has been so impact full. Thank you for the reflective contest opportunity!

  86. Kimberly S-g

    This past month with my mom’s study group has been impactful. Despite life getting in the way at times, making sure we get together to read bible. Yes, there are interruptions along the way. And we are able to see how relevant it is to our lives.

  87. Ember Sherman

    Being settled in whatever place God has m I. And trying to make sure I’m working out of an overflow instead of empty! Thanks for the opportunity!

  88. Crystal Elworth

    This past month God has been stretching my leadership. Learning to lead without being in control all the time of everything. In doing so I have seen others step up in their leadership and own their positions. I do not have to do all and be all. Seeing young moms taking steps towards a braver life has been even a challenge in my personal life as I walk and encourage them.

  89. Ruth

    My brother died last week from brain cancer after being diagnosed with it just under 6 months ago.
    This time of his suffering has drawn me closer to God and trying to rest in Him. My sister passed away Good Friday due to breast cancer and my husband is burning out in his church ministr. Through all this my husband and I am drawing closer to God and each other.

  90. Carey Dunlop

    One of the most impactful things I’ve experienced this month was stepping out of one of my many leadership roles and letting another person step in. It was necessary for me to cut back but I realized I’d been inadvertently keeping another person from serving because I was just trying to do too much. It was kind of freeing! I was so sad to miss retreat this year but it looked like fun was had by all. Looking forward to next year already!

  91. Angelica

    Something that has really impacted me recently through the ministry at my church has to deal with one of out students in our youth groups mom. We were doing a fundraiser for our missions trip and she became frustrated with all she had to do to help out. She yelled at me “the pastors wife”. I was so taken back, I was in conversation with someone else and she came up to me and started to become very upset. I apologized to her and said she was free to go and I would take care of the fundraiser. I went into the church office at the end of the day and bawled my eyes out. Then our assistant saw me and she remminded me that hurting people hurt people. The holy Spirit started to soften my heart and instead of hurt I felt compassion for this woman. I guess what I’m trying to say is that what has impacted me most is that even when we are the leaders and we think we have it all together sometimes we forget the hurt people our going through while we are trying to get all our “stuff” together. The church can sometimes be just a day of the week to some while it seems to be our whole world. She was hurting and I missed seeing it because of a and b that had to get done. So ladies never forget to look beyond the have to do list list and into each voulenteer because yes an event might be important but it is never more important than the person.

  92. Norma Bowers

    God has given us a new opportunity to refresh our women’s ministry to be more effective to reach women of all ages in our community. We are excited to see what He will do through our leadership team!

  93. Lisa G.

    It actually happened today! I had lunch with a member of my church whom I haven’t met with before. She said she has been drawn to me and wanted me to know that I am needed and loved. She has no idea how God used her because I have not felt needed or loved. God used her to reassure and comfort me and to confirm my place in His kingdom work. Thanking God today for her impact on my month and my life.

  94. Amy Hickman

    The biggest impact for me in ministry right now is giving myself time to ask God if I am doing everything He’s asked of me, am I in the way of the vision or a part of accomplishing it? God has asked us to “go back to our first love” and I find the longer we are in ministry, the more healthy I am when I remember my first love – my salvation, my calling, my obedience. Time to be alone always refreshes me. Time alone lately is also challenging me to be all He has asked me to be.

  95. Kaity

    You’ve continued to remind me to remain faithful. God is good. Its been a hot mess this month but the best is yet to come!

  96. Erica Wellman

    We relaunched our student ministry joining middle school and high school. The passion and dedication of our team is unmatched! It was very impact full to me to see that thru trials and changes we work together and change our Valley in Jesus’name!! Following God’s direction has never led us wrong!!

  97. Stacy MacLaren

    Our church seems to be in a place of people living in ungraciousness for the past 18, since God called me into directing women’s ministry. So often it has been hard, but never more so than this past month when we had our worship pastor resign and another wave of people leave. I have found myself worried over how women’s ministries will look, how will we be able to serve well, how can I reach out effectively. All along God has said, “do not worry – I called you here for a reason. I am pruning for the best fruit possible. In me, you are enough.” At our retreat last weekend, entitled Kaleidoscope:Reflecting God’s Love at Every Turn, He showed up to our substantially smaller than usual group, and poured grace & mercy over each woman there (many pastors wives & ministry leaders), making it abundantly clear that, in our brokenness, together, He creates beauty with each turn of the kaleidoscope of life. I am undone and overtaken by His perfect timing and truths.

  98. Jenn Franks

    Being reminded that God knows exactly where He needs you and in the midst of the unknown, he always knows where he is leading you.

  99. Lacy

    It was so impactful to see one of the youth girls I had been mentoring specifically about prayer to be the first of her peers to step up to pray out loud at SYATP. In addition, she personally came to me and thanked me for being involved. Almost every time I start to get “complacent”, God shows me His power is real and alive!

  100. Delaney Wilson

    Being surrounded by amazing women who cherish God as much as I do!!!! There have been some very hard trials in my life lately, and because of them I was reminded of Gods love and grace. Thank you for this giveaway!!!!

  101. Casey

    The most impactful thing we have experienced in Ministry in the past month has to do with letting go. Some key people in our ministry have left. We are on good terms with them and are doing the best we can to love them Then keep people in our ministry have left. We are on good terms with them and are doing are best to love them and treat them with kindness and respect when we see each other in public. My heart broke when they left, but I’m so glad that they are going to another church. I’m learning that we may water some seeds, and other people may see those seeds grow. It’s not about my kingdom, it’s about God’s kingdom. Is hard as it is to let people go, as long as they are loving and serving Jesus somewhere else, then that is the key. Our hearts are broken but we just trust that God knows what he’s doing 🙂

  102. Theresa Henry

    I met a girl whose mom made her attend the Jr High service. She was NOT happy when I walked her in and told her about what we are about and how our service goes. When I saw her at the end of service she looked okey just a little bit happier and ALMOST smiled. Sometimes we have to celebrate the little things!

  103. Ina

    We planted two churches in two different countries, so we are now in decision making process to move to another country and to plant a church there.

  104. Susan

    Last month we completed a successful transition when, after 23+ years our Pastor passed the baton to my husband to be the new Lead Pastor. We are reminded daily of God’s faithfulness to give us exactly what we need, to do what He has called us to do.

  105. Karen Buchanan

    My ministry has taught me so much, especially about people. The Leading and Loving It conference was so full of information, communication and absolute joy and love. It’s difficult to help those who say they want help and really don’t, but I love them anyway and pray, have patience and do what I can. I moved away from home, family and friends over a year ago and knew no one in my new city of Las Vegas. I’m always a bit shy, which surprises my friends, but I have been truly blessed, even though I’ve had 2 surgeries, a health issue and been hit in my car, which was totaled. It’s been tough, but God is seeing me rhru it and opening up many things for me.

  106. Kristin

    I married my husband, a pastor, as a second marriage. I always said I married “in spite of his ministry” instead of “because of a calling”. The last two years of minisistry have been rough and I believe largely in part due to my outlook. After Re:treat I returned home, hard a long talk with my husband and we have plans to journey in ministry together. We are currently looking for a new place to minister full time but we are both excited and are already seeing small possitive changes.

  107. Amber F

    This month I have learned to wait on God and trust His plan. We can make all the plans but ultimately He makes them happen. We are a new church plant and trying to do things in a community where we get great resistance is hard. But when God shows off by breaking down walls, It’s the encouragement that we need to get us through another week!

  108. Barbara Kallevig

    Everyday of every week I am impacted by God’s grace, how He has placed me in a position of influence. Influence to equip the next generation of leaders. Each morning I am amazed how much God understood my giftings better than I knew myself. I’m thankful that even in the past few weeks He sustains me, inspires me to lead and gives me the capacity with wisdom to understand those I am equipping. As each year, month, week, day, hour and minute passes I am amazed by His grace that He chose me.

  109. Judy

    I stepped into the role of youth director this summer as we opened a second campus for our church. I have been blessed with an AMAZING team of volunteers and our group of students is already growing! A couple weeks ago I asked a guest speaker to come give her testimony for the students. After she gave her testimony, she asked them to write down a lie that is always playing in the back of their mind so that we could replace it with truth. She went around the room giving us the opportunity to share our lie before we ripped them up. To my surprise, almost every student and leader shared. The honesty and vulnerability floored me. One of the last of the students to share looked up with tears in her eyes and said “I feel like my parents’ divorce was my fault.” Over half the room (teen boys included!) wept along with her. Afterward, she fell apart as I hugged her telling me that she had never said that out loud before. Many of the other students also rallied around her to show her support. The love and compassion displayed in that room full of teens and pre-teens who where only semi-familiar with each other was the most impactful moment in my ministry this past month.

  110. Jaimie Bowman

    The most impactful thing to me was a phone call I received from a young woman I have mentored for the last 6 years. She told me that she wanted to thank me for the influence I had on her life, and she read me a letter she wrote. She talked about how she had been suicidal when I first met her, and how she saw Jesus in me and I was a friend to her, and now she is on fire for the Lord and wants to serve him in ministry. I have never had such an impactful moment in my entire ministry!

  111. Gena McCown

    Just a little over a month ago, I was on the phone with another ministry. I wanted to share their work with the Women’s Ministry Leaders at our quarterly training events. As we wrapped up the call, she asked me: “What can I pray about for your ministry?”. I replied that we were growing and soon we were going to need a new place to meet.

    Our meeting was just last weekend. We received a phone call from the place we meet, they accidentally double booked our normal meeting space. They offered us a larger location in their building for the same price. It was a blessing, because we had the most attendees ever. We needed the space, God knew it and provided.

    Then, after the meeting, one of the women in attendance shared that in Feb their ministry (a local pregnancy crisis center) will be in a new building, that has plenty of space for us. She offered us the meeting space for FREE.

    This was an answer to our prayers… that God brought more leaders in for the training, and the space to hold them! What made it even more amazing to us, is that this allows us to continue our training for FREE! Praise God.

  112. Jessica Fall

    Helping other leaders and influencers accomplish God’s calling in their life through coaching. Extremely rewarding to help them grow and expand their influence!

  113. Lee P

    I hear a lot of horror stories of hurt and betrayl. I walked into an opportunity for my husband to preach at a local church very guarded and concerned as to why their pastor just left. Instead we were greated with warmth and love. One of the ushers even made sure my toddler was stacked each week with raisins. That blessed me tremendously and reinvigorated my heart.

  114. Laura Hanly

    Watching the women in The Bible study I’m leading be changed by developing the discipline of gratitude in their lives.

  115. Tabitha

    Gratitude. For those I get to pour into and from those who pour into me. The deeper we go, the more thankful we all are for the chance to do life together.

  116. Mayra

    Fetus Leaps at the sound of Salvation

    I lead worship during my church’s night service.
    Last Sunday, a young pregnant woman answered the altar call for salvation.
    Right after she confessed Christ as her Lord & Savior, I láid my hand over her belly SMS began to pray nad speak into the baby’s life. When I began to prophesy that it would fear the Lord, preach God’s Word and serve Him all the days of it’s life…the Fetus began to jump inside the womb!
    The mom began to cry and was touched by the Holy Spirit!!
    To God Be All the Glori, Honor & Praise!!

  117. Jill B.

    One of the most impactful things I’ve experienced in my ministry the past month is getting refreshed! I was desperate for someone to pour into me as compared to being the one who pours, and intentionally looked for conferences in my area that have filled my cup. It has refreshed my spirit to continue to keep going and minister to my family, as well as the ladies in my church. Thank you, Lord. The Leading and Loving It posts are very encouraging and inspiring!

  118. Sara

    I had the WORST attitude about an outreach event and how it was cramping my time and I was doing too much and I wasn’t valued as part of the team… and why does the youth group always have to do everything!? Graciously, I got the necessary attitude adjustment… sometimes the most impacting this is all in my own heart and head, so thankful for that!

  119. Toni

    One of the most imapctful things last month for me was;
    I had really gotten down as a Pastor’s wife feeling the need to always do. I would plan & do constantly, instead of enjoying the things i was doing, I became overwhelmed & to the point of being bitter. Then one day at a work a lady came in, I had met her around 12 yrs ago, but I had not seen her since then. So she came in & my boss had invited her to our church, (one plus of being an employee of a member, God is discussed at work). This lady had been church hurt as a Pastors Wife, the church kicked her out & pretty much exiled her from the town. The thing is she was living as an abused & alone Pastors Wife, the church didnt like that she had left her adulterous & abusive husband. So I get that she wanted nothing to do with church. So she had began to tell me her story, & as I was listening & trying to help, God used her to help me. She reminded me to find my Martha heart while living in a Mary world, she introduced me to that book. In her hurting heart & when she was needing ministered to, she ministered to me. No matter where we are at in our lives God can still use us. She has know clue how God used her to impact my life. Im so thankful God uses us even when we are broken.

  120. Alexa

    The most impactful thing I’ve learned the past month is when you are leading in any way you will be judged. People are always watching what you say, how you say it, what you wear, and on and on. It’s important to be aware but if you let that take over what your goals are for what you are leading then you’ve become distracted and are looking to please others and not God! It’s a trap and it’s hard to bypass. I’m learning to stay in communication with God and listen for His voice over the noise here. I realize it is an active ongoing battle. Thank you Jesus!!

  121. Becky

    We have a neighbor who does not attend our church but has been coming to our small group Bible study in our home for some time. She shared with us last week that she had decided it is time for her to be baptized!

  122. Erin

    My husband just accepted a new pastor position that puts us so much closer to family…and is an answer to prayer!

  123. Jessica Crosson

    After two years of searching, this past July my husband was hired as a full time worship pastor. Over the past few months, especially the most recent month, I have been greatly impacted by the way God has taken the gifts He gave my husband and expanded upon them. My husband is finally flourishing in what he truly loves to do. He’s growing. He’s leading well. And as a result I’ve been filled. I’ve been so grateful for the opportunity to ride shot gun on his great adventure and watch as he goes about his new position with great joy. The road was long. It was so hard to wait. But God was faithful. He never stopped growing us. And now, the time is right, and He has blessed us with the ability to soar. I’m so thankful.

  124. Angie Gray

    This past month our church has gone through a remodel. We had volunteer RV Maps team along with some of our own working together to transform our worship center.
    From the lead pastor position it has been a blessing to witness people take hold and make things happen. Als

    All that being said remodel of a church is like that of a house. Ready for all to be in place and finished.

  125. Krista French

    After leaving a very difficult church where we had been for a long time, we landed in this very different new church and city. I had been so deeply affected by things at the last church that I felt like I didn’t even know how to act when someone was kind to me. The thing that has been most impactful recently has been seeing how God is using my broken heart to give me empathy and insight into various situations in our church. For two years I have wondered about the purpose of my broken heart. God is healing me and using that process to help others too.

  126. Brittany

    I think the most impactful thing I’ve experienced this last month in may sound a bit selfish, but it was so big for me: being able to finally tell people what I’m NOT responsible for as the pastor’s wife! It was wonderful to not only be bold and let people know I couldn’t do something, but also to delegate…something I’ve never done well, and am still learning to do. But this was a great start!

  127. Sarah Fontenot

    The most impactful thing in my ministry this month. First of all, I’m in a season of life where ministry isn’t exactly as I pictured it would be. I’m a seminary grad and have always had a desire to serve and minister to women. This role has looked different in different seasons. Currently I’m serving mom’s at my church and leading a bible study of women my age that attend different churches. I think the most impactful thing for me this month has been seeing women come to understand what it means to walk in the light. we have been studying 1 John in one of my groups and it has been amazing to see women come to repentance and be set free by the Grace of Jesus. This is so incredible to watch and be a part of. The life and seasons of a woman are ever changing and it is amazing to see God continue to speak to the hearts of women in their different seasons of life!

  128. Marlene

    After being let go from church leadership i struggled with understanding how God could be finished with me in ministry. Finally I had accepted it enough to apply for a new hospital opening up in my community to begin a new career. At my interview I was asked why a hospital, My reply, “Having been in a church the last 12yrs I have worked in a hospital for healing hearts. I know you are about healing physically but thought my love for helping people could be an asset.” What God did next was a gift. This beautiful stranger replied without hesitation, “We heal spiritually here too.” That’s when it it hit me. God was definitely not finished with me. He was simply packing all the experience He had poured into me through being part of church leadership and the many opportunities those 12 years had included and was sending me out into the field. TO DO MINISTRY! You see as God would have it, He has placed me in the critical care unit giving HOPE to families during extremely vulnerable times. God is never finished with the work He has already done in us and through us even when our perspective can’t see otherwise. Trusting Gods been in my circumstances every step of the way and has orchestrated my steps ahead has been a difficult lesson over the last several months. But mostly I have been reminded that His grace and faithfulness to rescuing the hurting, broken and lost is never finished therefore those He has called into ministry He is never finished with either. God is good at being God!

  129. Jennifer Pepper

    Honestly, the most impactful thing for us this month has been to say no. We have examined our priorities to determine where our time and energy needs to go, and given them our best yes. This has freed us up to have quality time together and for rest! And we give our best selves to the remaining ministries/people.

  130. Dania Alejandro

    Being in the retreat was a beautiful blessing, I spend a good time with God gave me the strength I need to continue Serving in Love. thank you for working hard for each pastor’s wife.

  131. Darcy struckmeier

    The most impactful thing in the last month was our pastors/ spouses went away overnight. It was an awesome time of prayer, encouragement, looking ahead to the next year, and having fun!!

  132. Caylen

    This past month in ministry has been one of the hardest. With new challenges and trials and new tasks to take head on. The enemy sure has been tugging at me. Through all the hardships this month, the greatest impact that I have head as a leader has been encouragement. God has shown me that I need to constantly encourage myself along with those in ministry along with me. Encouraging others, along with myself is a huge thing when being in a leadership role.

  133. Shannon

    My husband and I started a grief support group at our church out of our ministry. It has been incredible to see what God is doing in each and every person through these meetings. We are so blessed that our pastor has been so supportive of our ministry and allowed us to bring this kind of help to the broken. Grief is something that people tend to shy away from dealing with because it’s uncomfortable. God has placed me and my husband, for such a time as this, to bring healing to broken lives and hope from the ruins. Currently, we are working on a curriculum so that we can offer these support groups to all charges nationwide. It would be such a blessing if you could keep our ministry in your prayers! Losing our son three years ago has been the hardest journey, but God has been so faithful. We know that we know we would not have survived it had it not been for His loving kindness and tender mercy. Out of our suffering, God is using to to help heal others.

  134. Kim

    What has impacted me the most over the past month, and especially at re:treat, was the “ME TOO’s”. I have been struggling with not being good enough for this calling that God has laid on my heart. To have so many amazing women in Ministry that I respect and admire stand up and be transparent about their own struggles has meant the world to me. It is a reminder that God qualifies the called, not the other way around! When re:treat ended I was empowered, encouraged, reminded that I am not alone and it became very clear that the enemy doesn’t just attack me. Today I can stand with my feet planted firmly on the ground knowing that I am surrounded by incredible women of God who overcome the struggle on a daily basis, as will I.

  135. Suzie Genin

    One of the most impactful things I have learned this month has been it matters who you work with. Doing stuff in the community and working together with others is so key. However it matters who your align yourself with in these efforts. Unity, love, and acceptance is important however it’s equally important not to compromise and make unnecessary concessions for people who use you to move their agenda ahead. Walking in grace and wisdom through these situations is key and I’m so thankful for the Holy Spirit!

  136. Lisa Snyder

    This past month? Learning the value in starting over. I’ve been a ministry wife for 9 years and have had various business and volunteer activities going on. With my last pregnancy and birth of our last kid, everything went on pause (still a ministry wife, but unable to be as active). Getting back into the swing of things has been daunting BUT I’m learning that it’s less about picking up from where I left off and more of an opportunity for me to design my life for maximum health, impact, and long-term effectiveness. I’m very excited for the next 9+ years in ministry at our church!

  137. Debbie

    Thank you so much for your blog. Being a pastor’s over 28 years being a pastor’s wife for over 28 years has enable me to come in contact with many women many women have different face many women have different seasons in their life but most of all just contact with women that have learn to love respect mentor and I’ve learned so much from all these women and I just appreciate what God is doing in each woman’s life my life and Lord I just hope for a lot more years of being able to manage mentor and teach lead others to Christ in a closer walk with him

  138. Debbie

    Thank you for your blog. Appreciate all the comments, ministry advice, the love these women have for our Savior is amazing.

  139. Debbie

    I’m so sorry on comment #143 I was speaking my comment and it didn’t write, what I wanted it to say.

  140. Jessica

    In the last few weeks I have come to realize that while my husband is a lead pastor and together we are called to minister to our church family I have a 2nd family I am called to. We live about 20mins away from our church and in a different part of the county as most church members. The area the church is in is very wealthy and we live in a more affordable area. Our oldest is in kinder at the public school a block from our house. I entered public school life with fear and trembling and on my knees. It has taken a few months but I feel like a see a very clear call to our school family, to serve and love and pray and share Christ on our campus. While my husband spends his days leading our church I am spending my days pouring into the staff and parents and kids at our school. I want people to see Jesus when I’m on campus, not see me, but see Gods love and be drawn to him.

  141. Suzanne

    I’m new to being a part of Leading & Loving It and am not sure if this is just for retreat participants or for all. Either way, one of the most impactful experiences I’ve had in the past month as a leader is being able to share my previous experience of stepping away from leadership in order to heal so that I am now able to lead more confidently and no longer in a wounded fashion. :o)

  142. Rachel Tate

    Our home was hit by 2 trees during Hurricane Matthew. I even though we sustained quite a bit of damage, it was nothing compared to people in our area who lost everything. We had the opportunity as a church to give out approx. 350,000 bottles of water, approx. 55,000 meals, and do repairs to homes. It was such a blessing to watch our church step up and serve our community. Over 2500 volunteers served for hours on end for around a week and a half. Impactful? Yes. Helping me put things in perspective during a difficult time?Priceless.

  143. Sarah Wade

    I love to run! I have my most intimate conversations when I’m running with God. It’s something I’ve always done alone with Him. God asked me to share my passion with others by teaching a Bible Study called “Run For God” Even though this required me to step way out of my comfort zone, I was obedient and started teaching this class. To my surprise, ladies signed up and committed to this 12 week 5k challenge!! I have ladies of all sizes, aged and abilities in this class. This last week they were challenged with their longest run yet. Several of the ladies were nervous and filled with doubt that they could do it – run for 20 minutes straight. We all met at the park and I ran with them, not allowing them to have a watch. They talked, laughed and kept putting one foot in front of the other – enjoying our fellowship together. At 20 minutes, my alarm went off and the ladies were shocked. They did it! And they had fun doing it! You see, several of these ladies have tried numerous times in their lives to try new challenges/get in shape/lose weight, but didn’t have the end results they wanted. They had allowed Satan’s voice to fill their minds with doubt and quit. This run was a victory!! There were many tears and shouts of joy! God was SO faithful to us all! I felt so much joy for them and so much gratitude to Him for allowing me to be a vessel to serve these ladies!! Our 5K is on Thanksgiving Day!! Please be praying for these ladies as they run with God into VICTORY!!

  144. Liz

    Having women be hungry (for the first time) to dig into a new Bible study together. Also, watching girls from our community commit their lives to Christ for the first time at Secret Keeper Girl.

  145. Laura

    The most impactful thing I’ve experienced in the last month was my experience at the Belong Tour in St. Paul with a friend of mine. Ministry can be tough and the conversations, encouragement, and empowerment from that experience was just what this weary heart needed. I love that Jesus knows better than we do what our hearts need!

  146. Dawn

    I’ve been learning the challenge and joy of working with urban ministry. I work with 100 students birth-high school each week and have the opportunity to pour into them. Sometimes they drive me crazy, but God has been reminding me that they drive me crazy because they are so much in need of love and God’s truth in their lives. I have to be willing to lean into the spirits voice instead of following just what I want to do.

  147. Carol

    The last month? My girls and I were given the opportunity to travel to San Antonio (from Michigan). Girls to intern at a conference and me just to travel with them. (No women’s service to speak/etc). But lots of time connecting with other ministers, and promote our women in ministry department. One pastor made a point of telling me he wants the women’s intercessor group that I’m trying to form to play a role in the planning and impact of a regional conference he is part of planning. That is a huge blessing to me. And just the trip down ( and though I offered to pay my way, when it came down to it, they wouldn’t accept it. ) when I struggle to feel adequate and needed and worthy in my own church, to be blessed this way from others was huge to me. Lord granted so much favor to my girls and I. Blessed indeed.
    This year had definitely been a challenging year in a lot of respects. 3 conferences. Not use to the travel, nor the finances it takes. So having the gift of the conference in October was huge. And the support from other pastors etc.
    This is a fantastic giveaway!

  148. Danyell Shaw

    Hmm. I would say still adjusting and finding my place in ministry since my Pastor-Husband passed away. My sons (16 and 12) and I moved back to Dallas after being in St. Louis for 9 years. I was asked to participate in a play that my church is putting on and I also rejoined the Women’s Choir. Doing these things has helped me to feel like I really belong and have been very impactful on me.

  149. Angela

    This past month has been very challenging for my husband and I, in regards to dealing with a few major changes within our church. Through it all, I’m thankful for the support and understanding we have had from some of our key leaders. Ministry is meant to be done as a team!

  150. Tammy

    God has brought me into a season of Ministry focused outside the walls of the church building and into the community. I just finished leading a Community Women’s Bible Study that involved women from different churches. The response was very good from the women and I will be leading our next study starting January 12th, Priscilla Shirer’s Bible
    Study “The Armor of God”. I would love to win this give-a-way of resources, especially since I am purchasing give-a-ways for women at the studies. Joyfully-Tammy Carr

  151. Lacey

    GRACE! My husband is a the worship director at our church but also wears many other hats. He’s away from home a lot and some times I resent that. BUT, I am often reminded about the great work he’s doing at the church and how many lives his ministry is touching, and how the Lord is using his work to speak to our congregation. My eyes have been opened to my need to provide grace during the times he’s away from home or may need to work from home so that he can fulfill God’s calling.

  152. Delante

    The most impactful thing is definitely seeing how positive pastors remain, how much faith they have in god when their world is rocked!!!! Made props to all pastors. It’s a hard job.

  153. Peaches Craig

    The most impactiful things I’ve experienced in my ministry this past month has been:
    1) Our amazing volunteers, to see them come in every weekend and serve with joy and passion creates such a positive and fun atmosphere for the children, parents, and each other.
    2) The kids….I am constantly reminded of the importance of having a child-like faith. Their desire to learn and grow amazes me each time.
    3) My husband (who is the family pastor at our church-who also oversees the kids ministry). His love for God and desire to serve wholeheartedly no matter where he serves is such an example to those around him. It’s evident in the volunteers he serves with every weekend, and has impacted my life, and has brought an enthusiasm and joy in the kids ministry that we have noticed has intcreased tremendously just this past month.
    4) the leading and loving it conference. Although it has not directly impacted our ministry, it has indirectly through me. We had gone through so many hurts in our past 12 years of being at our church. This past month I think I was going through some type of depression-like feelings (not quite sure). After came home from the conference, I was refreshed, refueled, and extremely encouraged that my whole attitude and perspective has changed, which in a way has impacted me, which in turn impacts our ministry….THANKYOu L&LI 🙂

  154. Nicole Tucker

    In August, I was named the Children’s pastor of our church which we planted in Austin, TX. We successfully launched our Children’s ministry this past weekend with a harvest party. What was so impactful about this was that there was not a huge crowd. The whole leadership team is brand new to Austin. There were not many people there, but God showed Himswlf faithful and sent people with specific purposes and needs to the event so that we could pray with them and encourage them. One of which was a single dad with a daughter with special needs. He was struggling to maintain control, but his heart was so pure and his love for his child was so tangible. This reminded me of how God loves us. He is patient, slow to anger, and so graceful in his care for us. I thought about my own frustrations as I watched the man parent his daughter and it reminded me of how God commanded us to be and led me to analyze my fruits of the spirit.

  155. Michell R

    In the last month, seeing the amount of people in a group and stepping into serving on a team is amazing. When we were sent to this city to open a campus, our job was everything which is normal. It is humbling and exciting to see women & men step into roles to lead teams. And most important to live life alongside others. To know, they are never alone. That our church family can grow with each other as we are leaning in to what God has for us.

  156. Angela

    The most impactful thing I have been (re) learning is that there is a difference between self care and soul care!

  157. Laura

    I have been asking God for quite a while what I should be doing in Ministry, and in the last few weeks He has really begun to reveal to me how He can use the specific giftings He has given me right where I am. He is so good!

  158. Debbie

    Mathew 1:23 says “Look! The virgin will conceive a child! She will give birth to a son and they will call him Immanuel, which means ‘God with us.'” This verse had me thinking it’s easy to know God is with us when things are good and going the direction we want. But, it’s in the difficult and discouraging times it’s hard to admit/know He is still with us. So many times when things aren’t going the way we think they should be, it’s hard to ‘feel’ like God is with us. We often feel abandoned and ask “God, where are you?” Bottom line, God is with us, period! Good, bad, happy, sad, discouraging, encouraging, fulfilled, feeling useless, lonely, full of community, whatever the situation – God is with us.

  159. Melody

    One of the most impactful things for my introverted pastors wife self has been putting myself out there and inviting women over to hang out or going to dinner with them even though it’s stretching me a ton (and my extroverted lead pastor husband wouldn’t even think anything of it ?).

  160. Aimee L

    I had a magical moment when listening to motivational speakers and pastor teachings I received confirmation that my journey in helping a native tribe was in Gods plan for me. I realized that one truly must seek and give time and make effort to the things of the lord in order to have clarity, confirmation and connection. To be inspired and somewhat enlightened. The most impactfull things have been that God continues to work in me and through me every single day. I opened my eyes to so many blessings around me that I otherwise took for granted. I was able to see how much my attitude, behavior and even thoughts affected others and influenced others willingness to listen, and allowed God to use me more freely, and saw people changed for the better, bigger plans and actions taken toward the ministry goals creating excitement and revival that was needed to push forward.

  161. Liz

    About two weeks ago I was gone out of town to be with my mom who had had surgery because she was just diagnosed with breast cancer. My husband got a phone call from some of our closest friends simply stating we are leaving the church what do you want me to do about my small group? We were shocked to say the least and didn’t see that coming! Three days before that or worship pastor resigned. To say this has been a rough month would be an understatement. Through it all God has given us such peace and a joy that really is unexplainable. I know we will look back on this and be stronger for everything that we have faced as well as be better off! PS really hope that I win! It would really make my sour month be happier LOL!

  162. Jennifer Jahn

    That I need to reach out to the wives of the church staff at our campus. I may be an introvert and going out is my last thought, it doesn’t matter. We are all pulling together and doing ministry for those who come to church. If we don’t have a relationship how can we hope to have relationships with our congregation.

  163. Rachel Rivera

    The most impactful thing so far has been our recent move. It was a faith based moved and God has been in every detail. Not only that but he was moving on our behalf before we even moved back home to Houston. We were welcomed back to our home church with open arms and everyone has been encouraging us the entire time. We’re so thrilled to lead the way that God wants us to!

  164. Susan Goss

    I am blown away how God continues to provide for us, especially financially, exactly what we need day by day.

  165. Stephanie

    The most impactful thing that has happened in my life in ministry these last few months has been the change in leadership at our church. A quick change in leadership has its challenges but I’ve seen new leaders step up to the challenge and do a tremendous job. They’ve been positive and caring for the staff. They are leading with God at the front of the charge and carefully and prayerfully making decisions for the church to follow His calling for us. It’s creating more unity and a stronger staff culture.

  166. Melissa

    The most impactful thing for me this past month has been to simply trust God through a tough season of uncertainty. Wow! It REALLY sounds so easy when I type it out ??, but simply trusting that God knows what’s best for our lives through this particular time had been no small feat for me!

  167. Regina Chari

    The most impactful thing I’ve seen all month is the way our friends in recovery have banded together and led well while my husband and I took time off to come for re:treat and some time to rest.

    It’s a joy when those you are serving and leading become leaders too!!! Travel from Zimbabwe is always tough but knowing our groups are covered makes a huge difference and allows us to relax!

  168. Anna McMillan

    One of the most amazing things I’ve seen in ministry in the last week is the vulnerability of leadership. Seeing a leader in my Organisation bare all in a time of being in a “desert” and being selfaware, and self confident enough to be honest with others. It was refreshing to my often tired soul!

    Another amazing thing I’ve seen in ministry is God providing direction in the role he has me in. Giving me the large nudge I needed to bring it to the next level through placing people in my life to speak words of encouragement.

  169. Sarah Williams

    The most impactful thing at the moment was hearing encouragement from our senior campus pastor. Sometimes leading ministry can feel like you’re out in the desert for a long time and not seeing any fruits. God is always doing something though and we heard how this year has seen the most first time decisions for Christ than any other year since we began.

  170. Candice Carter

    Over the last month God has been confirming in my heart the leader role he has set before me. My husband was out of the country for a time and I have had opportunity after opportunity to share and teach in unexpected places. It is crazy to me because I am only 32 and I know that I alone have nothing to offer. But he keeps confirming that it is on His authority that I am leading and teaching. It is incredibly humbling and not something I take lightly. I have been so encouraged and challenged by Ephesians 4:1 as Paul begs us to live a life worthy of our calling since we have been called by God.

  171. Larson Griffith

    The most impactful thing I have seen lately is how students deal. I know they deal with a lot, and some thing’s they can’t even help having on their backs. There are students of ours that are willing to be involved, serve, get plugged in, and they are dealing with abuse and past pain. But through it all, they are serving others. It is beautiful watching them be filled with the spirit and serving others by laying it all down at the Lord’s feet and putting themselves last. No matter the terrible things going on at home or the pain they deal with on a regular basis; they serve.

  172. Misty

    The most impactful things I learned lately was during the Leading & Loving It Retreat. In one of the breakout classes someone brought up that just becomes your husband is on staff, maybe even the pastor you don’t have to be at every event and do everything you are asked. A light bulb went off in my head & a burden was lifted off my shoulders. God gave me my husband & boys, they are my first responsibility, not everyone in the church. Of course, there is a balance but until a few weeks ago I was feeling guilty & wornout. It was such a powerful retreat and I hope to be back next year! Thank you!

  173. Jenna

    My husband and I are walking through a tough season since our 4th son Judah, was born 100 days early back in July- Praise God he is still here with us and doing well! What we have noticed in our ministry is that our ministry is so beyond the 4 walls of our church- that even through this hospital journey, God is still using us in crazy ways that we never imagined. Just being available and willing!!

  174. Laura

    My husband just started in a lead pastor position and we moved states away from where we were at. We have been in ministry for 9 years but have never encountered such hospitality. It has really done amazing things to heal my heart and bring life back to me. And it is not just hospitality that is directed toward us. I have watched people just selflessly love and serve each other; the church live out gospel truths. So much hope in that.

  175. SabrinaC

    I am a public school teacher. This fall I did a Bible Study with some teachers in our building. We prayed over our faculty and students. God was absolutely in our public school. He showed up and showed out in amazing ways!

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